SIP-based 9-1-1 Systems for Small Government

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SIP-based 9-1-1 Systems for Small Government

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I just had the pleasure of wrapping up another great case study with Experient, who are developing the ever-important 9-1-1 emergency services application for small governments.

Sometimes we urban and suburban dwellers forget how much of the country lies between our urban centers and the services we become accustomed to having on a daily basis.  9-1-1 is an example of a service like water and cable television we just expect to have and it should be "always on".  Not true in rural and small-town America where it's more common than not to find households using well water and satellite TV.

The challenge for small government is finding an affordable 9-1-1 service platform that can be effective and affordable for the tight budgets found in rural areas. 

Experient solved this unique challenge with a new product offering based on SIP, allowing them to use commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) servers, media gateways and phones to create a 9-1-1 application without the cost of legacy proprietary boards.  A key obstacle they had to overcome was the interface to the unusual CAMA/MF analog trunks that the local service providers use to deliver 9-1-1 calls and the address information.

To read the complete case study, visit:

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