SIP Survivability and Security - Q&A

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SIP Survivability and Security - Q&A

Thanks to all of you that participated in last week's webinar on SIP Survivability and Security, especially those that posed some great questions.

For those of you that missed the live event, you can find a link to the recording at:

As promised, find below the Q & A that we were unable to address during the live event:

Q: Do / Will we offer FLASH hard drives for the M1k OSN?
A: We have been asked about this before, but once we looked into the cost/benefit balance, both our customers and product management team decided not to proceed.  We're always monitoring the storage market and would be interested in knowing more about applications that require the level of hardened storage that FLASH drives offer. 
Q: Are there plans to support LDAP for user authentication in the future?
A: At this time we only support RADIUS
Q: Is audiocodes already, or  in the process of becoming a member of any of the voip security organizations, VOIPSA, etc.?
A: AudioCodes is a member of and monitor the activity at many different industry organizations (including the SIP Forum), but we are not currently members of the VOIPSA.
Q: Is there any plans to implement S/MIME encryption in addition to SIPS?
A: Yes, we have this on our roadmap - stay tuned for more details in upcoming releases.
Q: Is DNS SRV and failover route supported for redundancy ?
A: Yes, this is part of our standard fail-over techniques and is supported by our gateways.
I've found this topic quite popular and personally interesting, so keep the questions coming to:

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