SIP Survivability and Security

May 6, 2008
 In all my travels and discussions with both Enterprise and Service Provider customers, one topic of discussion that gets far more attention than all the others is SIP Survivability and Security.  It seems that all the benefits of SIP have opened up many new applications and network configurations that solve service and scalability barriers.  However, now that SIP has entered the real world, there are some serious challenges that remain....

I'd like to invite you to a discussion on these challenges and share with you some interesting solutions.

Join me Wednesday, May 7th at 2 PM EDT for 

"SIP Survivability and Security"

With the increasing adoption of SIP in the enterprise and service providers, many network designers have been engineering solutions around SIP, leveraging the flexibility and modularity advantages. However, those same designers also have concerns about survivability and security. How do SIP solutions deal with equipment and network failures? Can SIP solutions be made as reliable at the traditional TDM equipment? What security and survivability issues exist and how will they be addressed? By participating in this session, you will learn how these and many other aspects of SIP are being addressed.

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