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The Facebook Paradox

October 11, 2007

Back a few months ago, my friend Jeff Pulver introduced me to Facebook and invited me (and about 2,000 others) to create professional profiles on the much-hyped social networking site.  Always appreciating something new - I jumped right in with great expectations.  You see, I too had gone through the Linked-In process of creating a profile (read resume) on Linked-In, inviting all of my real connections and getting a few references only to be barraged by head hunters and past co-workers looking for jobs.  Linked-In was not what I was looking for and thus my hopes for Facebook were pretty high.

More on The Facebook Paradox

January 18, 2008

If you recall back in October, I posted a blog article about the intersection between personal and professional "friends" on Facebook and other social networking sites.

I noticed this morning that USAtoday picked up on the issue and published a lengthy article about the issue.  It's good reading and expands on what I have been sensing would be an issue going forward.  Fortunately, it sounds like Facebook is adding functionality to their offering that will allow creation of "circles", providing some insulation between our social and profession lives.

A Look Ahead at 2010

January 1, 2010

Wireless Internet - with the increasing use of handheld smart phones, wireless Internet usage will soar and with it will come increased congestion, reliability issues and eventually usage fees.  The "all you can use" wireless Internet is going to get expensive.

Apple will end exclusive arrangement with AT&T - with competition from Google Android (the operating software for the "Droid") and ever increasing network congestion and performance issues on the AT&T network (see above), Apple will be forced to finally end their exclusive relationship and expand to other carriers.  At first to other GSM carriers (T-Mobile) and then CDMA carriers (like Verizon and Sprint).  However, an iPhone for CDMA networks requires a different radio in the iPhone which means there will end up being two different phones and users will never be able to jump from GSM to CDMA carriers without buying a new phone.

Google will aggressively exploit Apple / AT&Ts performance issues (see above) and become a strong competitor in the mobile device market with both GSM and CDMA carriers (still with different devices).

HD Voip - the pieces are all there, and the first few carriers are readying their product launches.  Your wireline telephone is about to become obsolete.  Once you hear it - you will understand.

Social Media v Corporate Culture

April 25, 2012

Earlier today, I sat through a webinar titled "Social Media and the Law", a discussion on the laws that effect social media.  Much of it was pretty predictable - stories of employees leaking information, brokers

Image via CrunchBase

promoting stocks, sexual harassment, etc.  As with email and instant messaging, people seem to have a tendency to type first, then think.

An article in today's USA Today also discusses the hazards of Tweeting first, then doing the fact checking second.  

Back to the webinar:  the event was hosted by a company that offers "social media management" software, allowing companies to review, approve and track virtually all social media postings by employees. 

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