UC Migration - Moving off the PBX?

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UC Migration - Moving off the PBX?

This last week, I spent quite a bit of time getting ready for this month's webinars titled "Moving off the PBX?", part of our UC Migration series.  In preparing, we've had many internal discussions about the criteria and goal of moving to a pure Lync environment and unplugging the PBX.

While no one set of rules can encompass all the criteria needed to make the decision, a few common issues come to mind:

What is the current investment in the existing PBX?  Is it under contract?  Paid for and ammortized?
Is the PBX relatively current or is it far behind on software versions?
Are there any special applications that organization is using?  ACD, contact center, IVR?
What about special-purpose devices like emergency phones and fax machines?

We'll be discussing these issues and more Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

Join me along with François van Hemert, Architect Voice CoE, Microsoft and Matt McGillen, Solution Architect, Perficient as we explore these questions and more.

To register for the event, visit www.audiocodes.com/uc-migration-series

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