Poo-Pooing on CompUSA's SMB VoIP Plans


Russell (pictured above) brings up some good points regarding the recent Comp USA SMB VoIP announcement. Shaw is confident that SMBs of the size targeted by CompUSA will go to VARs and alike for their solutions and not retailers. Time will tell, maybe CompUSA will prove him wrong but today I for one agree with Russell.

I know Shift Networks uses VARs and Integrators to drive our hosted VoIP solution into the SMB market. We have been having huge success with this and we are quickly ramping new Canadian dealers, VARs and Integrators daily, if you are one of these - let me know. There is clearly a place for hosted SMB, 5-60 subs looks to be the sweet spot. I attribute much of our success to our high level of service and commitment to our customers. I have a hard time believing that SMBs would receive that level of service from any retailer. Some believe that SLAs are crucial to delivering good service over IP, I don't believe that. Many of the enterprise mobile workforces use cellular phones and depend on them for doing business daily. No one expects an SLA from a cellular provider. What they DO expect is service. If they don't get the service they expect, they are onto the next provider. I can see much the same will happening in hosted SMB VoIP.

It would seem to me that the winners will be the providers/vendors who deliver the best services, features and benefits at reasonable prices.

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