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Blog Vacation

October 3, 2006 11:12 AM | 12 Comments

I have been blogging for years and recently my posts have slowed to a crawl, due in no small part to my responsibilities at Shift. The work I am doing for Shift is very exciting and it requires my full attention. I have decided to take a vacation from blogging until I can get out from under.
The guys at TMC have been awesome in their support and I know they will continue to dominate the VoIP blogosphere and IP Communications space in general. Thanks Rich, for everything!

From time to time you will see me as a feature writer for various blogs and magazines and I will be posting some cool news pertaining to Shift at, but I don't see myself blogging fulltime again for a while. Feel free to read the TMC SIPthat archives and my old blog site archive where you will find many podcasts and posts from the months/years gone by.

Thanks for reading & listening everyone.

Here for the Long Term

October 14, 2005 9:55 PM | 1 Comment

K, I think I have this figured now. I will be setting up a permanent redirect for pointing to this new home this weekend. Have a good weekend everyone!

About Me

September 30, 2005 5:39 PM | 0 Comments

Telecommunications & Software Industry

Erik's history in software, VOIP and IP Communications goes back more than 11 years now. As the CTO for Shift Networks (, Erik is responsible for identifying, sourcing and delivering next generation SMB communications applications. Essentially Erik owns the R&D department at Shift.

Before Shift Networks, Erik was the COO for Eyeball Networks. Erik redefined the product marketing strategy and lead a team of software engineers on new product execution. Knowing the VoIP and IM landscape well Erik redesigned the Eyeball Chat client into the Eyeball Messenger.

Prior to Eyeball Erik Founded and served as President/COO at Xten Networks (now Counterpath - OTCBB:CTPS).(Public Company; 40+ employees)

At Xten Erik was responsible for daily operations (Product Strategies, Marketing, Sales and Engineering) and conceptualizing the features and functionality for Xten products and identifying the best market opportunities. Erik designed the softphone products and go-to-market strategies. He was instrumental in growing Xten from 3 to 40+ people and bringing the company from conception/zero revenue to more than 3 Million in sales on award-winning product in less than 2 years. Xten customers acquired during Erik's stay include Yahoo!, Vonage, Deutsche Telekom and 55+ carriers, OEMs, and Portals. Erik's understanding of the VoIP industry and his ability to uncover opportunities in the market provided Xten with the perceived lead in the industry for SIP softphones and contributed greatly to Xten winning 6 industry awards.

Before Xten, Erik was the CEO and founder of Vocalscape Communications Inc., a Canadian VoIP and eCRM start-up. Vocalscape went from 3 people in Erik's basement to 30 people in 2 years winning several technology awards and obtaining many technology research grants from the Canadian government. The company was eventually bought.

Blog History & Archive

September 30, 2005 5:39 PM | 0 Comments

Most of you will know that I have just recently moved my blog to TMC but for those of you who are not aware you can read my text and audio podcast archives from the last couple of years here:

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