The Next Era IM

Yahoo! + MSN, Skype + eBay, AOL/ICQ + Apple, GoogleTalk + XMPP. Competition is good for technology, it truly inspirers innovation and the result usually means better products in the marketplace.

IM Pairing & Federating is a good thing but is it enough to have 2 vendors interoperating? Hmm, not according to many of the users I have been talking to. The first scenario offering promise is to use one IM (with Voice and Video) application for access to all of the above networks using Text messaging and Presence as the common denominator. This of course is already being done.

The next phase should include integrated access to the various network email web accounts, Voice and Video interop and some real Enterprise tools for those of us who work for a living, ie. a dial pad with hold, transfer, conference etc.


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