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The PR between BridgePort and Openwave points out the IPR that the two companies have recently collaborated on. It looks to me like Openwave is looking to leverage BridgePort's mobile technology as a piece of their IMS offering and roaming.

PR is listed below...


Collaboration to Accelerate Market for IMS-ready Messaging Applications

LAS VEGAS - CTIA Wireless – April 5, 2006 – Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV), the leading provider of open software products and services for the communications industry, today announced an expanded relationship with BridgePort Networks, the leader in MobileVoIP convergence, on intellectual property rights (IPR) in the emerging area of fixed mobile convergence (FMC).

The agreement extends an original Openwave patent license with BridgePort Networks, and fosters a combined intellectual property portfolio that represents landmark innovations in the broad field of FMC applications.

Additionally, BridgePort Networks will have an exclusive worldwide license to the combined patent portfolio, and both companies will collaborate to further stimulate FMC open systems industry innovation.

“We are focused on efforts to enable operators to deliver converged voice and multimedia messaging services that capitalize on the benefits of IMS,” said Richard Wong, senior vice president, products and services, Openwave Systems.” Our intellectual property alignment with BridgePort Networks provides access to the key innovations needed to allow customers to communicate in a richer way across both broadband and mobile networks.”

Today, Openwave’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-compliant Adaptive Messaging products and services enable carriers to roll out IMS-ready versions of popular messaging services. Openwave also provides core service enablers and applications that help operators start deploying IMS services immediately - on today’s networks - and integrate them with established, non-IMS services like browsing, location and messaging. This collaboration will help Openwave expand the capabilities of its Adaptive Messaging products and services to support seamless roaming between fixed and mobile networks.

Fixed Mobile Convergence is emerging as a key driver of future communication industry revenue. The combined IPR portfolio addresses aspects of the IMS architecture for FMC applications and relevant use cases include seamless roaming and handover of voice and data sessions between mobile and Wi-Fi networks as well as converged messaging and presence applications.

“This intellectual property agreement between BridgePort Networks and Openwave will increase open systems innovation for FMC applications,” said Mike Mulica, CEO of BridgePort Networks. “By combining our intellectual property, it becomes easier to bring the benefits of fixed-mobile convergence to a broad market of consumers, drawing upon Openwave’s deep expertise with both fixed and mobile networks and handset manufacturers and our industry leading MobileVoIP convergence technologies.”

About Openwave
Openwave Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: OPWV) is the leading independent provider of open software products and services for the communications industry. Openwave's breadth of products, including mobile phone software, multimedia messaging software (MMS), email, location and mobile gateways, along with its worldwide expertise enable its customers to deliver innovative and differentiated data services. Openwave is a global company headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information please visit

About BridgePort Networks
BridgePort Networks is the leader in MobileVoIP convergence -- combining the personalization and mobility of mobile phone services with the flexibility, innovation and outstanding cost economics of the rapidly growing VoIP sector. The NomadicONE product family extends single identity phone number services over multiple access networks, including - mobile, cable, DSL and Wi-Fi – in both pre-IMS and IMS environments. The company is a leading member of the MobileIGNITE industry association for the interoperability of fixed mobile convergence (FMC) services and applications. BridgePort Networks is a global company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about BridgePort Networks visit:
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