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Aswath then Andy via Alec have uncovered what looks to be the first final word from AOL on their TotalTalk service. Aswath mentioned that he thinks it might be an html hi-jack but I doubt it. Of course, this all pure speculation considering AOL has not announced anything regarding the closure of TotalTalk.

In my honest opinion AOL ran screaming into this broadband telephony race with what would seem little or no pre-thought. Andy makes mention of Phone 2.0 being partially represented by AOL AIM Phoneline. I am not sure about Phone 2.0 but I do think they are on the right track and should stick with messaging. Hmm, didn't Google just buy $1B worth of AOL? Yes, I would say the softphone + IM strategy is better for AOL and they should pour more resources at that initiative. Vonage seems to be on the same page who look to be throwing a lot of resources towards their new V-phone product (a launch party for a USB softphone?? <ugh>).

For SMBs email, fax and calendaring are equally as important as Voice something I call SMB 2.0 (tongue firmly planted in cheek). Presence is also gaining some height on the hit list for Small and Medium Businesses, useful for click-to-call address books and alike.



In this article I interview Robert Sparks on the state of SIMPLE, here is an excerpt from SIP Magazine...

EL: Robert, where are we with SIMPLE today, is it nearing a useful state?

RjS: Definitely. The good news is that SIMPLE is primarily a done deal from a standards perspective. We have long finished the core parts of the protocol. The Working Group still exists and is active. With a couple of exceptions most of our work now is simply taking the last crumbs of the meal. The exceptions are to do with some ongoing work in putting together the last of the framework that’s needed for a user of SIMPLE to be able to tell a service provider what their preferences are on how people can reach them.

EL: What will partial updates for XCAP mean to the users?

RjS: The best way to look at that would be talk about a couple of use cases. We currently have the technology to reproduce a classic Instant Messenger not unlike Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and that has been in place for a while. The work that we are doing right now will allow the user to say additional things apart from the typical status messages like “At lunch” or “On the phone”.

More here: Read the entire article

SIP Magazine on News Stands Now!

February 10, 2006 5:59 PM | 3 Comments

SIP Magazine is up and running, my first column can be found here. Featured articles from James Gledhill of SIPstorm, Todd Simpson and Alan Hawrylyshen of Ditech. Subscribe here.

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