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VoIP and Software in the News again.

Well, FINALLY! As a shareholder of Sonorit I was asked to keep quiet and not blog about the companies (Sonorit and Camino Networks) at all. I kept my word and let the rest of the world find out about it before I blogged it. Yes, there are other shareholders of Sonorit that are industry names you would readily recognize. You may remember a story I posted last summer about a competitor to GIPS.
Andy ponders the reason for the purchase and delivers, as usual, a great summary on the transaction. He speculates that this buy will provide technology that eBay can own as opposed to license.
I would say that is a good bet Andy, considering the current legal proceedings with GIPS, where some of the key people of Sonorit came from. UPDATE Alec chimes in and provides additional perspective on the deal. The story was also covered by: San Jose Business Journal BusinessWeek

Skype loves EQO

February 7, 2006 8:22 PM | 1 Comment

Ian Bell the VP of marketing over at eqo (like echo) has spearheaded the launch of their new mobile-centric Skype app. It's orange, it's Skype-ish, it's mobile and it's cool. In this interview we talk about the fund raising strategy, the history and the innovation that is eqo.

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“Too many people are disconnected from their online buddies when they leave the PC behind,” said Bill Tam, CEO of EQO Communications, “Our goal is to allow the countless number of online communities worldwide to stay connected using mobile handsets and for users to, virtually, take their buddies with them.” Using a combination of a phone-resident J2ME client and a carrier-grade standards-based signaling network, EQO bridges Skype to more than 150 million J2ME-capable mobile phones already in use worldwide.

With more than 227 million downloads and tens of millions of active users, Skype? is the dominant player in VoIP and Instant Messaging communications services worldwide. While the company has developed its technology to first work with Skype?, EQO intends to extend peer-to-peer communications to mobile devices with other high-profile providers in the near future.

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