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June 2010

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To Hell with Gift Registries: How's Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

June 17, 2010

Here's a quality I admire in others: being difficult to buy gifts for.   It speaks to a kind of selflessness - to lack the conceit of those who, unasked, share their wants and preferences. Give me this person: someone whose colleagues, spouse and siblings couldn't tell you what he or she materially desires.                                                              My wife Marie possesses this selfless quality. In an early confidential moment about a decade ago - while we were living (separately; Catholic) in her native Dublin, I recall, Marie's older sister Sue frowned at me during the first week of November and declared with an exasperated shake of the head: "Marie is impossible to buy for."   No such problems here.   The past two years, I've been specific in the weeks leading up to Christ's birthday and my own: Get me the Oxford English Dictionary set and Slingbox. (Given Web access, I can now deliver the etymology of any word in our language while watching "The Office" on my DVR.)   Not only am I selfish - I'm also hypocritical, because I find gift registries totally obnoxious.   Isn't thinking of your gift recipient part of gift-giving?