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Symon Sees Record Growth In India

March 23, 2005

Recent news that Dell is opening up new call centers in India (the company's third Indian facility, which will be an ultimately 1,500 person call center, was opened this week in the city of Mohali) is hardly the only India-related call center news as of late. It's no secret that growth remains explosive, so much so that companies are finding a shortage of trained, high quality staff in popular cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, and are venturing further afield to smaller towns to recruit agents.

Symon Communications recently announced its own explosive growth in the Indian market. Demand for Symon's products, including contact management tools which the company customizes for the Indian market, remains bottomless.


Symon Communications Announces Record Growth In India

Company increases revenues, personnel; expands client base

Symon Communications, Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise information, performance management software and visual communications systems, announced today record growth in the India market, including increased revenues of more than 75 percent over 2003. A number of factors contributed to Symon’s success in the region, including key marketing agreements with trusted alliance partners in the India market.

Much of the company’s international growth is attributed to increased sales activity in India, where demand for Symon’s contact center management tools is on the rise.  Through Symon’s real-time alerting solutions, organizations can gain valuable operational insight to ensure better-informed and faster decision making. To meet the needs of this multidimensional and growing market, Symon has developed India-specific products that fulfill key functions and maintain a customer-friendly price point.

“We are very pleased with the enthusiastic reception of Symon products and services within India,” said Nelson Smelker, managing director, Symon Communications, Ltd.  “In just two years our customer base in this region has expanded to more than 30 companies, and most of those relationships were forged in the past year.  We attribute this success to the quality of our products, the professionalism of our employees and the highly beneficial relationship we enjoy with trusted partners whose positioning and aggressive marketing in the growing India market has proved quite valuable in the delivery of Symon products to all areas of the enterprise.”  

Symon Communications creates software and hardware solutions that enable clients to collect business data from disparate sources and transform and redistribute that information to the correct individual(s) in a format that is appropriate to fulfill their information needs.  This consolidated, concise view of business data increases productivity and performance in many vertical markets and at all levels within the enterprise.  Fully 35 percent of the Global 1000, and 72 percent of the Fortune 100 leverage Symon solutions.

“Growth is a wonderful side effect of doing what needs to be done,” said Charles Ansley, president and CEO of Symon Communications.  “Our real-time data technology is making companies in India as successful as its proven usage in other global regions.  Once real-time information is available to employees, they become dependent on knowing at what level they are performing and how productive they are.  Employee morale and retention increases as their contributions to the business can be reflected in real-time visual communications seen by all.  Dedication to our clients’ futures and the future of this market is our primary driver – one that creates wins for Symon, our clients and our partners in India.  We will continue, through new product development and strategic partnerships, to grow our share in the market by best addressing our clients’ needs.”

Symon Communications adopted a product reseller strategy for the region at the end of 2002 to market and support Symon products including Symon Vista real-time productivity and performance software that is easily viewed from the Web, Symon NetLite II® wireless displays and Symon Community® browser-based workforce management software.  This strategy has initiated Symon product innovation targeted for the region, including the introduction of new messaging capabilities for contact centers and the development of a custom version of NetLite II, designed specifically for the India market.

About Symon Vista

Symon Vista real-time browser-based reporting, performance scorecard and executive dashboard tool is a solution specifically designed for demanding enterprise environments such as contact centers, help desks, IT centers and network operations centers. The Symon Vista software tool enables the real-time data capture, manipulation and reporting needed to consolidate mission-critical information from a wide variety of data sources and to display that information with browser-based custom and drill down capability, scorecards, and interactive dashboard views for almost any scenario.

 About NetLite II

The launch of NetLite II positioned the performance management tool as the only wireless LED panel, solving the need for improved team awareness of critical business metrics, regardless of time or location.  This next-generation LED is the most technologically advanced wireless real-time display in the industry today. Additional innovative technology with NetLite II includes its browser-based interface for configuration tasks. This eliminates yet another desktop application and simplifies maintenance activities for IT departments, reducing costs and resource investments.

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    This was post in year 2005, and now its 2007, the 2 years for india was glowing years in BPO industry, India set standards for other countries and of itself too. The growth rate India kept since BPO boom in india is quite remarkable.

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