Inspector Gadget's Video Phone Watch is Now a Reality

I really wanted to write a prediction post for 2009 on the last day of 2008, but what would I write about? That video telephony is going to happen, Jajah's CTO Amichay already stated that.

So, I was more than happy when this dropped into my lap through my beloved inbox (thanks for this one Sagee!).



So what do we have here? LG is working on a touch screen mobile phone that is worn on the wrist. Its 3G, with video telephony packed into it. As this phone concept is going to be shown at CES, I'll be looking for it there.

Is anyone else thinking Inspector Gadget?

Fun as this may be, I don't believe mobile video telephony will catch up in 2009, and with some good reasons. My bet is on stationary devices and laptops when it comes to video calls. You can call it my own private prediction for 2009.

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