Video is Happening. Video Telephony is Going to be Next

Video is all the rage these days, and 2008 as a whole was a very good year for video. We've had Hulu's public launch, YouTube moving to HD, Flickr! adding video and a whole lot more.

Add to that the move of blogging and microblogging heading towards video, and you get a picture of how video is taking over the web:

A podcaster's video set (racum tecnologia)

For me, there are three levels to video adoption:

  1. Consuming video content, which is what Hulu provides.
  2. Creating and uploading video content, which is what Flickr! and YouTube allow. (Along with the consuming part of the equation).
  3. Interacting in real time, or video calling.

Out of these, video calling is has a slower adoption rate than the rest.

When I first came to RADVISION over 10 years ago, I was told that video telephony is going to happen real soon. Next year. Just around the corner. Wait and see.

Three years later the dot com bubble burst and I heard that video telephony is what will enable companies to reduce their spending.

Today we have companies adopting "green" technologies to reduce their carbon footprint by flying less. The economic crisis today force companies to fly less. Because of this, they will now be pushed towards video telephony.

Well, none of this happened. And when it will, it will not be because of these reasons. It is going to happen because the problems around the adoption and use of video telephony technologies finally have real solutions that are affordable.

It is also the next step.

We started by consuming video on our televisions, now our PCs and mobile phones.

We continue by creating our very own video clips and uploading them, either sending them to our friends or showing them off publicly.

The next logical step to this is to start video conversations.

It really is just around the corner this time around.

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