Video is Getting Bigger... and Smaller...

Have you noticed how video is getting bigger and smaller at the same time?

I'll start with an apology - I am living in Israel, where we enjoy those cool electronic appliances that the world is then offered a few years later.

About six years ago, when I moved with my wife and dog from our rented apartment to an apartment of our own, I decided to invest a decent amount of money in to a bigger television set, throwing out that old 25" inch TV for a 32" TV. Today, that seems pathetic.

Then two years ago, I made the move to an 42" LCD TV, while a colleague of mine in the US was already enjoying a projector showing 104" in his bedroom (yap - 104". It looks great if you were wondering).

And this trend is going on - people are replacing their "old" TV sets for something bigger and better. Much bigger. Now that screens are flat, there's no problem in hanging them wherever you want, so bigger IS better.

Large displays at CES. Largest one there was 108" from Sharp


On the other hand, remember iPod video's debut? It had a 2.5 inch screen for watching videos. Yep, full length movies in the palm of your hand. And then I started wondering, what is it with people? Do they really want to watch The Dark Knight on something smaller than 40"?

Notice how HTC is offering HD mobile handsets now? Sure, it's not exactly HD, but it still "good enough" for movies. And video on mobile is big these days.

We want our video to be big enough in our homes, but we want it to be small enough for our mobile devices. Is that possible?

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