Dating and Doughnuts

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Juliana Kenny
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Dating and Doughnuts

With a headline to this blog post that could instill fear and love simultaneously, we say 'Happy Tuesday!' What better way to celebrate being alive than to eat some doughnuts and talk about online dating? Can't think of another right now...

The explosion of online dating is affecting entire generations of humans, albeit ones that live in first world countries, but, according to this awesome article by Tracey Schelmetic, online dating has progressed so rapidly that  it is now being surpassed by "mobile dating." 

It took a while for us to get past the notion of it being "OK" or less taboo to meet a potential romantic partner through a computer. Now we've got to face up to the idea that it's happening over smartphones. "Turns out that 61 percent of those surveyed say they are more likely to hook up on a mobile dating app than on a traditional dating site, according to the graphic, which was reproduced on All Things Facebook," writes Schelmetic. 

While you're digesting that bit of news, why not digest a homemade doughnut as well? These particular doughnuts happen to be vegan and gluten-free!

What the heck could possibly be in a vegan, gluten-free doughnut, you ask? Don't ask me, ask those magicians over at Babycakes. It's their recipe, and it is delicious. 

These doughnuts are not the empty, airy, overly-glazed tires of Dunkin' Donuts. No, they are pillowy, textured, ever-so-sweet disks of perfection. Can't believe they don't include any animal products or wheat flour? Yeah, neither can this baker.

You know what else we can't believe? The fact that wireless carriers still force customers to sign up for two year contracts.  In this day and age, two years is a long time. Why, look at what has happened in the last two years alone: Stephen Hawking proved that God and time do not exist, and Kim Kardashian announced her marriage and divorce!

Anyway, read Stefanie Mosca's informative article to ponder this heavy question of whether or not us wireless users really should be bound to two-year contracts or not. Doughnut get too worked up over it though. smiley-wink


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