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March 2009

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Excellent Twitter Guide

March 31, 2009

For those of us still trying to understand the ins and outs of Twitter, you might find this guide very helpful.  


Like Twitter itself, some of this guide is frivolous, but a few useful nuggets are there, too.

Lorna Lyle

The Hot New Trend in Marketing: Public Service?

March 26, 2009

Reading Ad Age today, two articles struck me. It seems Obama's message of community service has infiltrated corporate consumer marketing strategies. (OK so some of these were implemented last year but these campaigns would make him proud.) What better way to establish a positive image then to improve quality of life for the consumers they are appealing to.    Charmin's SitOrSquat is a free service for mobile device users for the 411 on public restrooms. No more scary bathroom visits?  Thank you Charmin.    KFC road warriors? Yes KFC is taking it to the street with a new initiative to improve roads, one pothole at a time. Currently in Louisville, KY, KFC is filling potholes and leaving their (temporary) mark by branding the fresh pavement with a "Re-freshed by KFC" chalk stamp. Not only making travels smoother for drivers but using marketing dollars to help alleviate the strained local government budget. Can their road crew stop by Norwalk, CT?    Perhaps more marketers could take a lesson in these out-of-the-box marketing initiatives. In a time when consumers are tired of corporate greed, and very conscious of how they spend their money, allocating marketing dollars to public service seems like a winning strategy.    Get charged up? If you've traveled via JFK, LAX or DFW airports, you may have gotten a free charge from Samsung. Samsung launched a mobile phone charging kiosk at airport terminals helping travelers stay connected.   A cup of Joe to help your "neighbor"? Starbucks partnership with HandsOn Network rewarded customers who pledged five hours of community service with a free cup of coffee.   The trend of future marketing? While we won't see the end of traditional and digital marketing, it is certainly a win-win strategy to incorporate community service oriented marketing to corporate branding campaigns to effectively ingrain a positive image.    Jan Pierret

Keeping Score with Your Marketing

March 12, 2009

So the question of the day is, can you achieve ROI for branding and awareness campaigns? In the current economy it is more critical than ever to measure effectiveness of marketing initiatives.  Of course the value of branding campaigns such as print advertising, premiums, sponsorships, etc. goes beyond measurable ROI. Can you put a dollar value on brand recognition?  In the days of online advertising which can guarantee lead capture, number of clicks per ad, number of impressions and traffic results, the print ad becomes a hard sell when companies have to hold their marketing budget accountable for effectiveness.    During my tenure at PanAmSat (PAS), the marketing budget was slashed and executives placed accountability on marketing. For the first time marketing was subject to reporting on results of every project put forth. The problem is many marketing initiatives particularly in branding do not lend themselves to qualitative analysis yet are deemed valuable in establishing branding and awareness. Premiums for example provide no ROI yet are valuable leave-behinds at shows, meetings and can help in maintaining good relationships with clients by providing that little extra as a way to show you value their business. What's the ROI of giving a client a Waterford pen upon closing a deal?

Providing Upbeat Yet Realistic Marketing Messages

March 5, 2009

Yes, we are being bombarded with news of economic gloom and doom.  I've read about people choosing to avoid some cable news channels because they find them too depressing.

So how can you make your marketing messages focused yet still positive?

According to one blogger, it's essential to "make sure your payoff pays off," perhaps providing solutions that cut costs, not necessarily improve revenues.

Ardath Albee of the Marketing Interactions blog adivses to "focus on hope.... Right now a hopeful tone is 'persuasive and engaging.'"

A confident tone to your messages will be more positively received than playing on your prospects' fears.  But it's important to establish empathy with your potential customers and acknowledge the challenges they face.

By projecting a confident tone and offering valuable information, you come across as an ally who will help your prospects weather this widespread financial chill.

Source: http://www.marketingprofs.com/news/b2b-marketing/index.asp?nlid=871&cd=dmo121&adref=NBBH139

--Lorna Lyle