The New Era of Local Marketing - Twitter on local promotions

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The New Era of Local Marketing - Twitter on local promotions

Although I'm still in the dark ages and use my cell phone strictly for phone calls, I do plan to upgrade my phone and service plan sometime in the distant future when I trade in my Razor for a new and improved mobile handheld device. For now, texting and mobile email access is on hold.  I look forward to joining the millions who currently live by their Blackberries and iPhones and get to use cool applications to find restaurants, bathrooms and bargains!  The potential for local mobile marketing is just starting to be realized by local merchants.

As a marketer the concept of this new age of marketing is exciting.  Delivering instant promotions adds a new dimension to local marketing options.  Mobile marketing gives the mom and pops shops a unique opportunity to take advantage of this new platform to reach consumers instantly and promote their offerings.

After reading "Local Advertising Slumping - but Will Soar on Handhelds" on Media Buyer Planner, mobile advertising is slated to be the hottest ticket in local marketing. Out with the newspapers, billboards, and direct mail.  In with the mobile marketing. 

I think Twitter is the first to deliver local mobile marketing campaign success. Twitter offers local merchants fast, easy, accessible and budget-friendly way to distribute their promotions. 

Twitter's ease of use and instant messaging service has created an outlet for spontaneous promotions.  As indicated by Amy Tierney, TMCnet Web Editor, "Resort Taps Twitter for Room Giveaway", it seems a North Carolina inn marked it's 96th birthday by launching a Twitter campaign offing 96 free rooms by responding to their Tweet. Success came in just 90 minutes, which is all it took to fill the 96 rooms. 

A quick text can create a flurry of activity. It's easy. It's fast. And talk about marketing on a shoe-string! Local
marketers are just beginning to realize the possibilities with the Twitter sensation for local mobile marketing. 

It should be interested to see the shift in marketing trends and see how this next generation of advertising progresses. 

Jan Pierret