Webinars are a hot ticket for lead generation this summer!

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Webinars are a hot ticket for lead generation this summer!

TMCnet Webinars are the hot ticket this summer for lead generation. TMCnet Webinars attracted 400 registrants per event last summer and is expected to attract as many or more this summer. 

While companies scale back their budgets and eliminate attendance at educational conferences, Webinars serve as a valuable training platform. While company representatives can no longer attend off-site events to learn about, research and evaluate new products at shows, Webinars bring this needed information directly to them on site, at their own desk.

Webinars are a valuable marketing opportunity. TMCnet Webinars allow companies to reach hundreds of prospects, raise awareness of their brand and promote their offerings. While providing an educational platform, the company hosting the event becomes the industry expert and can even engage with the audience answering questions from participants during the event. 

While most companies tend to back off over the summer and wait for September to start up their marketing initiatives, the smarter marketer will grab the market share while competition is down and capture summer leads.

Jan Pierret

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