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First Coffee

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Bob Dylan’s unequaled 1965-1966 run of brilliance, Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde On Blonde and Live 1966 in honor of ol’ Minnesota Mudthroat’s 64th birthday today:

Looks like Vodafone Group Plc’s having a good year: The world’s largest mobile company by revenue, according to Reuters, is buying back $8.23 billion worth of their stock and doubling their dividend as “as higher full-year earnings and revenues topped average market forecasts.”

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization rose by 7 percent to 13.041 billion pounds on 2 percent higher revenues of 34.13 billion pounds. Vodafone has 154.8 million subscribers and a dividend of about “4.07 pence,” about seven cents, “as part of its strategy to increase a payout ratio that, at 22 percent of earnings, had been low by industry standards.”

Mitel has chosen Texas Instruments as the primary supplier for both its IP phone sets and VoIP gateway systems. The Ottawa-based broadband communications products provider is specifically interested in TI’s TNETV1050 IP phone technology, TNETV1xxx and TNETV2xxx series of VoIP gateway technology.

New products based on TI’s VoIP technology will be available from Mitel later this year.

Mitel plans to use TI’s technology in both its business telephone sets and its core Integrated Communications Platform portfolio. TI’s TNETV1050 gives Mitel a “highly integrated IP phone system-on-a-chip” with a comprehensive feature set and robust integrated LCD controllers, according to company officials. Mitel plans to use the flexible TNETV series to build feature-rich platforms for customer premises gateway applications.

Ron Wellard, Vice President, Product Development, Mitel said TI “share(s) our vision for the future of our IP-based products.” Bill Simmelink, general manager of TI’s Packet Voice and Video business says “Mitel captures the imagination of how VoIP potential can be realized in products, services and trends.”

First CoffeeSM thinks it’s wonderful when you find a soul mate like that.

Cincom Systems is announcing an alliance agreement with Intervoice, Inc., a converged-voice and data tool producer headquartered in Dallas to offer a combination of Intervoice’s phone-based customer self-service solutions and Cincom’s customer experience management software, Synchrony.

The pair’s combined efforts will be marketed to companies “looking to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the contact center environments and improve the customer experience,” according to company officials.

Shawn Reynolds, Director of Cincom’s Customer Experience Management Products explained that the combined efforts are meant to present “all of the relevant customer information automatically to the agent at the start of an interaction,” so “customer issues are resolved more quickly, call handling times decrease, and the overall customer satisfaction and productivity of the contact center improve.”

Cincom’s Synchrony is a contact center tool architected to link multi-channel contact center functionality with a smart agent desktop that lets call center agents punch up info for different customers when they call in.’s act is getting obnoxious. Here’s how they chose to release their latest financial numbers – bear in mind that this is not First CoffeeSM’s purple prose:

“ continues to embarrass its traditionally focused CRM counterparts with surging quarterly financials that have outstripped its own previous performance and the average of analysts expectations.

“For the quarter ending April 2005 the hosted market maker saw revenue soar by 84% compared to the previous year, to $64.2 million. Net income grew a headline-grabbing 902% year on year to come in at $4.4 million, while also managing a 22% sequential increase.

“Although the actual sums are comparatively modest the rate of increase on both a yearly and sequential basis shows that continuities to tap into an unfulfilled need. With the growth rate also indicating that the market is still in a fairly early stage, there is also plenty of opportunity for continued growth while the lack of a strong direct challenger also confirms’s position.”

Aren’t we great? Don’t the rest of you guys suck? Ha ha. And of course they have to get in their gratuitous shot at tottering Siebel: “Siebel is already showing signs of attrition. Earlier this year it said it had 28,000 subscribers and had added 5,000 new subs, but due to attrition its total was hovering at around 30,000.”

And sorry, guys, but net income of $4.4 million is not “headline-grabbing.” What was Siebel’s 2004 profit, something like $110 million? That’s a headline-grabber.

Lots of us who follow CRM are impressed with’s products and business savvy, but this kind of talk belongs in-house, for Marc Benioff to fire up the troops in the lunchroom to go out and kick Siebel’s butt. It almost – almost – gives one sympathy for Siebel to see some yappy little brat snapping at their ankles like this.

Besides, chest-thumping about profit’s a little more impressive when aforesaid profit is greater than what a slumping left fielder or backup point guard makes in a quarter. $4.4 million’s a budgeting mistake in serious businesses, not a champagne-popping press releases.

Boasting about numbers like this is a nine-year old wearing a Superman costume flexing his “muscles.”

End2End, a European B2B managed service solution provider for mobile data services and content has announced the successful rollout of a local service delivery infrastructure in the US as part of its North American business expansion.

End2End has deployed a local Point-of-Presence in New Jersey, providing the company with “more robust service delivery capability for the North American and Latin American markets,” according to company officials.

Companies across the Americas can now access End2End’s products and service delivery infrastructure by connecting to a local PoP rather than integrating to the data centers or PoPs in Europe.

Commercial service delivery from the New Jersey PoP is expected to start in June.

Thank God for the blogosphere. Relying on the MSM – the blogs’ derisive shorthand for the mainstream media – we’d believe Iraqis spend all day car-bombing, cowering in fear of car-bombers and protesting America.

Fortunately, thanks to Australian blogger Art Chrenkoff, we have a running summary of all the positive news from Iraq which doesn’t seem to make it into the pages of Newsweek or on CBS news. His “Good News From Iraq, Part 28 was posted yesterday, hit and search “Good News From Iraq.”

There’s an ocean of good news. Journalists who actually leave their Baghdad hotels and the carefully-choreographed terrorist bombings find that coalition troops are rebuilding the country, are loved by the Iraqi people, and that Iraqis are making unbelievable progress in construction, health, education, the arts, politics and everything else.

After ten minutes’ reading First CoffeeSM was furious at the pathetic, lazy, one-sided job the MSM is doing covering the actual news in Iraq – the pace of construction and the depth of affection ordinary Iraqis feel for coalition troops alone are stunning. Find out here what’s really happening, that the reality is a lot better than you’ve been led to think.

If read off-site hit for the fully-linked version. First CoffeeSM accepts no sponsored content placement and, uncompensated, recommends ‘72 VW Beetle ragtops, dark roast coffee, monogamy, T.S. Eliot and Moose Drool Beer.

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