First Coffee for June 21, 2005

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First Coffee for June 21, 2005


A man jumps in the air from the top of one of the stones as the sun rises over Stonehenge.
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By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 1272 in E flat, performed by the Quartetto Italiano for a 1968 Philips recording:

In good news, slimebucket John Rigas and his reptilian son Timothy Rigas were sentenced to 15 and 20-year prison terms for stealing at least $100 million, looting Adelphia Communications Corp., hiding $2.3 billion in debt, bank fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy, bankrupting a billion-dollar company, destroying the retirement security of investors who trusted them and generally being repulsive water rats with the ethics of corrupt third-world kleptocrats.

First CoffeeSM has absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for contemptuously dishonest businessmen, and the Rigases are among the worst. The Associated Press reports that Judge Leonard Sand asked Rigas’s lawyer “Do you see what he did? What he did to Coudersport, what he did with assets and by means which were not appropriately his? To be a ‘great philanthropist’ with other people’s money really is not very persuasive.”

Amen. Look, America works because we’re still basically a culture of trust. First CoffeeSM lives in a lovely place, the beautiful Turkish Mediterranean coast. The Turkish coffee’s excellent, climate’s warm, the food’s great and people are nice but you don’t really trust anyone. You’re surprised when businesses are honest and the plumber or auto inspector doesn’t screw you or ask for a bribe, because traditional Turkish culture is not a culture of trust. Turks don’t really trust anyone not of the same extended family.

You’re nuts to invest in a Turkish company if you’re not related to management, with the result that Turkey, a land blessed with amazing natural resources, a self-sufficient food supply, prime geography and hardworking people is poorer than it should be since most Turks with money invest it in places they can trust, like America.

America’s a culture of trust, which is why America is the dominant world economic power. In America you’re surprised and angry when you get screwed by a business, because you expect businesses to be honest. Here in Turkey you shrug your shoulders and say you should only do business with those you know personally.

Cultures where trust runs along family and clan lines instead of along the rule of law, unless they have oil to sell are almost always poor because they can never mobilize capital, and the slimy cockroaches who undermine that trust, the dry rot of American business, the John and Timothy and Michael Rigas, the Kenneth Lays, Bernie Ebberses, Dennis Kozlowskis, Mark Swartzes, Franklin C. Browns, Martin Grasses, Jamie Olises and Richard Scrushys, whose ethics fit squalid third-world kleptocracies deserve full prosecution of the law.

Irving, Texas-based etalk, a quality monitoring software and services vendor, has announced a partnership with Call Design, a products and consulting services vendor for Australian and New Zealand call centers.

Under the terms of the agreement Call Design will market, distribute, install, and support the full range of etalk products throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

Call Design will also slog through the two-week, intensive etalk installation boot camp to become certified on the company’s Qfiniti platform. It’s the exact same training etalk field service engineers undergo, covering product installation on the wide range of switches with which etalk integrates, best practices, troubleshooting, and “training the trainer” – learning to teach customers how to use and support etalk products.

Wilder, Vermont-based AIRS, a vendor of advanced sourcing products for talent acquisition professionals, announces the launch of AIRS Engage, a contact management and networking platform for recruiters.

AIRS Engage is being billed by company officials as “the recruiting industry’s first true ‘CRM’ style contact manager,” offering what they claim is “a set of features and functionality unavailable in traditional ATS platforms or generic sales CRM systems.”

Comparing great recruiters to great sales people, Christian Forman, CEO of AIRS said AIRS Engage is “a networking and prospecting platform, designed exclusively for recruiters and sourcers that is focused on prospects, not just job candidates.”

It allows enterprise and workgroup sharing, list and contact view, database search capability, e-mail, call and activity journaling and integration with Spoke, a Web-based database of 30 million personal profiles and corporate data on 500,000 organizations.

If you find such things helpful.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting this morning that Aussie Internet broadband service provider Unwired Ltd “is in talks regarding a potential fund raising.”

Currently operating only in Sydney, it plans to expand to the rest of Australia based on its roaring success in Australia’s largest city – it reports 25,000 customers in Sydney after launching just nine months ago at a cost of $25 million U.S.

It’s already the largest broadband wireless network in Australia. Expansion would require a network building project costing about $62 million U.S., according to an analyst.

“Research firm investment house UBS says the Australian broadband subscriber base will increase from around 2.51 million at the end of calendar 2005 to 4.05 million at end 2008. Most of the growth is expected to come from dial-up subscribers migrating to broadband,” the Morning Herald reports, and “Australia’s internet household penetration rate is set to reach 84 per cent at end 2008 and the broadband rate to hit 51 per cent.”

NEServices is announcing the introduction of two new BlackBerry-based services, Content Beamer for work server access and its ThinPrint component for printing.

Content Beamer for BlackBerry software, due to be released this summer, brings the ability to print e-mail and attachments to any BlueTooth enabled printer. By using either a portable BlueTooth printer or a Parallel/USB BlueTooth adapter, BlackBerry owners can print at enabled locations – customer site, hotel, airport, et al.

Content Beamer’s ThinPrint component provides printing capabilities at the nearest BlueTooth enabled printer from a notebook, PDA, or mobile telephone with BlueTooth capability, without installing print drivers or other software components.

Public Printing, currently available in partnership with Hyatt Hotels, lets customers access a special website of the Public Printing service provider, select the needed file, and click the upload button to send the file to the Public Printing server. The customer then receives a code from the website, goes to the nearest Public Printing kiosk or enabled business center, enters in the code and gets the print job. “Files can even be requested in one airport and printed in a second destination, ready for pick up upon arrival,” company officials claim.

Didn’t First CoffeeSM see you with the other druids at the summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge this morning, 4:58 a.m. on this the year’s longest day?

According to the left-wing English newspaper The Guardian, before dawn King Arthur Pendragon, 51, the head battle chieftain of the British Council of Druids, led a troop of “warriors” – college anthropology students – in a dance honoring mother nature.

“The solstice is about the death and regeneration of nature,” the king, dressed in a white gown and wearing his sword, said. The bearded chieftain fought for Stonehenge to be reopened to the public following the infamous Battle of Beanfield in 1985.

King Arthur said the summer solstice signified the mythical oak king, who rules the first half of the year, being beaten in battle by the holly king, the ruler of the second half of the year. “Celebrating the summer solstice is part of our religion,” he said. “We celebrate the shortest day, the longest day and the two equal days.”

First CoffeeSM used to date a Holly King. Wonder if it’s the same one?

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