First Coffee for October 18, 2005

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First Coffee for October 18, 2005

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is something First CoffeeSM finally got around to ordering off iTunes and burning onto disc – the Rolling Stones’ 1969 album Let It Bleed, the midpoint of their five-album 1968-1972 run, Beggar’s Banquet to Exile On Main Street, the greatest five consecutive album string any band’s ever had:

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that King Yuan Electronics Corp., an integrated back-end service provider in Taiwan, has purchased an Agilent 93000 Pin Scale system to add to its Agilent 93000 installed base. The system will be used for testing complex systems-on-a-chip for applications such as PCI Express, Serial ATA and HyperTransport – all commonly found in personal computers.

The 93000 Pin Scale system, according to KYEC officials, was bought for its flexibility to meet cost and performance demands, including support for up to 2,048 pins – enough for multisite test or high-pin-count devices. The Agilent 93000 scales up to 3.6 Gb/s to address the high-speed interface applications targeted for KYEC’s system.

Sleipner S.A., a Milan-based company developing and designing software for wireless handheld devices, has announced an agreement to be acquired by Calypso Wireless, Inc., a vendor of wireless telecommunications technology.

Sleipner’s COMOB software lets smart phones and wireless PDA/Pocket PCs switch between GSM or CDMA cellular towers and WiFi access points (hot spots). Sleipner provides VoIP and IP applications for the enterprise and vertical markets.

The acquisition was made by Calypso to expedite the delivery to market of the Calypso’ ASNAP patented technology on the C1250i WiFi-GSM-GPRS VoIP smart cellular phone. Calypso’s C1250i runs on Intel PXA series application processor and a Microsoft WinCE 5.0 operating system.

With a potential market of 56 million cellular phones sold in Italy and an European market of more that 340 million subscribers and “growing rapidly,” according to Bruno Motta, Vice President of Marketing of Sleipner SA. this deal is seen as “a new starting point in our effort to promote and sell the complete Calypso-Sleipner technology and product line to cellular operators in the European market.”

Cisco Systems, Inc. has announced advancements to its Network Admission Control framework that help protect organizations from threats such as spyware, viruses and worms attempting to gain network access through a growing number of endpoint devices.

The Cisco NAC framework now includes support for Cisco Catalyst switch and wireless products, the expansion of the NAC partner program to include a new agentless auditing category, and enhancements to NAC appliances, formerly known as the Cisco Clean Access group.

Really, if you think about it, there’s no other consecutive five-album arc from any other rock artist that shows the maturity, experimentation and general increase in overall quality than these five from Mick & The Boys. It’s more impressive when you look at what came just before Beggar’s Banquet, the Between The Buttons album, and realize that the same band writing pop pap like “Yesterday’s Papers” and “Miss Amanda Jones” is actually capable of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Sway” and “Shine A Light.”

Once they kicked useless druggie Brian Jones out of the band, got Their Satanic Majesties’ Request out of their system and brought Mick Taylor aboard they blew everyone’s doors off until they finally crashed after their 1972 world tour, absolutely undisputed kings of the hill, exhausted and ready to retreat into strict professionalism and wealthy living instead of chasing inspiration from then on, content to break new ground in tour gross receipts and leave musical innovation to the young guys.

Never again would they be on the cutting edge, but hey, if those five albums, each one better than the last until they drop the greatest album in rock history in Exile On Main Street, aren’t good enough for you, then you simply don’t like rock music as she was meant to be.

MetaSolv Software, Inc., a vendor of operational support system products for communications service providers, has announced Provisioning 5, their order management solution designed to automate provisioning tasks in the service fulfillment process.

Provisioning 5, formerly known as MetaSolv OMS, provides back-office provisioning management functions to operate tasks required to deliver services to customers as well as managing internal network buildouts for broadband, IP, data and mobile services. The Provisioning 5 solution framework lets multiple systems interact, including legacy and commercial applications, and is engineered to simplify how new services are designed, bundled and delivered.

Provisioning 5 uses a 100% J2EE meta-data driven architecture tuned to scale and handle the demands of tier-one carriers and provide flexibility for service processes.

This approach, currently in production with MetaSolv customers, provides back-office provisioning management between upstream customer relationship management systems and downstream inventory management and activation platforms.

DDD Group plc, a 3D software and content vendor, has announced the introduction of the TriDef Vision+ 3D set top box, called Vision+.

Vision+ converts most popular consumer video formats to 3D as they are watched, allowing any broadcast, DVD and videocassette content to be presented in 3D on the latest 3D displays and projection systems.

The delivery of the Vision+ set top box is part of a GBP 140,000 ($245,000) development agreement with Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced in late 2004. The product combines the real time 3D conversion capabilities of the Vision+ with the large 30” 3D LCD displays developed by Arisawa’s optoelectronics division.

Using Arisawa’s 3D optics, the flat screen 3D televisions are capable of displaying conventional 2D pictures as well as 3D. When the viewer decides to watch in 3D, they activate the Vision+ set top box using their remote control and put on a pair of 3D glasses. The system then delivers 3D images from any viewing position in the living room with clarity and quality comparable to 3D digital cinemas.

Running Let It Bleed a second time here. Man, there wasn’t any harder-working musician in the business than Keith Richards, was there? What quality.

Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd., an international telecom services for Internet service providers and fixed and mobile network operators, has announced the opening of a new IP point of presence in Warsaw. The new IP PoP lets ISPs and carriers in the region connect their voice networks via VoIP and IP networks to Teleglobe’s global network for voice and data services.

The new point of presence gives local Internet service providers and carriers access to Teleglobe’s global network. This access is of critical importance, Teleglobe officials say, as Polish companies reach out to the North American market and rest of Europe.

Neighboring countries, such as Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine, also benefit from having a Teleglobe IP PoP close by. Teleglobe has already connected its IP network to many Polish companies including ATM, a provider of telecommunications services throughout Poland and Multimedia, a Polish CATV operator, broadband Internet and phone service provider in the Warsaw IP PoP.

“Opening a Teleglobe IP PoP in the region is good news for Eastern European businesses, because the company is a leading IP provider and its global network connects us to key markets,” said Janusz Nowakowski, Carrier Relationships Manager of ATM.

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