First Coffee for December 9, 2005

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First Coffee for December 9, 2005

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s Symphony in B minor, the “Polonia:”

Happy birthday, Grace Hopper, born in 1906, who wrote the Common Business-Oriented Language, or COBOL in the early 1950s when she saw that most computer mistakes were the result of human mistakes in writing programs, which were almost all numbers, and thought if they could be written in plain language ordinary people could write programs, and the number of mistakes would be reduced.

Amino, an IPTV software and consumer premises equipment vendor, has announced it has been selected by Novis, a major Portuguese telco, for a residential service to be branded as “Clix Smartv.”

A commercial test launch with AmiNET110 set-top boxes is scheduled for December 2005 in Lisbon and Porto, with full commercial deployment planned for 2006 in all major cities.

The service will include an electronic program guide, Video on Demand, and a personalized choice of channels. Susanna Barbato, Managing Director of IPTV services for Novis said it would be the first time anyone had offered IPTV services in Portugal, and the company “expects to create a large subscriber base in Portugal over the coming years.”

The service will offer 50 channels for the test launch, increasing to 100 when the commercial deployment commences. The AmiNET110 was chosen by Novis for residential deployments due to its “flexibility,” said Bob Giddy, CEO Amino.

The AmiNET110 is compatible with the ReadyLinks Smartfoot and Coaxsys home networking adapters, allowing operators to avoid costly wiring of CAT5 cable throughout the home.

On-demand CRM vendor NetSuite, Inc. has announced that West Chester, Pa.-based Nobel Learning Communities, Inc., an operator of 150 private schools throughout the United States, has selected NetSuite to bring its multiple schools’ front and back-office operations under one roof with real-time business management.

NetSuite allows Nobel to run its business operations by using one system, from financials and revenue recognition to CRM capabilities such as tracking potential students and allowing students to pay tuition online.

Seven Network Limited and Yahoo! Inc. have announced that they will combine their online, mobile and IPTV businesses in Australia and New Zealand. The strategic partnership brings together Yahoo! Australia & NZ, and the online assets and television and magazine content of Seven Network, an Australian media company.

Under the terms of the agreement, Seven and Yahoo! will form a new 50-50 holding company that will own Yahoo! Australia & NZ. Seven and Yahoo! will each hold three of the six board seats in the entity. It will combine Yahoo!’s search and communications capabilities and its global Internet network with Seven’s media and entertainment content and marketing capabilities to create what Seven Network officials say they hope will be “one of the most comprehensive and engaging online experiences for Australian consumers and advertisers.”

Yahoo! Australia & NZ and Seven say they’ll launch a new name and online presence in late January, coinciding with Seven’s coverage of the Australian Open and the Olympic Winter Games in Torino.

As First CoffeeSM will be in New Zealand visiting family at that time – Rich, why don’t we have TMC cover the expenses as a business trip… Rich? Hello, is this thing on? Rich? Hello?

Excerpt from a story First CoffeeSM’ll be covering this upcoming Tuesday: “In its U.S. midyear lodging forecast, PricewaterhouseCoopers expects profits in the hotel industry to reach a new record high of almost $25 billion in 2006, a good sign that both the hospitality and travel industries are back on track.”

One factor helping keep costs low is the strategic use of speech applications, and on Tuesday we’ll hear how Voxify is one company on the cutting edge of that.

Happy birthday, John Milton, the British poet who began the drearily predictable literary meme of seeing Satan as the hero, yawn. First CoffeeSM read Paradise Lost, and agrees with the great English critic Samuel Johnson, who said yeah it’s good and all that, but “nobody ever wished it was longer.”

Virginia’s always been one of the more tech-savvy states – it helps having a multi-millionaire governor who made his pile in high-tech – and one positive advantage of that is the commonwealth’s interim agreement to partner with Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Inc. to “modernize the state’s information technology infrastructure,” according to commonwealth officials.

This 10-year contract worth more than $2 billion is believed to be the largest of its kind and is estimated to bring over 1000 jobs to Southwest Virginia and Chesterfield County.

Virginia brought Gordon & Glickson on board to help guide the process made possible by the commonwealth’s Public Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002, which brings private sector innovation and investment to state government projects via solicited or unsolicited proposals.

Over the next 10 years, the contract calls for Northrop Grumman to transform the state’s legacy IT infrastructure, including the equipment and services for mainframes, servers, desktop and laptop computers, voice and data networks, operating systems, e-mail, security, help-desk services and data center facilities.

PacificNet Inc., a CRM, telemarketing, call center, Interactive Voice Response and Value-Added Services vendor selling to the Chinese market, has announced that its subsidiary, PacificNet Linkhead, has completed an IVR customer service center system for ChinaGoHi.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, ChinaGoHi operates a Direct Response Television infomercial marketing companies for financial advisory services in China with more than 700 employees in its DRTV infomercial telemarketing call center, with 700 phone lines and occupying 35,000 square feet.

PacificNet Linkhead was awarded the contract from ChinaGoHi to provide the IVR system for its DRTV customer contact center and manage the overall project from installation to integration.

Key features of the new 1000-line IVR system include automated call distribution and call answering, real-time customer billing, order and subscription status inquiry, automated information update via IVR, SMS, or fax, order confirmation via voice log tele-conferencing with multiple chat-rooms and CRM database management, among others.

Company officials say the IVR system “greatly improves the service quality and response time” for ChinaGoHi’s DRTV customers.

CyberLink Corp. has responded to the allegation from InterVideo Inc. that CyberLink’s infringing on its US Patent No. 6,765,788 by politely saying “bushwa.”

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