First Coffee for the Ides of March 2006

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First Coffee for the Ides of March 2006

By David Sims

The news as of the first (iced) coffee this morning, and the music is Elvis’s “Kentucky Rain,” just everything a great song should be:

We’ll start off with one for the pocket protector set:

Japan’s Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is announcing that it has succeeded in transmitting 160Gb/s data, which is equivalent to transmitting four movies of two hours each, in a single second over 396 miles.

This experiment was conducted as part of the “Research and Development on Ultrahigh-speed Backbone Photonic Network Technologies” project, consigned by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. Oki used an optical testbed provided by Japan Gigabit Network II, and succeeded in transmitting world’s first 160Gb/s data, that included high-vision video.

The optical testbed offered by JGN II is an optical fiber, single mode optical fiber 63.5km x 10 fiber cables, installed between Open Laboratory in Kyoto and Dojima Relay Station in Osaka. At each connection point an optical amplifier similar to a relay station for commercial-use 10Gb/s data transmissions, and a dispersion compensation fiber were installed.

Oki’s saying this is the world’s first transmission of signal evaluation data simultaneous with high-vision video. Harushige Sugimoto, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Oki Electric, says the test proves that “it can be used for backbone lines such as the super high-speed optical communication between Tokyo and Osaka,” 312 miles apart, “which is 16 times higher in speed than the 10Gb/s systems that are commercialized.”

Sugimoto thinks that 160Gb/s optical transmission is “the next generation super high-speed optical transmission technology to be commercialized after 2010.”

I get as many fraud e-mails and cheap Viagra ads as the next small business owner, but this one is One Of The Funniest Ones I’ve Gotten Recently:

I Am Prince Nana Opuku Asare Jr. I Am 37 Years And The Eldest Male Child Of Late, Chief Kwesi Opoku Asare the Late Traditional Ruler of the Central Region Ghana. Our Father Died On 16th June 2004 leaving the bereaved family with 102 Kilos of Au Gold Dust as legacy…

Gold dust. From the dead “traditional ruler.” Somewhere in Ghana. Wait, I’m sure I have my bank account number here somewhere to give this guy, hang on a sec.


That Little Ol’ Software Company From Redmond would like you to know that since their introduction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 last December, it has been deployed by a broad range of enterprise-scale businesses:

Just recently H&R Block has added 500 seats to what was a deployment of 1,500, and plan to have 6,000 seats soon. AGFirst Farm Credit Bank has 1,500 seats, Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA, an Italian multinational pharmaceutical company, as those of you who read Italian have divined, is going with 500 seats and Maccabi Healthcare Services in Israel runs 1,200.

Microsoft says one reason companies like Dynamics CRM is the “familiar and consistent user experience based on Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook,” and they’ve got a point, we all like what’s familiar. As Joy Baer, chief executive officer of Spot Buy Spot LLC says “everyone already lives in Outlook.”

Oh, hey, and Quiznos is using it too.

I said this yesterday in a different place, and I still think it would work: Has there ever -- ever -- been a more soulfully sweet voice than Smokey Robinson’s? I think not. If this guy read compromise terms to the Arabs and Israelis we’d have permanent peace in the Middle East.

Here’s how it would go:

Smokey: You will divide the West Bank here, and Jerusalem here, and stop all suicide bombings, okay?

Israeli negotiator: (sighing) Sounds beautiful.

Arab spokesman: I second that emotion.

GlobeTel Communications Corp. appears to have conceded their much-publicized Russian WiMax deal.

CEO Timothy Huff has released a statement saying “On March 2, we advised our shareholders that Internafta requested an additional delay in the closing of the funding until the week of March 6… Internafta advised us that its funding has been approved by its bank syndicate, subject only to the bank’s final review and analysis of this GTE business plan.”

But after two previous delays in securing the funding necessary for the splashy project, Huff says, “we have agreed to a continuance of the contract with Internafta until the end of this week, pending a final decision by Internafta’s bank regarding a funding commitment secured by Internafta’s assets.”

Should such a funding commitment not be forthcoming by the end of this week, “or unless the banking syndicate provides written assurances to GlobeTel of the imminent delivery of such commitment,” however, Huff concludes that “GlobeTel will have no choice but to exercise its right to default the contract for non-payment.”

It’s probably a good time for GlobeTel to throw in their hand and looking elsewhere. In related news, the company has announced the appointment of Floyd Bradley as Managing Director of its GlobeTel Wireless subsidiary. Bradley will be initially based in Florida at the national headquarters of GlobeTel Wireless.

EPlus Inc., a vendor of Enterprise Cost Management products, has announced that ePlus Technology, Inc., the company’s wholly owned subsidiary of integrated professional services and direct sales, has entered into a contractual agreement with BCE Elix, a Bell Canada contact center company, whereby BCE Elix will provide business consulting, professional services, application development, and support services for contact center clients.

EPlus has been working in IT sourcing and hardware and software technology products to both the public and private sectors across a number of vertical markets, and BCE Elix has contact center expertise.

EPlus’ “widespread resources in the United States will enable BCE Elix to extend its geographical operations area,” ePlus officials say, while BCE Elix’s “in-depth knowledge of the contact center industry will enable ePlus to use its expertise in another market niche.”

Andy Shulman, national Cisco practice manager at ePlus, noted that contact center projects are very complex and require specialized skill sets.

Inter-Tel has announced the general availability of Contact Center Suite Version 4.0, offering a number of new and enhanced features, including media blending, improved call routing, advanced reporting tools and simplified administration designed to enable small- and mid-size businesses to effectively manage customer communications through multiple mediums such as voice, e-mail, voice mail, or fax.

And bear in mind: It is the Ides of March today, so beware of Greeks bearing gifts, or Italians coming up to give you a friendly pat on the back.

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