First Coffee for 2 June 2006: Radio KCRM, Capitol College Goes To Parature, CRM Agreement Between SugarCRM and SimpliCTI, LexisNexis InterAction 5.5, Motorola and PacificNet, Shiloh Pitt?

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David Sims
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First Coffee for 2 June 2006: Radio KCRM, Capitol College Goes To Parature, CRM Agreement Between SugarCRM and SimpliCTI, LexisNexis InterAction 5.5, Motorola and PacificNet, Shiloh Pitt?

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning here on Radio KCRM, where we’re groovin’ to one of the greatest albums in living memory, no not Oasis’s Definitely Maybe, more like Cornel West’s Sketches Of My Culture… uh, sorry, seems we’re getting a bleed through the studio walls here, hey you wanna hold it down over there, at least put the Bob Marley back on… hey, HEY! We’re tryin’ to do a SHOW here! Load the ol’ peace pipe back up whyncha, some animals are better tranquilized.

As we said before we so rudely interrupted ourselves, we got the Stones on to Sway, Sway, Sway, slamming heavy blues how else are you gonna get going on a Friday without overloading the triple espressos? Fall out of a coconut tree in Fiji or something?

Kicking off the money part of the patter let’s peek in on Parature, provider of perfectly profitable products on demand customer support software, who would like you, Gentle Reader, to know that Capitol College [Favorite Superlative: “The only independent college in Maryland dedicated to engineering, computer sciences, information technologies and business,” and propellerheads, if that don’t scream “throw that acceptance letter from M.I.T. in the trash already!” I don’t know what do], has implemented Parature’s Campus Support Solution to increase the efficiency and quality of support it provides its students and faculty.

“We selected Parature due to its easy customization tools, the fact that it is a Web-based help desk software product, its high cost effectiveness, and great staff. Overall, we’ve been very pleased,” said Danielle Faison, Director, Distance Learning Services, Capitol College, whose word processing program could probably stand to audit the Capitol College course where they explain that tricky subject-object agreement.

Capitol College provides all graduate level courses completely via the Internet, therefore many of their students work full-time, study at night, or are located in other countries in different time zones, so providing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week is important. “We found that Parature’s Web-based Campus Support Solution gives us the ability to offer support from any Internet connection at anytime, and has robust self-service capabilities like a knowledge base and download center, which allows students to help themselves,” stated Ms. Faison.

There you go, problem corrected already. In instances where more assistance is needed, students can easily submit a trouble ticket via Capitol College’s online support portal, view its status and updates online, and receive an automated e-mail notification upon issue resolution.

Capitol College is exploring the use of the survey tool within Parature’s Campus Support Solution to enable online students to evaluate instructors and the distance learning services department. Which sure beats those teacher evaluation forms Radio KCRM used to fill out, always just before final exams, where the professor assured you he wouldn’t read them himself as he collected them at the end of class. Radio KCRM didn’t write nicer things in love letters.

Hey not that there’s anything wrong with triple espressos, if you want a nice soothing nightcap or something, glass of warm milk, chamomile tea and being sent to bed without your blackberries. But to get going in the morning Radio KCRM’s breakfast of champions consists of whatever was left over from dessert last night, a couple Racehorses (five shots of espresso served in a fireproof cup) and a fistful of green coffee beans.

Don’t forget to add the sugar either, RPS Technology LLC, a single-source provider of SugarCRM services including deployment, data migration, system integration and hosting has announced a reseller agreement with SimpliCTI Software Solutions, Inc., a Computer Telephony Integration software development and system integration company.

Radio KCRM feels so sorry for those guys sitting on his left and right during college who also wanted to be Famous International Journalists, but instead of the glamorous, fast-moving and glittering world of customer relationship management ended up as beat writers for the Los Angeles Lakers or staking out various medicine men in Namibia for the past three months. They don’t get to write about software development and system integration companies, they get to join the media pool on whether or not Brad’ll ankle before birth and who’ll be the first gaffer to get eaten by a lion.

Under the terms of the agreement, Shiloh Pitt gets twenty percent of the net of all proceeds arising from her birth including and not limited to ongoing revenue streams generated from books, pictures transmitted electronically or digitally as well as any and all… sorry, wrong press release… RPS Technology will resell SimpliCTI’s SimpliConnect for SugarCRM product and consulting services to call center clients who need Sugar Open Source, Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise customized with CTI.

And who doesn’t? Folks, I don’t know if you realize this or not, but SimpliConnect for SugarCRM features click- to-dial functionality for outbound calls and both pop-to-account and pop-to- contact functionality for inbound calls. There is a minimum requirement of twenty users, batteries not included, action figures sold separately.

“Many call centers will find that these CTI-enabled SugarCRM products will seamlessly meet their requirements,” remarked Stacey Robinson, president of RPS Technology. No doubt, many will. “We are very pleased to be working with SimpliCTI and believe we have found the best partner with call center-class CTI experience.”

By the way, what tone-deaf P.R flack named this poor kid? Radio KCRM was called Savid Dims innumerable times during elementary school, pity poor Shiloh Pitt. You’d think a father with the last name “Pitt” would be aware of the possible permutations thereof, first initial with last name included. Maybe it’s okay if my daddy can not only beat up your daddy but buy his business, throw him out of work, repossess his car and make sure he never eats lunch in this town again.

By the way, Radio KCRM has just been helpfully informed that Firefox has downloaded important updates, wanna restart now… sure… here we go… and we’re pleased to report that the new improved Firefox looks, works and feels… exactly the same as the previous version, which looked, felt and worked exactly the same as the one before that! There’s something to be said for consistency, even if you have to be prompted once in a while to relaunch your browser to appreciate it.

Comin’ up on the top of the hour here, don’t touch that dial, you don’t know where it’s been… LexisNexis Interface Software has announced the release of InterAction 5.5, the latest version of its market-leading customer relationship management (CRM, in case you suffer from Recurrent Acronym Dyslexia Syndrome, or SDAR) product for professional services organizations which had been in five to ten but was paroled due to good behavior.

To address the increasingly sophisticated business needs of professionals, what with them now having to juggle Shiloh Pitt – stop snickering, back to work you – Google Alerts with the rest of their hectic schedules, InterAction 5.5, according to company officials, “extends firms’ ability to use Relationship Intelligence in the global marketplace, expands the scope of data firms can centrally capture and manage, and provides robust new reporting capabilities to give professionals customized and tailored access to Relationship Intelligence in virtually any layout or format.”

“We’ve built upon the rock-solid InterAction platform, said John McDonnell, vice president and general manager of LexisNexis InterAction and someone who evidently remembers the words from Sunday School. All other platforms are sinking sand, so the wise man will build his sophisticated business house with the solid rock of InterAction, and the foolish man will ask his secretary to remember his appointments for him.

And wrapping up the show today on Radio KCRM, we’d like you to know that PacificNet Inc., who sells CRM and telemarketing services, call center, Direct Response Television and Value-Added Services in China, have announced that Motorola has selected its subsidiary, PacificNet iMobile, as the exclusive service provider for the Motorola Online Shop in China. The Motorola Online Shop or “MotoShop,” or “MoSh” is an online e-commerce site which will offer Motorola’s telecommunications products via the Internet to Chinese consumers.

There you go, and remember to enter the Radio KCRM House Party! competition to find the most rollicking good-time songs for your next carefree knees-up with good friends and good beer. Entries include Lou “Sunny” Reed’s “What’s Good,” sample lyrics: “Life’s like Sanskrit read to a pony/ I see you in my mind’s eye strangling on your tongue.” Hard to top that for gettin’ the good times rollin’ and her in the mood!

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