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Radio KCRM 98.6, CRM On Time and Under Budget, RightNow, Jetstar, SRC Correct, Emerald TC

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning here in beautiful crime-free Istanbul, and the guy next door to your apartment has tuned this radio, pounding through your cardboard-thin walls at an ungodly early hour, to Radio KCRM 98.6, All Exile On Main Street All The Time, brought to you by Eljer, the only name you need to know in plumbing fixtures:

Just to let all you guys and dolls know that Radio KCRM will be in Munich next week for a week of R'n'R, so we'll be giving your dial a chance to cool down, returning to our regularly-scheduled programming Tuesday July 25th. Please, no suicide attempts.

Security at the Hofbrauhaus will be beefed up in anticipation of the crush of adoring fans. Last time Radio KCRM was in Munich he went with a friend to the Hofbrauhaus for a little home-brewed Bavarian culture -- okay, a lot of home-brewed Bavarian culture -- and was seated next to a table of Korean tourists and served by a Cambodian waitress. Maybe we could at least have a Western European waitress this time?

We here at Radio KCRM know that it is the human condition to be imperfect -- look at Bill Keller, after all -- and Radio KCRM is no exception: It appears that Mistakes Have Been Made, switch to passive for most effective buck-passing:

Hi David,

Thank you for taking the time to cover SRC and their recent announcement of the Alteryx 2.0 product in "SRC Announces CRM-Compatible Alteryx 2.0,"

You're welcome. This news was also pointed out in Tuesday's column under Radio KCRM's alter -- and evidently more mistake-prone -- ego, First Coffee.

I wanted to bring to your attention that SRC, LLC. ( is not the same as SRC Software (mentioned in the last paragraph of your article) and was therefore not purchased by Business Objects.

Well howdy-doo, that pretty well uses up the allocated mistake budget for the month.

Please let me know when you will be able to run a correction on the article.

Consider it run. Got that, everyone?

Please let me know if I can provide you with any more information.

Sure, you can tell me why two companies working the same side of the street have the same damn name, for one thing, if not solely to make life hard for those of us in the Fourth and Long Estate. I mean, you don't find any other rock band naming itself The Rolling Stones, you don't have authors picking "John Grisham" or "William Shakespeare" for a nom de plume, you don't find American states naming themselves after the nation's capital, sure you do find two Canadian Football League teams using the same name [True Fact™] but that's understandable, I mean after all there are what, eight or ten teams for Canadians to name so of course there'll be some repetition.

No doubt somebody's already got the URL (which, as it turns out, is taken by the Atmospheric Studies Group at TRC, makes sense to Radio KCRM), is it really so difficult for two companies working roughly the same particular industry sector to come up with two different names?

The whole thing is my wife's husband's fault, we'll see that he pays dearly for this. I see four… no, five heads from the Radio KCRM 98.6 Fact-Checking Department on poles in the company cafeteria now, rest assured we'll get everyone responsible.

And in the top news story of the day, that headline you thought you'd never see, you were pretty sure you'd see "Osama bin-Laden Converts to Judaism" or "Spine Sighted In Democrat Party Apart From Joe Lieberman" first, according to industry observer Sandra Rossi, "St. George has completed its deployment of PeopleSoft CRM on time and half a million dollars under budget."

Smelling salts over here, please.

The $15.9 million project took seven months to roll out, Rossi reports, "and will enable 8,400 staff to provide more 'personalized' services, the Holy Grail of tech success in the financial services industry."

Indeed, PeopleSoft was integrated with the Teradata warehouse and other existing CRM systems, and as Rossi says, "it replaces three legacy systems including the old lead management system, campaign management system and a third-party local marketing solution from Carrekar called Enact."

Dragon slain on time and under budget. Imagine that.

Moving right along here at Radio KCRM 98.6, All Adam Carroll All The Time, the good folks over at Select Management Resources, A Rod Aycox company, would like to let you the listener in on its plans to team up with Emerald TC, LLC for the implementation of Sage MAS 500.

For those of you who don't know, MAS 500 is a software system with integrated products that automate all areas of business management including CRM, accounting and financials, project accounting, distribution, manufacturing, human resources, and more.

In addition, Emerald TC will provide professional application training and implementation during the transition to Sage MAS 500.

Emerald TC sells the kind of business software that companies ("of all sizes!") use to get the most from their financial and business data. Billing itself "the premier Sage MAS 500 provider in Atlanta," and anyone from Peachtree Land who knows otherwise do call in, Emerald TC helps companies choose and implement tech products. Here's betting they can even hook up your DVD player if your eleven-year old's busy.

Australian industry observer Angus Kidman (no relation, we presume) notes that discount airline Jetstar is gearing up to expand its customer-facing RightNow CRM system, as well as the internal system. Porquoi? Hey, when you fly to Japan you gotta speak Japanese.

Later this year, Kidman reports, Jetstar will expand its international flights to Japan, Indonesia, Honolulu, Thailand and Vietnam. And customer service isn't far behind: "Shortly after the sales launch for those routes, it plans to launch a Japanese-language of its main site," he writes, "complete with a selection of translated questions from the current RightNow system."

Turns out the company's customer-facing RightNow CRM system was so useful Jetstar employees were using it themselves: "When Jetstar rolled out its Australian site implementation of the query database, it was surprised to discover that many of its own staff were using what had been intended largely as a customer-facing system."

"We're looking at an internal version of RightNow which may include slightly more detail and be skewed towards the internal user," a company official told Kidman. "It will have the same questions but also potentially additional information for people operating over the phone."

Jetstar earned a black eye in the CRM world recently for saying it will discontinue unassigned seating, much-beloved by those of us who know how to get somewhere on time. Nadia D'Almeida, her husband Tim, and their two-year-old Aidan, who flew Jetstar from Sydney to Ballina told industry observer Jane Gardner the existing first-in first-served system is "fantastic. When you're traveling with a child, and carrying all the gear that comes with it you get so overwhelmed. On Jetstar, if you have a young child they let you get on first. It's so nice after such an exhausting journey."

Jetstar chief executive Alan Joyce said automatic seat allocations will begin on all domestic services on or after October 29.

Sigh. Another one bites the dust. But hey, not to end the show on a down note here at Radio KCRM 98.6, All Uncle Kracker All The Time, we'd like you to remember that Dan Rather is still off the air, al-Zarqawi is still dead and not a single one of the twenty-something candidates backed by Daily Kos have won their election. R.I.P. Ned Lamont.

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