Oki's IP Server, Teleformix, Avaya, Endeavor's CRM, Convergys and VIBP, Ernest Rutherford

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Oki's IP Server, Teleformix, Avaya, Endeavor's CRM, Convergys and VIBP, Ernest Rutherford

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is still Bob Dylan's new album Modern Times. The more I listen to it the more I like it, whereas the more I listened to his last two, Love and Theft and Time Out Of Mind, the less I liked them.

For sheer enjoyable listenability this might be his best since Oh Mercy or his underrated folk cover albums, World Gone Wrong or Good As I Been To You, or even Slow Train Coming. It's a stronger album than Under The Red Sky, Down In The Groove, Knocked Out Loaded, Empire Burlesque… admittedly not stiff competition, but we might have to stub our toes against Infidels to find one this top to bottom solid:

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. has unveiled its "IP CONVERGENCE Server SS9100 Release 6" (SS9100 R6), the latest model in its IP telephony server lineup with enhanced IP Centrex functions.

In addition, Oki has added "Com@WILL Attendant," a PC-based attendant console to its product line.

Oki has been expanding its SS9100 lineup since its launch in February 2004 by "enhancing functions and increasing peripheral terminals and devices," according to officials of the Tokyo-based firm. SS9100, they claim, is "capable of converging IP-PBX functions and business applications on Microsoft.NET, which enables companies to build private IP Centrex systems to control multiple offices using a single server."

This helps companies to significantly reduce costs for PBX management and for layout and facility changes.

"Our strong track record with the SS9100 series proves our ability to provide excellent private IP Centrex solutions to enterprise users," said Masashi Tsuboi, President of IP Systems Company at Oki Electric. "The newly released SS9100 R6 includes enhanced functions for IP Centrex systems, enabling companies to build IP Centrex systems more easily and at lower costs."

Specifically the SS9100 R6 connects with DISCOVER01, Oki's large capacity IP-PBX.  Customers using DISCOVERY01 can continue to use it as the PBX, but now "they will now be able to build a private IP Centrex system," officials explain.

Oki's newly-added "Com@WILL Attendant," a PC-based attendant console, is required for transferring phone calls. In addition to the basic operator-use functions, it includes a bulletin board function, a presence function and address book interaction.

Oki has also added new service functions to its IP CONVERGENCE Server "SS9100 Type M" (SS9100 Type M), a model for middle and small size offices launched in October 2005, which is now equivalent to higher-end models.

Private IP Centrex is basically a form of IP telephony that integrates voice communication onto IP networks and concentrates PBXs that were conventionally installed at each location into one location for easier management and operation. This generally enables a reduction in operating costs, since it maximizes the usage of existing equipment, and improves connection with internal business applications.

Happy birthday Ernest Rutherford, born in Spring Grove, New Zealand in 1871. He was one of the first scientists to study nuclear energy -- before scientists actually knew what nuclear energy was, Rutherford discovered that radioactivity is caused by particles breaking apart and releasing pieces of themselves.

In New Zealand he began experimenting with the magnetic properties of iron exposed to high-frequency oscillations. He went to study at Cambridge and later took a faculty position at McGill University in Montreal. At Cambridge he discovered the existence of alpha and beta rays in uranium radiation, and at McGill he discovered the existence of a new noble gas, thoron, an isotope of radon. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908.

In 1910 Rutherford's "investigations into the scattering of alpha rays and the nature of the inner structure of the atom which caused such scattering led to the postulation of his concept of the 'nucleus,' his greatest contribution to physics," according to www.NobelPrize.org. In 1919 he also became the first person to deliberately transmute one element into another when he transformed nitrogen into an oxygen isotope by radioactive alpha particles.

Unusually for brilliant scientists he was also a great facilitator of others' talents, as head of the Cavendish Laboratories at Cambridge he helped steer other scientists to Nobel Prize-winning work.

Endeavor Commerce, publishers of SmartCatalog, a guided selling and configuration product for CRM and eCommerce, has announced the availability of new Web Controls.

The company says a new version of the Rule Manager will be released in October.

"Relying on feedback from customers and internal development staff," according to company officials, Endeavor Commerce tweaked Web Controls to allow for simultaneous server and client side processing.

"We did not want to lose the benefits of either processing method," said Jamie Riell, Director of Product Development. "The real benefit is when the clients see a significant increase in performance, which they have. Clients are now experiencing a five-time performance increase with this version."

A new version of the SmartCatalog Rule Manager is scheduled for October. The product is an administrative tool allowing product managers, sales engineers or even power sales users to create product and pricing rules in their CRM and/or eCommerce systems.

Company officials say the Rule Manager will be completely overhauled in Microsoft .NET Windows 2.0 Forms Application that is written in Microsoft's C# language. The Rule Manager connects directly to any Product Catalog in order to retrieve the necessary product information required to build complex rules.

In order to provide an easy, intuitive experience during the rule building process, the Rule Manger utilizes a Tree View drag and drop GUI along with rule builder dialog. The new version will allow users to create rules in four steps.

Convergys Corporation has announced that it has signed a 5-year professional services outsourcing contract with VIBO Telecom, a Taiwanese 3G mobile operator, to manage VIBO's back office operations.

Convergys will continue to manage all aspects of VIBO's customer care and billing systems, extending a contract first signed in 2005 under which Convergys implemented and integrated its Infinys rating and billing and mediation software with VIBO's third party CRM, activation, provisioning, and partner management platforms.

Infinys is a Business Support System software for convergent bundles and IP-based and Convergent Pre-/Post-pay services.

Convergys provides technical and true operational services across BSS and CRM. The company's services framework includes Managed Services, Business Consulting, Technology Services, and Staff Augmentation.

As a subsidiary of the Kinpo Group, VIBO is a Taiwanese 3G operator offering hi-tech resource integration. The parent Kinpo Group is a telecom service provider as well as being a supply chain vertical integrator.

Teleformix, a developer of CRM / eCRM Enterprise-Class Software applications for the banking, insurance, financial services and marketing industries, has been awarded the Avaya DeveloperConnection Compliant Award for ECHO 2.6.1.

ECHO is a browser-based digital, VoIP and screen capture recording product, with an integrated CRM tool, designed to record, evaluate, monitor and archive all customer interactions.

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