MSI's Connections, Kintera's CRM Road Show, IBB, Radio KCRM 98.6

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MSI's Connections, Kintera's CRM Road Show, IBB, Radio KCRM 98.6

By David Sims

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that always ends promptly on time so you can get back home to Parsippany before the babysitter's curfew, Radio KCRM 98.6, All Jesus Christ Superstar All The Time.

As you know we don’t accept any sponsorship of any kind here on Radio KCRM, if we like it in it goes, if we don't there's other action on the Strip, sailor. Radio KCRM, 98.6, All Public Image, Ltd. All The Time, commercial-free 24/7.

But we do like to help out our friends from time to time, and one of them is an aspiring songwriter, talented but hey, you know the drill, there's no government program for that, you kinda get lumped in with the rest of the deadbeat bums down at the Welfare Office, and for heaven's sake, bro, we got better things to do than keep the welfare queen's brats from drooling on the Martin six-string, and last night she found out that Radio KCRM's got a regular gig here Friday mornings, spilled out her tale of woe, a lurid tale of genius unappreciated in the Cold City and the evil, steel soul of commercialism trampling all over something precious or other, tell you quite frankly Radio KCRM'd had a lot of drinks with a lot of straws and paper umbrellas by then and wasn't following the plot too closely, but got the general upshot and said hey, whyncha come by the studio tomorrow morning -- I can give you a ride after breakfast -- and strut your stuff layin' the tracks down and honey chile, thy genius shall be recognizeth forthwith.

Wouldn't you know it she was that desperate, so without further adieu mon freres, here we have… um, sorry, it's been a rushed morn -- Wendy, that's it, here's Wendy from… Salinas bringin' da noyz:

Well, gee, hi everyone, this is Wendy West from Salinas, and I'm a great songwriter who just hasn't been discovered yet, but I'm happy to be here on Radio KCRM, All Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen All The Time, and, this announcement is from a company named… MSI, who want you to know that they're very proud to announce the release of Connections Version 4.9.0.

What is that, some kind of party game… it's a what? Customer Relative what? Oh, okay. The cue cards, right, but this girl's gonna need some more coffee, be a dear and step down the street to Starbucks, will you, for little ole Wendy, hmm, there's a sweetie-pie. Now, where were we, oh the cue cards, right:

The new enhancements and features of this latest version offer additional tools for increasing revenue and advancing profitable relationships with financial institution account holders, company officials say, with new features, originated and developed as direct responses to client recommendations, such as, and now here's a list, so you're supposed to, like, pay attention here: 

One, Relay, Connections’ reporting product. It says here you can enhance your reporting capabilities through Relay, the new Connections reporting product. Simply click to select fields and Connections will build your relationship links for you.

Sounds interesting, I know this cowgirl could use one of those, do I get an amen out there, gals? Here's hoping that guy doesn't have his radio on in the car, but you can see what sort of relationships I'm reduced to myself just to get my name on the air…

Where were we… add graphics for a greater visual impact and schedule automated reports in either Excel or PDF format. This feature became available September 5th under the Profile section of Connections.

That's one, two is Enhanced Outlook Integration, and it says here this -- oh wonderful, thanks, no just black is fine, Sumatran? Perfect. Everything's fine, that's right, I was on point two here, the Enhanced Outlook Integration, which lets you stay connected with the new enhanced Outlook integration tool for Connections. You can now automatically send any Connections calendar event to and from Microsoft Outlook.

Think we could get some background music in here? I mean this is a radio station after all, I have a tape here of my latest… that's right, it's all cued up, just pop it in… peachy, you're the best. Point three, the Third Party Referral Tracking. My parole officer has one of these, I bet, she's always… oh okay, just trying to add some personal insight into the product, I thought… yes, and that's me on the glockenspiel too, like it? You're too sweet.

Right… Connections now has the ability to track referrals received from existing account holders or third parties. These referrals are tracked by the employee receiving the referral directly through the Connections tracking system. Detailed instructions for this tool may be found under the Documents section of Admin Functions. 

Fourth, the Connections’ Automated Survey Tool, which, boys and girls, lets you redefine your approach to surveys. Easily create product specific surveys with direct links to your website. Surveys may be anonymous or referenced to the individual that took the survey. Report results are returned in a summary format or may be expanded to gain additional InSite.

Yes, it is, but that's what great about it, right? How many verses? Well, I didn't sit down and number them, but I had a lot of important, poignant experiences as a child I feel the need to communicate in my own unique way, and my grandmother was very important to me so if you understand all her background it makes it much more powerful, so I really rather resent your implying this is… no no, I understand, you have programming times to think about, right. Okay, if you have to cut it after fifteen minutes, I guess you have to.

Fifthly, the… hold it up a bit… there, the Call with Confidence Program. And what this does is let you ensure your Connections… um, call programs… exclude households that are registered with the FTC Do Not Call Registry. Such as Wendy West's, for example, hint hint. Simply give us a list of the area codes that you want to contact throughout the year and MSI will ensure those households listed on the registry are not added to your Connections call program.

And that's about it. Hey that was kind of fun, this is Wendy West, signing off, and remember my name and buy the CD. Okay, great, thanks for the coffee, no I can find my own way home, thanks. Bye. Huh? Oh I'll call, sure.

Give it up for Wendy West, folks, be sure to watch out for her CD. Couple of public service announcements here on Radio KCRM 98.6, All Brewer & Shipley All The Time, Kintera is announcing an extension of its social constituent relationship management (CRM) roadshow to include five additional cities. They'll be held at Microsoft facilities throughout the country, and you'll want to attend if your organization wants to understand how social CRM on a software as a service platform can benefit fundraising efforts and constituent relationships.

The 13-city social CRM roadshow has expanded to include Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Texas and Nashville. Sounds like a country music tour, Kintera, opening for Toby Keith, picking up where The Dixie Chicks tank.

Kintera's social CRM system lets organizations to drive all interactions based on comprehensive knowledge of constituents, and provides a single, interactive system to manage relationships. The system unites constituents' online and offline experiences into one database, and provides nonprofits and constituents with "a total view of the constituent's relationship with the organization," Kintera officials say.

And we have Independent Bankers Bank, a full-service $400 million correspondent bank providing services to more than 250 banks in Florida, Georgia and Alabama since 1983, announcing its selection of CRM vendor Open Solutions Inc. ISCheck solution and IP Cash Letter Processing services.

IBB will offer the new image exchange solution to their current customer base of more than 250 respondent banks in the Southeast U.S. IBB believes that as a result of selecting Open Solutions, its customers will enjoy lower clearing costs, better availability of funds and expert settlement services. In addition, these same services may be extended to the commercial customers of IBB's respondent banks.

IBB has purchased the following modules: ISArchive, which allows a financial institution to maintain an archival database of captured images; ISeDeposit, a solution for point-of-presentation electronic deposits; and ISNetwork, a browser-based internal delivery of image processing information. As a result, they will be able to offer their respondent banks IP Cash Letter services, which will be fulfilled by Open Solutions and IBB.

That's it for another broadcast of Radio KCRM 98.6, All Modern English All The Time, stay cool, have a good week and watch out for unrecorded songwriters in bars.

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