CRM For WUSTL from Intelliworks, Cerado's Haystack, SugarExchange, Stream Bonds, Verizon and IFS

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CRM For WUSTL from Intelliworks, Cerado's Haystack, SugarExchange, Stream Bonds, Verizon and IFS

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Horace Silver Quintet's Song For My Father:

This morning SugarCRM's going to announce the availability of SugarExchange, a marketplace of Sugar community-built applications and extensions for SugarCRM end-users and administrators. 

Taking a page from's playbook, SugarExchange will offer production-ready community extensions as well as Sugar packages (please call them "cubes," please please please) and components to meet all the needs of a Sugar implementation. 

The applications available on SugarExchange "benefit from the active community of open source developers on," according to SugarCRM officials.  These applications are also approved for deployment by SugarCRM, Inc.

SugarExchange showcases community-built products pre-approved by SugarCRM for production deployments. When it's officially announced, customers will be able to download and install more than 60 applications from SugarExchange at no charge. 

More than 40 products are available for sale. Customers can choose the product they want by using the SugarExchange ratings and popularity indicators that provide direct feedback from the Sugar community.

A sampling of SugarExchange offerings include:

• ZuckerDocs an ZuckerReports extensions

• Lead and contact management extensions from Asertiva, ContactGrabber and CarouselCRM

• eCommerce and Web self-service integrations with OsCommerce and Mambo

• Email response and email management from ZuckerMail and JRabbit

• Integration and migration from Jitterbit and Contact Capture

• Case management and bug tracking from Asertiva

• Forecasting and reporting extensions from JUMP Technologies and JasperReports

• Systems management from rPath and BitRock

Verizon Business has announced that it will provide Swedish CRM vendor IFS with a standardized Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure, consolidating the management of 60 global sites.

IFS Applications provides extended ERP functionality, including supply chain management (SCM); enterprise asset management (EAM); maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); product lifecycle management (PLM); customer relationship management (CRM); and corporate performance management (CPM) capabilities.

IFS has more than 500,000 users across seven key vertical sectors: aerospace & defense, automotive, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, process industries, construction & facilities management, and utilities & telecom.

The new agreement extends the companies' existing relationship and calls for Verizon Business to implement an MPLS-based Managed Private IP network that will centralize all of IFS' network management at its headquarters, while also providing a connection between key IFS hub sites in Sri Lanka, Sweden and the United States.

The Verizon Business WAN replaces infrastructure previously supported by an array of different suppliers.

IFS sells component-based business software for open standards, and bills itself as one of the first vendors to deliver Service Oriented Architecture capabilities, involving the use of loosely coupled software services to support the requirements of the business processes and software use.

In recent years IFS has globalized its internal business processes and centralized its system service support. This has increased its demand for one secure and stable network to do such things as enable the secure, real time sharing of designs and information between the development hub sites of Sri Lanka and Sweden.

John Irvine, vice president of international marketing, Verizon Business, said the product chosen by IFS could be upgraded and scaled up to "future proof" its network, saying IFS is evaluating voice over IP and video conferencing.

Intelliworks, Inc., a vendor of CRM for higher education, has announced that Washington University in St. Louis, has chosen Intelliworks CRM software for their full time MBA and Professional MBA programs.

This marks an expansion of the overall CRM footprint at the Olin business school, WUSTL officials say, where the Intelliworks product is already in production for the executive education programs.

"We are looking for special persons to both gain from and enhance our offering. The most effective means for identifying and capturing those persons is effective relationship building using integrated CRM and cutting edge business intelligence," said Joe Fox, Associate Dean for MBA Programs.

In the first phase of CRM expansion, WUSTL will deploy the iRM Essentials product to drive growth through enhanced communications using targeted segmentation within a single integrated relationship database. In addition to using Intelliworks CRM for recruitment and marketing, WUSTL will also deploy the Intelliworks Analytics solution for greater insight and stronger reporting.

The analytics product, iRM Analytics, is described by Intelliworks officials as "the industry's first packaged data warehouse solution with pre-built connectors (ETL) to a robust CRM transaction database."

Intelliworks, Inc. sells CRM software to small colleges and large universities to "personalize, extend, and strengthen their constituent relationships with prospects, applicants, students, alumni, companies, and all other constituents."

Stream Communications Network & Media Inc., a broadband cable company offering Cable TV, high-speed Internet and VoIP services in Poland, has announced that it has signed a term sheet with a Polish commercial bank to issue bonds totaling PLN 14,000,000, approximately $4.5 million.

Stream officials say the money will be used to upgrade and modernization of the existing network, as well as develop the company's Wi-Max project and to acquire and implement a new CRM billing platform.

The bank has agreed to underwrite the entire bond issue.

As a result of the upgrade, the network will be 100 percent bi- directional "where it makes economic sense," company officials say, adding that the modernization will allow Stream to continue offering new services under its triple play strategy and will result in "headends integration and operational cost reduction."

This transaction is expected to close in mid November.

Cerado has launched the Haystack Networking API, a free feature that "enables developers to embed social networking capabilities directly into their corporate, association or organizational Web sites," according to company officials.

With the programs developed through the API, organizations can enable new business processes through direct integration between Haystack networking and their own systems. Examples of the types of programs that can be built with the Haystack Networking API include integration with existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, creation of organization-specific online communities, and the creation of customer-driven service and support applications.

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