CRM 10.5 From Satuit, Talisma and Speakeasy, InsideSales and JabberDog, Infusion Software, PacificNet

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CRM 10.5 From Satuit, Talisma and Speakeasy, InsideSales and JabberDog, Infusion Software, PacificNet

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is St. Cuthbert's Cow doing "On Christmas Night, Bring A Torch to The Irish Washerwoman:"

Satuit Technologies, Inc., a vendor of customer relationship management (CRM) products for investment professionals, has announced the commercial availability of SatuitCRM v.10.5.  
SatuitCRM v. 10.5 offers what company officials describe as "over 50 new features" designed to make it easier to retrieve data. Managers can "turn their home page into a command and control center," according to officials, "to see what is going on in every part of their organization."

Each user can define and configure his multiple home pages to display all the key summary or detail data he needs to do his job -- a sales page to see what the sales team is doing; a client page to see what is going on with client accounts; or a compliance page to look at documents that need approval.
V.10.5 also offers a new reporting tool integrated with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, since SatuitCRM now offers SatuitSRS, a comprehensive, web native solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports.  

To deliver this functionality Satuit has created a Web-based interface to the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services API supporting  a WYSIWYG report designer to create reports and configure standard reports. Company officials say it's probably the first Web native interface to the Microsoft SQL Reporting Services engine, and could be offered as a stand alone Business Intelligence tool kit for software vendors operating in the On-Demand or SaaS space.

Talisma Corporation, a vendor of Customer Interaction Management (CIM), has announced that Speakeasy, an independent broadband services company, has selected Talisma Knowledgebase to "improve customer service for its more than 40,000 customers," according to Speakeasy officials.

"Our customer base has expanded rapidly during the last few years," said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Speakeasy. "We were looking for an affordable, feature-rich product that."

By using Talisma Knowledgebase, Speakeasy's agents can access information they need to address customers' needs while reporting and tracking relevant customer metrics.

Talisma Knowledgebase is promoted by company officials as "streamlining the entire documentation and workflow process" for companies to share information with employees, customers, and partners. The flexible, self-learning knowledge base captures and presents information to customers in a Web self-service mode, and to agents through a flexible portal within a single screen agent interface.

In early July of 2006 rolled out JabberDog, a new voice broadcast feature suite for their hosted CRM application. Since then, Dave Elkington, the CEO of claims, "we have had customers experience returns in excess of 500 percent."

Elkington pointed to the JabberDog enhancement to their underlying hosted CRM application as "another example of how we are adding features."

JabberDog points to a recent client, the Mule Deer Foundation. Tony Abbott, former GM and consultant of the Mule Deer Foundation, said they had just moved their headquarters and "wanted to make sure that our members where aware of the move."

With JabberDog, Abbott "notified several thousand members about the location of our new headquarters within two hours. Without JabberDog it would have taken weeks to contact all of our members."

Public service announcement. Just read it the way you watch those public TV specials on the mating habits of the slewfoot grouse, you know it's good for you:

The Mule Deer Foundation is a national non-profit 501c3 organization, with over 10,000 members. MDF's mission is to ensure the conservation of mule deer, blacktail deer and their habitats. MDF is dedicated to restoring, improving and protecting mule deer habitat (including land and easement acquisitions) resulting in self-sustaining, healthy, free ranging and huntable deer populations; encouraging and supporting responsible wildlife management with government agencies, private organizations and landowners; promoting public education and scientific research related to mule deer and wildlife management; supporting and encouraging responsible and ethical behavior and awareness of issues among those whose actions affect mule deer; and acknowledging regulated hunting as a viable component of mule deer and blacktail deer conservation.

There, now you're all set for your next cocktail party.

Infusion Software, a vendor of on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for growing small businesses, has been named by the Phoenix Business Journal as one of the "Best Places to Work in the Valley" for 2006 in the small business category.

Infusion was ranked 19 out of the top 30 best places to work in the Valley. Don Henninger, publisher of the Phoenix Business Journal, announced Infusion's ranking at a luncheon gathering of hundreds of business and community leaders on Thursday December 7, 2006.

"At Infusion, we love creating a place to work that is fun, challenging, rewarding and exciting. We do a lot of creative things to keep the morale and energy high, but the main thing is we have fun working hard with each other," said Infusion Software President Clate Mask. "Happy employees lead to happy customers."

Companies were ranked based on survey responses from management and employees who were questioned about factors key to employee satisfaction: communication within the company, the work environment, personal growth and development, people practices, compensation, benefits, promotions, recognition and how the company embraces innovation and ideas.

See for the full list of companies.

PacificNet, Inc., a vendor of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile internet, e-commerce and gaming technology in China, will hold its annual stockholders meeting at 1:00 p.m. (Beijing time) in Beijing on December 15.

The meeting will be held at the company's executive offices located at Room 2309, Building A, TimeCourt, No. 6 Shuguang Xili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 10028, for the following purposes:

To elect seven (7) directors to the Board of Directors of the Company to serve until the next annual meeting of stockholders and until their successors are duly elected and qualified; to ratify the appointment of Clancy and Co., P.L.L.C., as the Company's independent auditors; to consider and act upon a proposal to amend the Company's 2005 Stock Option Plan and to transact any other business as may properly be presented at the Annual Meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof.

Victor Tong, President of PacificNet welcomed "all PACT shareholders" to come to the PACT China Headquarters in BJ, "meet the management in person, and review our business."

Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union, a community-based credit union located in Grand Forks, British Columbia, has selected Open Solutions Inc.’s Complete Credit Union Solution to handle its core data processing and member service.

Grand Forks District Savings’ data processing will be delivered through Open Solutions Canada’s data centre in Vancouver.

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