FrontRange's GoldMine 4.0, Trey and SWK and CRM's Sage Software, ClickFox in Japan

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FrontRange's GoldMine 4.0, Trey and SWK and CRM's Sage Software, ClickFox in Japan

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The New York Dolls' "Fishnets and Cigarettes." Yes I know I slagged off the Dolls' 1973 debut yesterday as unmitigated tripe, or something like that, thanks to Meri Bishop for writing in and encouraging me to give the band a second chance.

So to be fair I downloaded a song from the reconstituted 2006 Dolls lineup, the aforementioned "Fishnets and Cigarettes." It's kind of hard to compare the this New York Dolls to the '73-'74 Dolls, since four members of the original Dolls have died, but frontman David Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain are back with a pretty good, tight band and this song does sound good. I might have to listen some more.

Saying they're "responding to customer requests for tighter integration between front- and back-office data," FrontRange Solutions has announced the general release of GoldMine Plus Accounting 4.0. This add-on to the organization's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product allows users to draw information from Inuit Inc.'s QuickBooks, and see it alongside the standard GoldMine data in order to "gain a unified view of all transactions that relate to a given customer account."

Updates can also be sent from GoldMine back to QuickBooks.

GoldMine Plus Accounting 4.0 was designed to solve issues that result from organizations using separate systems to access customer, sales, accounting, and operational data, company officials say.

For example, FrontRange says the new version helps eliminate duplicate data entry, which not only improves productivity but also reduces the chances of human error or data discrepancies between the front and back offices. It also "helps eliminate the need to undertake expensive and time-consuming data integration projects or purchase additional, complex business integration systems to achieve the same results."

"Integrating front and back office data has been near the top of most organizations' IT wish lists," notes Kevin J. Smith, Vice President of Products for FrontRange Solutions. "But the expense in terms of cash, time, and resources has been a huge barrier."

Through the integration with QuickBooks, users who are in GoldMine may now view invoices, and drill down to specific details and status. They are also able to view current balances and payment terms for each account, and even drill down to specific orders and status on purchase orders without having to open or search through a separate application.

"Technology is supposed to be an enabler, not a barrier to getting things done," said Greg Anderson, Senior Director of Products, GoldMine. "Yet often the way things are set up don't match the needs of people on the front lines."

In related news, FrontRange Solutions's GoldMine IP Voice Suite has received a 2006 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation’s Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine (

Customer Inter@ction Solutions has covered CRM, call centers and teleservices since 1982.

GoldMine IP Voice Suite delivers an enterprise-class VoIP telephony application that includes full integration to GoldMine Corporate Edition CRM. The product includes a software-based IP telephony system FrontRange IP Office with Unified Messaging, Auto Attendant, inbound and outbound productivity applications, as well as management tools.

Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Customer Inter@ction Solutions, said FrontRange has "proven they are committed to quality and excellence in solutions that benefit the customer experience as well as ROI for the companies that use them. I am pleased to honor their hard work and accomplishments and look forward to more innovative solutions from them in the future."

The Product of the Year Award is the third such honor for GoldMine IP Voice Suite from TMC. In September, the product was awarded the 2006 TMC Labs Innovation Award. Earlier in the year, it got the 2006 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award also presented by Customer Inter@ction Solutions.

The Product of the Year Award winners for 2006 will be featured in the January and February 2007 issues of Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine.

Trey Resources, Inc. has announced that the company's wholly owned subsidiary, SWK Technologies, Inc., specializing in business software for manufacturers and distributors, has closed on a software sale valued at over $65,000.

The transaction involves the sale of Sage Software's MAS 200 financial accounting software and its JobOps software, together with attendant implementation, training, and support services. The customer is a manufacturer of composite business materials.

This transaction is one in a series of deals recently announced by Trey. In October 2006, the company announced the closing of the largest sale in its history, valued at over $425,000. Earlier this month, the company announced that November 2006 sales, which were over $826,000, were the highest monthly sales in their history.

In June 2006, the company announced the acquisition of AMP-BEST Consulting, Inc., a $1.8 million value added reseller located in Syracuse, New York.

Crandall Melvin III, Vice President CRM Services at SWK, said the closing of this transaction is "testimony to our company's depth of talent and expertise."

Trey Resources is involved in the acquisition and build-out of technology and software companies.

ClickFox, Inc., a software company whose products analyze customer interaction behavior across enterprise touch-points like self-service environments, has announced that it has signed a business partner agreement with LogIT Corporation.

This is the first of what ClickFox hopes are other partnerships across the Asia Pacific markets.

"Through our partnership with ClickFox, we will help them become the first company to bring customer behavior intelligence to the Japanese market," said Shiro Ryugo, president of LogIT Corporation.

ClickFox's software shows customers' step-by-step navigation through DTMF and speech-enabled IVR systems, allowing line-of-business owners to see which experiences are successful -- and which are not.

ClickFox translates customer interactions into an intuitive, interactive, visual map of user behavior so companies can provide "more satisfying and more profitable, self-service experiences," company officials say.

"LogIT has a history of delivering high value technologies and services to many Japanese customers, we are fortunate to add them to our team," Marco Pacelli, ClickFox CEO said, adding that ClickFox will "work closely with LogIT" to try to sell its products to Japanese companies.

Atlanta-based ClickFox's technology shows customers' step-by-step behavior in and across self-service systems, such as voice and speech-enabled IVRs, CTI, Web, kiosks, wireless devices, and CRM applications.

Boston-based Aberdeen Group has announced the recent findings of a benchmark report outlining "marketer's prioritized investments" in the selection of customer analytics strategies and products for improved customer retention rates, higher revenues from up-sell / cross-sell campaigns, and greater customer satisfaction.

The report, "Business Intelligence: A Customer Analysis Solution Selection Guide," found that behavioral information is stored within multiple systems: CRM (42 percent), Marketing Automation (32 percent), and Web tools (40 percent).

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