Oracle and Linux, Microsoft's CRM Analytics, Got Corp. on AppEx, Cloudmark and CRM Spam?

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Oracle and Linux, Microsoft's CRM Analytics, Got Corp. on AppEx, Cloudmark and CRM Spam?

By David Sims

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Stephen Stills' first solo album, cleverly titled Stephen Stills, currently listening to "Go Back Home," on which he's got a guest guitarist named Jimi Hendrix:

Could abusive e-mail messages be a problem for your CRM? Cloudmark, Inc., a vendor of carrier-grade messaging anti-abuse products, is introducing Cloudmark Authority for Mobile Operators, an end-to-end messaging security platform designed to block all categories of mobile threats.

The security risk for businesses increases as mobile devices provide hackers and phishers with a new, often unsecured channel for infiltrating corporate systems, company officials say, adding that "mobile devices are now used to store and access CRM, ERP, and other applications so mobile messaging attacks have the potential to compromise highly confidential corporate data."

Cloudmark predicts mobile messaging threats will escalate in the next 12-24 months as more consumers receive their personal e-mails on mobile devices. In North America alone, the number of mobile e-mail users will jump more than 300 percent from 2006 to 2009 based on Gartner Group estimates, driving traffic on wireless networks up significantly.

The percentage of e-mail determined to be spam, phishing or virus attacks reached 95 percent in 2006 according to statistics compiled from Cloudmark's Global Threat Network. This same rate of abuse will extend to mobile devices that access personal or corporate e-mails.

As a result, Cloudmark officials believe, mobile operators offering e-mail services will experience large volumes of unwanted and potentially damaging traffic entering their network, costing millions of dollars in network upgrades, operations, and customer support.

In addition to consuming valuable bandwidth, mobile threats can potentially damage device software, invade consumer privacy and breach corporate security. According to a recent report by the TowerGroup, more than 200 mobile virus attacks have already been identified, with that number expected to double every six months. In addition, mobile banking and payment services will be increasingly targeted by phishers engaged in fraud and identity theft.

David Ferris, founder of Ferris Research says malware authors are "clearly aiming to broaden their reach onto pocket-sized devices. The risk of mobile threats will rise significantly this year. Increasingly powerful devices are allowing malware authors to achieve these aims, jeopardizing consumer privacy and corporate security."

Cloudmark Authority for Mobile is being marketed as a product to protect mobile networks and subscribers from spam, phishing and virus attacks originating from traditional Internet e-mail as well as attacks from other mobile devices.

Cloudmark Authority can be implemented by mobile operators at the e-mail to mobile gateway, SMSC (Short Message Service Center), or MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center) to provide protection against threats generated via e-mail and mobile devices.

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation, what company officials call "a new way of using business intelligence tools from Microsoft" that "enable comprehensive analysis and management of customer-facing processes, including business scorecard management, ad-hoc analyses of aggregated customer information, predictive analytics, enhanced reporting, and more."

Our friends from Redmond say they provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM users with "real-time access to key information and metrics, allowing them to respond quickly to changing dynamics in today's competitive business environment."

Microsoft officials say Analytics Foundation allows business performance to be tracked continuously through dashboards, lets managers and employees create reports and drill down into areas of interest and helps sales, marketing and service employees identify new opportunities to grow revenue and increase efficiency through the use of predictive analytics.

"Analytics and business intelligence are essential to getting the most from customer management systems," said Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Analytics Foundation uses unified dimensional models to build analytics that can be delivered to end users in the tool of their choice. Capabilities include real-time business performance management giving users access a real-time graphical view of the health of their business and lets them drill into the details from their desktops.

The business reporting and ad-hoc analysis uses online analytical processing cubes that enable managers and users to analyze Microsoft Dynamics CRM data without the need for IT help. The predictive analytics use the data-mining algorithms within Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services to detect patterns within customer information streams to generate recommendations for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to contact-center agents or sales professionals, or prioritize leads based on a historical analysis of the types of leads that are most likely to convert to opportunities.

In other words, your basic CRM analytics. signs up another one:

Got Corporation, an e-mail service provider, has announced that its new CampaignerPro integration with salesforce is now available on's AppExchange.

The integration lets e-mail marketers using CampaignerPro use constantly- evolving CRM data to send e-mail campaigns to leads and contacts managed in salesforce. This functionality is being billed as reducing the sales cycle time by "helping users nurture leads and increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns," Got officials say.

"The new CampaignerPro integration with salesforce offers instant value-add to CampaignerPro customers looking to nurture leads through each stage of the sales cycle," said Josée Paquin, President, Got Corporation.

With the new CampaignerPro integration with Salesforce on the AppExchange, marketers can now "Send on Behalf of" salesforce lead owners to implement personalized e-mail campaigns from marketing, but that appear to come from the salesforce lead owner.

They can also automate lead nurturing campaigns to salesforce leads or contacts based on "date added" or any other standard field or custom field in salesforce, as well as auto-update (up to 2 times per day) the salesforce activity history and update the e-mail opt-out so that future e-mail campaigns are not sent to contacts who unsubscribe.

Oracle has announced that Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management, a "convergent, real-time enterprise revenue management application," according to company officials, will support the Linux platform.

Oracle officials say customers running Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management on Linux may benefit from lower total cost of ownership in that hardware, operating system, environmental and support costs may be lower in environments using grid computing with the Linux operating system than in traditional UNIX enterprise server or mainframe environments.

They're also touting "unparalleled flexibility and scalability," since "service providers may launch new services at a lower cost of entry by using the modularity and scalability of grid computing."

Oracle now provides Linux support for Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database.

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