Network Ten and ICLP's CRM, Dyne Buys LGI, Kore and Seamless for CRM, al Batha and SAP Mobile CRM

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Network Ten and ICLP's CRM, Dyne Buys LGI, Kore and Seamless for CRM, al Batha and SAP Mobile CRM

By David Sims
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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Randy Newman's Sail Away album:

Network Ten has appointed the Sydney office of global loyalty marketing agency ICLP to help develop its customer relationship management (CRM) strategy and to provide implementation support as part of its digital marketing plans, Network Ten officials say.

The first stage of ICLP's work for Ten is being delivered as part of Ten's launch of After that ICLP will support Ten's "customer identity management objectives" by providing database marketing services including analytics, segmentation, marcomms planning, and execution of digital communications to drive advertising revenue for Ten.

ICLP will work with Ten's digital agency to supply CRM expertise and provide a platform for the complete digital offering. Network Ten officials say they hope this will give their customers a "seamless experience" across the network's digital properties, including and program sites such as Australian Idol and Big Brother.

Damian Smith, General Manager Digital Media, Network Ten said ICLP won the business because it offered what Ten officials considered the "strongest" CRM product. "ICLP impressed us with their sophisticated proprietary CRM system, and their strategic, data driven approach to digital marketing," he said.

ICLP Client Services Director Paul Malcolm said his firm will work with Network Ten to "assist in developing and engaging its youth audience," among other tasks, adding that ICLP will offer Ten "our specialized skills in data analysis and segmentation to draw customer insights and drive accountable marketing across all channels."

Network Ten is one of Australia's three national commercial television broadcasters, with stations in each of the country's five mainland capital cities. The network offers an assortment of popular Australian shows as well as such overseas imports as House and The Simpsons.

The first station, in what became the modern Ten Network, began broadcasting in Melbourne in August 1964. Network Ten listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1998.

Dyne Techservices Inc., a Silicon Valley Software Services company and wholly owned subsidiary of Paradyne Infotech Limited, has signed a stock purchase agreement with Links Group International Inc. to acquire 100 percent stake in LGI Inc.

LGI Inc. is described by Dyne officials as a profitable Virginia-based company in the business of Software Services , with a client base in various American states. Comprised of "companies across verticals." LGI clients include Symantec, France Telecom/Orange Business, Openet, Plateau, and Equant Inc.

The consideration for the acquisition is for $4.75 million in an all cash deal. The funding would be done via debt and internal accruals. LGI's current year revenue is above $7 million and gross profit is above $1.4 million.

The acquisition is in line with what Dyne officials say is their strategy to "grow multifold through a combination of organic and inorganic growth" and to "spread its geographical risks."

Mr. Annand Sarnaaik, CEO, Paradyne Infotech, said the acquisition would "further strengthen our position in the American market and create inroads for a host of services that we have to offer."

Dyne Techservices has expertise in IT services, technology infrastructure management services and consulting services across a number of industries. The company is headquartered in India and listed on NSE & BSE.

Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. a subsidiary Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc., has announced that Phenom Release 3.0 was successfully beta tested by Kore Interactive, a Vancouver-based Microsoft Certified Partner company providing CRM products.

Phenom provides SOX and HIPAA-compliant secure group video conferencing, peer mail, chat, shared browser, file transfer, remote PC access, secure VoIP and white boarding.

Kore Interactive officials say their business focuses on assisting medium to large-sized organizations deploy Microsoft CRM and other .NET-based technologies. The Phenom beta test was conducted to familiarize Kore principals with Phenom as an internal client services tool and potential external Kore services offering.

"In our quest for secure collaborative tools we were pleased to find that Phenom comprises an assembled solution that incorporates some of the most in-demand collaborative applications in a single suite," said Matthew Sebal, VP Business Development for Vancouver-based Kore Interactive.

Prior to co-founding Kore Interactive, Sebal was a Principal in IBM's e-Business Services Group. Kore Interactive is a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in deploying Microsoft CRM to enterprise customers.

Phenom is available prior to public Beta Test launch to interested parties who must sign and execute a Non Disclosure Agreement from, complete all fields on the form and fax to (866) 921-9881.

Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based company listed on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board under the trading symbol SLWF. The company develops and markets Internet communications products and services through its three operating subsidiaries: Seamless Skyy-Fi, Inc., Seamless Peer 2 Peer, Inc. and Seamless Internet.

Seamless Skyy-Fi is forging a network of Wi-Fi hot spots in targeted geographic and vertical markets across the country, and has developed a Patent Pending "Secure Internet Browsing" software program "SinB."

The United Arab Emirates's Al Batha Group has announced plans to deploy mobile customer relationship management software from SAP in order to, in the words of al Batha officials, "boost productivity and efficiency in its sales force." Officials from the company, one of the largest private business groups in the emirates, say it is "the first in the region to deploy the SAP Mobile CRM."

It has initially deployed the system in its pharmaceuticals business, Modern Pharmaceutical Company, with 40 sales staff using tablet PCs running the CRM application, connected to the back-office SAP system over Etitsalat's GPRS network.

MPC went live with the system last month, after a three and a half month implementation process. Jan Felton, MPC CEO, said the company had cut order-processing times by half through using the system: "It means sales people don't have to fight through traffic to get back to the office and just that is a time saving."

Saji Oommen, general manager of al Batha's IT division, said the company was looking at deploying the mobile CRM suite across other subsidiaries in the group, although he said not all would need it.

"We're working with a second company in the group right now," he said, adding that the group would evaluate that project's success before doing more rollouts. Al Batha Group, which has been an SAP customer since 1998, consists of more than 20 separate companies in different sectors.

Well so much for my great Randy Newman experiment. File Sail Away with Little Feat's Dixie Chicken as an album downloaded unheard off iTunes to see if it's as good as I heard it is. It isn't. Musically dull, lyrically superficial and trite, wholly uninteresting, $9.99 down the drain. Stupid cover, too.

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I agree with the music comments - not a huge fan of sail away myself. As I was skimming this news I stopped at the SAP mobile CRM article. Thanks for posting that -I was able to find some more interesting info on it. I find it comical in a way that the Arabs see how important CRM is - and yet we still don't. I recently watched an interview where the president of Mindshare and Fox discuss the future (and current status) of customer service. Interesting - worth a look.

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