CRM From Nielsen and Experian, Virage and BP, Satori and Deltek, Customer Connect CRM, Zator at CallCommand

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CRM From Nielsen and Experian, Virage and BP, Satori and Deltek, Customer Connect CRM, Zator at CallCommand

By David Sims
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The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Mussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition, as orchestrated by Ravel:

The Nielsen Company and Experian Marketing Services have announced an alliance to provide CPG businesses with a new consumer relationship marketing (CRM) product.

This new joint product, announced at Nielsen's annual Consumer 360 Conference, will allow marketers to "more effectively target and establish direct relationships with consumers at the household level through relevant messaging, in order to build brand loyalty and marketing ROI," according to Nielsen officials.

Rising mass media costs and an increasing number of media channels has created the need for CPG marketers to engage their consumers more directly through targeted marketing at a household level, company officials believe.

The Nielsen and Experian's joint CRM product will apply the companies' purchase data, consumer life stage, attitudinal and geo-demographic information, and analytics expertise "to help CPG marketers more accurately know, target and connect with their consumers."

This product is intended to help CPG marketers understand consumer purchasing behaviors at the household level, deliver customized and relevant communications based on those behaviors, and measure responses in order to create more effective marketing campaigns, company officials say.

"Household targeting has become the goal for savvy CPG marketers," said Tim Kregor, U.S. president of Nielsen Homescan & Spectra, a service of The Nielsen Company, which already has its boxes in millions of American homes to measure TV viewership.

"The direct, targeted communications enabled through Experian's alliance with Nielsen are critical to establishing the one-on-one relationships that CPG companies need to drive brand loyalty," said Mark Zablan, president of Experian Marketing Services.

In addition, store-level information from Nielsen's retail trade database (the area around a store in which the store derives most of its business) can be combined with Experian's consumer information to provide CPG marketers with products for marketing directly to their retail trade areas.

Virage, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRM vendor Autonomy Corporation plc, has announced that it has been selected by BP video library to power the digitization of BP's extensive video library.

Virage's VS Archive rich-media management technology is being used to automate the capturing, encoding and indexing of over 11,500 of BP's video tape records dating back to 1915. This footage will initially be made available internally as a source of company information on BP's history, but will eventually become an online digital resource for both internal and external users.

BP has over 3,500 hours of archived footage documenting almost 100 years of global exploration, including events of international significance and the Oscar-winning short film Giuseppina.

"The history of BP is the history of oil. The company has recorded its global operations on film and video for nearly a century and the collection represents a richly evocative resource," commented Steven Croston, commissioning editor of television for BP Group Communications.

Virage has developed a technology to automatically capture, encode and index television, video and audio content from any source, including live feeds and archived data and render it searchable and accessible by any user.

Autonomy sells CRM, call center and other infrastructure software for the enterprise, and is spearheading the meaning-based computing movement.

Satori Group, a vendor of business intelligence and business performance management applications to law firms, professional services, and consumer products companies, has partnered with Deltek, a vendor enterprise management software for project-focused organizations, to sell multi-system reporting, profitability trend analysis, forecasting, and project financial planning products for architectural & engineering, construction management, and the professional services industries.

The Deltek Vision product is supposed to provide project-driven firms with the ability to streamline key business functions. The relationship with Satori and the integration of Deltek Vision with Satori i-Performance business intelligence suite is expected to provide "enhanced capabilities and greater insight into firm operations, projects, and profitability" for clients, according to Satori officials.

David Libesman, President of Satori Group, Inc., says the i-Performance integration with Vision "and other key firm data sources, such as CRM and human resources, will provide the ability to spot trends, report, and analyze operational and performance indicators at a greater level of detail."

Customer Connect Associates has been retained by ClearWater Marketing to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy and products.

Customer Connect has been contracted to provide services including CRM technology selection, sales process engineering, and training employees to use the CRM tool.

"We'll be helping ClearWater to define, automate and refine their sales process," explains Customer Connect President Geoff Ables. "Once that's done, we'll monitor and refine the process as it is implemented." Founded in 2000, Customer Connect Associates' clients include Travelocity, SAS, LandAmerica, AMF, BB&T, MedImpact, Jacobsen and AAA.

CallCommand, a vendor of Web-based products designed to increase customer retention, loyalty and automobile dealer profitability, has announced the appointment of Monte Zator to Vice President of OEM Solutions.

In this position Zator, an automotive industry veteran whose past executive experience includes positions at Reynolds & Reynolds, Who's Calling and Autobytel, will be responsible for the development of strategic automotive alliances, as well as increasing penetration with the major Asian and West Coast OEMs. He will be based out of CallCommand's Irvine, California office.

Prior to CallCommand Zator was Managing Director, West Coast OEM, with Reynolds and Reynolds, where he managed a team that supervised Reynolds/OEM client marketing and execution campaigns. Prior to that he served as Vice President Sales-Automotive OEM Alliance for Who's Calling.

"CRM has been the most overused term in the car business, and no company has really figured it out," Zator said. "The auto industry continues to define CRM with their ad dollars as customer acquisition. CallCommand has developed products that target CEM, or 'Customer Experience Management,' which is focused on retention of the dealer's customer database resulting in increased loyalty."

Happy birthday, socialist L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.

"Huh? Socialist?" Oh, mais oui. Or did you never read this passage: "There were no poor people in the land of Oz, because there was no such thing as money, and all property of every sort belonged to the Ruler. Each person was given freely by his neighbors whatever he required for his use, which is as much as anyone may reasonably desire. Every one worked half the time and played half the time, and the people enjoyed the work as much as they did the play, because it is good to be occupied and to have something to do."

Didn't get a lot of play in the movie, I guess. Of course when Baum made a ton of money he did not exactly practice his Socialist "ideals." Funny how often that happens.

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