CRM from Microsoft, Satuit CRM, MatrixPlus, CDC and Syndmail, Consona CRM, Certeon's S-Series,

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CRM from Microsoft, Satuit CRM, MatrixPlus, CDC and Syndmail, Consona CRM, Certeon's S-Series,

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Certeon, a vendor selling "Application Intelligent Networking" for application access over wide area networks, has announced that its S-Series Application Acceleration Appliances have received the "Designed for EMC Documentum" logo designation. 

The Certeon S-Series Application Acceleration Appliances uses Application Acceleration Blueprint software to identify network traffic streams that need to be accelerated.  The "Designed for EMC Documentum" accreditation demonstrates that the Application Acceleration Blueprint for EMC Documentum Content Server and eRoom collaboration software have successfully met a comprehensive set of criteria for design, development and implementation.  

In addition to the accreditation, Certeon is announcing a referral relationship to try to get the EMC sales force to engage Certeon for delivering collaborative Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products based on Certeon's S-Series appliances.

Satuit Technologies has announced that Fund Evaluation Group LLC, a provider of advisory services to institutional investment clients, has selected Satuit as its customer relationship management (CRM) provider of choice.

After a "thorough evaluation of various vendors and products from very simplistic project management tools to robust CRM products," Satuit officials say, "the final decision was between Microsoft CRM and SatuitCRM."

"We chose Satuit Technologies because of their focus on the financial services industry, and our ability to use their product 'out-of-the box,'" reports Anthony Festa, CFA, Managing Principal at Fund Evaluation Group.

FEG chose the On-Demand delivery of SatuitCRM over the On-Premise option.

And for their part, Microsoft has announced that Security Associates International, a provider of automated security services, has selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM to "unite its disparate technology systems and create a one-stop experience for its customers," Microsoft officials say.

The Arlington Heights, Illinois company replaced its Siebel CRM system with Microsoft CRM software to gear up for growth -- SAI expects its customer accounts to quadruple this year and then double again next year.

"When we were a much smaller company, we could get by using less sophisticated methods, including e-mail and sticky notes to keep track of the different systems and locations where we had customer information stored," said Paul Lucking, chief operating officer of SAI, half-nostalgically.

SAI officials said they considered customer relationship management systems from SugarCRM Inc., Inc. and other companies until it calculated that total cost of ownership would be as much as 50 percent more than with Microsoft CRM because of the higher cost of installing and supporting these products.

CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation, has announced the acquisition of Syndmail, an e-mail marketing and communication product, from Red Clay Consulting, entirely built using the Pivotal CRM tool set.

This add-on product is designed for companies wanting to execute simple, targeted e-mail campaigns with their Pivotal CRM product. Customers looking for a product to manage more complex, multi-channel enterprise marketing campaigns can use CDC MarketFirst, an adaptive marketing automation and lead management product that is sold as a stand-alone product and is also integrated with Pivotal CRM.

Syndmail is integrated with Pivotal CRM and features Web-based customer preferences and opt-in/out administration, response tracking including read, click-through and bounce backs, a bounce-back engine to monitor and report bad e-mails and analysis and reporting on customer responses and interaction. Approximately 25 customers in North America are currently using Syndmail with their Pivotal CRM systems.

Bruce Cameron, senior vice president of CDC Software's CRM Solutions, said the product is "built entirely within the Pivotal CRM tool set, providing out of the box integration with the Pivotal CRM applications."

Consona, a CRM vendor, has announced the release of Onyx Adaptive CRM Version 6.0, KNOVA v7.1, and Million Handshakes v4.5, "just 10 months after the company's entry into the customer relationship management market with the acquisition of Onyx Software Corporation," company officials say.

Jeff Tognoni, CEO of Consona Corporation, said their CRM product is pitched towards "medium- and large-sized businesses."

The Consona CRM release "presents a full suite of functionality," company officials say, including sales, service, support, and marketing automation; service resolution and knowledge management; business process management; and business intelligence.

The release includes the general availability of Onyx v6.0 and the release of both Knova v7.1 and Million Handshakes v4.5 to the division's customer base.

Onyx v6.0 includes several enhancements, including a SQL generation framework, new calendaring functionality, a robust user interface configuration framework, and a comprehensive group collaboration tool named Assignment Studio. The release also offers improved upgrade ability and referential integrity.

As part of the general availability of Onyx v6.0, Consona CRM is now offering Knova v7.1, a service resolution and knowledge management product, and Million Handshakes v4.5, a marketing automation and customer dialog product from new technology partner Million Handshakes, atop the core Onyx CRM product to both new and existing customers.

Matrix Solutions, a vendor of sales strategy management software for the media sales industry, has announced that Equity Media Holdings Corporation has chosen Matrix Solutions' MatrixPlus to equip their local broadcast media sales teams with a suite of sales strategy, sales customer relationship management (CRM) and sales operations tools.

Equity Media, which operates 118 stations with multiple affiliations including Univision, Telefutura, My Network TV and FOX, has signed twenty television stations in ten markets with MatrixPlus.

"We needed a centralized management tool as the foundation of our sales growth," said Greg Fess, chief operating officer and senior vice-president of Equity Media.

MatrixPlus is a suite of sales strategy, sales CRM and sales operations tools allowing media salespeople and their managers to store account performance and customer information.

MatrixPlus is expected to let Equity Media's sellers gather and house customer information, organize details of customers advertising strategies and maintain a library of documents used in customer sales activities in one common repository.

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