CRM Love from Gila, Motorola in Bahrain, Oracle ERP, CRM in Dubai, Tectura and Microsoft, StayinFront CRM

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CRM Love from Gila, Motorola in Bahrain, Oracle ERP, CRM in Dubai, Tectura and Microsoft, StayinFront CRM

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, possibly the greatest rock album any American's ever recorded:

Austin, Texas-based Gila Corporation, through its two business units, MSB and Gila Group, recently converted its in-house customer relationship management product to a Web-based application provided by

"We looked at a number of products and proved to be the most robust and scalable," commented Bruce Cummings, Gila Corporation's Chief Marketing Officer.


Gila has experienced rapid expansion since it restructured its internal operations, with "a total focus on the customer," Cummings said: "As part of the process redesign, we needed a better way to manage our relationships with all clients, large and small."

Cumming maintains "It really is about showing our customers the love and what I mean by that is effectively managing data to best serve their needs as they define them, which requires flexibility for each client."
Gila Corporation sells outsourced revenue recovery products and services in the country. The company provides specialized collections services for governmental entities and financial institutions nationwide.

Mena Telecom has signed a contract with Motorola to plan, deploy and manage a nationwide 802.16e-based mobile WiMAX and IP Multimedia Subsystem network in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Under the terms of the contract, Motorola will also take responsibility for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, as well as the technical operations of the project and management of the entire WiMAX/IMS network.

The 802.16e WiMAX standard delivers "significant advantages" over the fixed 802.16d standard that is being used by some operators, including advanced antenna technology to improve capacity and range performance, Motorola officials say.

This agreement will enable Mena Telecom to use Motorola's abilities in mobile WiMAX and deliver wireless broadband connectivity as well as advanced voice and nomadic broadband data services to both business and residential customers across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

With Motorola's WiMAX product, Mena Telecom's infrastructure will be compatible with technology to be embedded in numerous future devices, including laptops.

The end-to-end network, operating in the 3.5GHz frequency band, will comprise WiMAX infrastructure, IMS core, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), voice and data applications, and operational and business support systems.

The Kingdom of Bahrain will be one of the first countries in the world to deploy a nationwide WiMAX 802.16e-based network, Motorola officials say.

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, a hub for high-tech industries, has announced the deployment of the Enterprise Resource Planning products from Oracle Systems.

The ERP in question is a single information system integrating different processes across DSO's business functions. The development of the new ERP system "was implemented in six months and has been rolled out to serve all DSO users, providing them with efficient business functionality across accounting, payroll, human resources, purchasing and inventory departments," according to DSOA officials.

Abdulsalam Rahma Bastaki, Director of Information Technology - Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, said: the deployment of ERP products "will help our objective to serve our customers through a healthy operational process."

The ERP system in its second phase of implementation will allow customers to view their current status with DSOA as well as carry out online transactions. These services, part of DSOA's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) measures, will become operational shortly.

As a promoter of modern technology-based industries, DSO seeks to promote a knowledge base economy in Dubai and the UAE. In addition to its efforts to attract investors, DSO also strives to offer global standard services such as the Oracle ERP systems. The objective is to create an environment conducive to generating economic wealth based on technology and innovation.

Tectura, a vendor of Microsoft products to mid-market companies, larger enterprises and their divisions, has announced that it has achieved the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics standard for its Tectura Process Manufacturing product.

The recently launched Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program aims to extend the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem by building a strong portfolio of Certified for Microsoft Dynamics software products. Since early 2007, Tectura has participated in a pilot of this program.

The new Certified for Microsoft Dynamics software product test verifies compatibility of the partner's software product with the Microsoft Dynamics platform upon which it runs and that is supported by processes and documentation. In addition, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics products require that at least 10 clients have deployed the same version level of the software product and are willing to recommend it.

Tectura Process Manufacturing has been validated in this program as a certified packaged software product, having both passed Microsoft's toughest compatibility tests in relation to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and having been recommended by clients based on its ability to support key business process manufacturing processes.

"Tectura is committed to continue the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics testing process for our global industry products, illustrating our deep integration with Microsoft's ERP products in support of our clients' business environments," said Tom Galambos, corporate vice president of Tectura Global and Industry Solutions.

StayinFront, a vendor of enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) applications, decision support tools, data services, and eBusiness systems, has announced that Software of Excellence has signed a contract to use StayinFront Analytics to manage sales and operational reporting as well as to provide key performance indicator (KPI) support.

Software of Excellence sells practice management products to dentists in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

The company selected StayinFront Analytics because of the product's "superior architecture as well as its robust data analysis and decision support," according to company officials.

"We will use the product at an enterprise level to enhance our business-critical sales and operational reporting," stated Ben Flewett, Head of Support for Software of Excellence.

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