ReachForce CRM, Jenny Craig and Oracle Siebel CRM, SAP ERP, Palladium, Satuit 10.6, Talisma and Cisco

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ReachForce CRM, Jenny Craig and Oracle Siebel CRM, SAP ERP, Palladium, Satuit 10.6, Talisma and Cisco

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is George Jones...

Oracle has announced that Jenny Craig, the weight management company, has expanded its relationship with Oracle to standardize on Oracle's Siebel CRM to help increase business growth, improve overall efficiencies, gain a 360 degree client view across all sales channels and trim the fat from its operating expenses.

Using Siebel CRM, Jenny Craig will be able to automate business processes for sales, inventory, reporting, calendar and scheduling, company officials say.

Jenny Craig, based in Carlsbad, California, has about 650 centers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. "We recognize knowledge and insight as the currency of influence among our clients," said Shoukry Tiab, Vice President of Information Services and CIO at Jenny Craig. "We chose Oracle's Siebel CRM for its flexibility and scalability. We will have visibility to forecast growth and revenue based on client preferences and seasonal campaigns."

With over 120,000 people signed up for the Jenny Craig Program every week, Siebel CRM will help Jenny Craig have a single client record through a Web-based system. As a result, they expect to realize ROI for the project cost within four years.

Jenny Craig also uses Oracle Database 10g, an Oracle-based data warehouse, Oracle Partner Portal, Siebel SmartScript and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications for a lean operation.

SAP AG has announced the availability of the second enhancement package for the SAP ERP application, developed with an eye to "minimizing disruption to ongoing operations," company officials say. The release was announced at the end of 2006.

Customers can selectively implement software from SAP and activate selected functionalities and enhancements as they wish. Company officials say this "allows customers to get new capabilities while leaving core ERP functionality stable." As a result, customers can isolate the impact of software updates and bring new functionality online through shortened testing cycles "without impeding core business processes."

Newly available are horizontal and industry-specific functional enhancements, process and user-interface simplification, and targeted new enterprise services, including improved flexibility and ability to innovate core processes.  The enterprise service bundles in the second enhancement package offer customers the ability to simplify order-to-cash processes by improving access to customer and sales order information, streamlining invoices and payments, and improving visibility for accounts-receivable representatives and cash managers, company.

The new SAP Bank Relationship Management application is billed as increasing efficiency, lowering costs and streamlining communications processes across multiple banks through integration with SWIFTNet, the financial messaging network built by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, officials say.

Specific industry offerings include enhanced end-to-end business processes such as customer billing and collections. There's enhanced retail functionality support, including master data management, buying and store management, agency business and commodity management; improved integration with specialized point-products such as SAP GRC Global Trade Services and SAP Forecasting and Replenishment.

More than 2,800 customers are live on the latest version of SAP ERP, and SAP officials report "strong adoption" of its ERP applications.

Satuit, a vendor of sales force automation (SFA) and client relationship management (CRM) products for the professional investment market, introduced attendees at its latest client conference to SatuitCRM version 10.6, as well as to new partnerships with Akamai Technologies and Pyxis Mobile.

More than 60 asset managers as well as two pension consulting firms participated in this year's conference.

Karen Maguire, Satuit's CEO, said more than 50 percent of legacy on-premise customers have now been converted to on-demand customers, while more than 80 percent of new customers are opting for the on-demand version of SatuitCRM.

"We have had a tremendous year, and were excited to be able to share our progress with our growing base of clients," said Maguire. "Everything is getting bigger, from our training classes to the depth of our product offering to our office space. We appreciate the interaction we had with our customers and the feedback we received that will help us continue to meet their CRM needs with SatuitCRM."

Njal Larson, senior vice president of product strategy, highlighted the features of SatuitCRM version 10.6, as well as a six-month time-table for company and product optimization. "Our customers have much to look forward to with enhanced Microsoft Outlook integration, Sync Center 1.0 and our new Satuit Mobile version 2.0," he said.

Green Beacon Solutions, a vendor of strategy, consulting and implementation services for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Marketing Automation technologies, has announced the consolidation of a global, customized on-premise CRM product for Palladium Group.

Palladium Group is a professional services firm hired to measure and manage performance. It was formed by the merger of three consulting companies -- Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Painted Word and ThinkFast Consulting. As a result of this merger, the company faced the challenge of reconciling disparate CRM systems to improve information flow across business units.

Green Beacon Solutions deployed a customized combination of Onyx CRM software and Microsoft SQL reporting services for Palladium. This product consolidates the company's reporting and automates business forecasting.

The company's phased implementation approach breaks issues down into smaller, achievable pieces enabling customers to see immediate results and allots sufficient time for training on the CRM product.

Talisma Corporation, a vendor of Customer Interaction Management (CIM) products, has announced a partnership with Bucher & Suter, a 2006 Cisco Services Partner award winner. The companies will provide a product integrating Talisma's CIM suite with Cisco ICM using Bucher & Suter's Darondo multi-channel application link product.

The integration allows Talisma interaction routing and reporting to be done within Cisco ICM.  According to Talisma officials, the partnership also provides agent skills management in Cisco ICM, integration with other telephony platforms that are already supported through Cisco ICM, greater interaction blending options via integration and tighter enterprise integration.

Dan Vetras, President & CEO of Talisma, said the vendor plans to release the Talisma/ Cisco ICM integration in the fourth quarter of this year.

ReachForce has announced today the early availability of a new software application for CRM that delivers insight into an organization's sales funnel, including "Wins Analysis" and "Funnel Flow Analysis" with pre-emptive recommendations on targeted marketing campaigns. The new software, currently known as "Fountainhead," pulls wins data from and conducts an analysis.

Fountainhead "uncovers the hidden gems in CRM data on specific market sectors," addressing questions like how many more business opportunities are out there in a specific market, "all based on real CRM data," said Jason Morio, Vice President, Products at ReachForce.

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