Microsoft CRM from Biz IT Pro, Kintera and EZ Prints, AdvCRM, Opera Mobile Browser, Promero Disaster Recovery

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Microsoft CRM from Biz IT Pro, Kintera and EZ Prints, AdvCRM, Opera Mobile Browser, Promero Disaster Recovery

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Veggie Tales' Boyz In the Sink:

Advanced Communications a software development company, has announced the official final release of Advanced CRM.

Advanced CRM version 2.0 features an online sales product integrated with live chat and ticketing. Among its features are a customizable customer management product, built-in live chat and ticketing modules, "dozens of features that are essential for online sales tasks," Advanced officials say.

The company has released this new version after using and testing it internally for many months -- "over 8 years of development experience," company officials say.

"A low price makes it easy for our customers to budget and purchase our CRM product, says Syed Nauman Hashmi, CEO of Advanced Communications. In addition to this, he says, unlike other CRM providers that mainly target large enterprises "AdvCRM has tailored its offering to fulfill the sales force and customer management needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)."

AdvCRM is available both on monthly rental and one time fee. Customers may start with as low as $39.95/month for single domain license with unlimited users.

Advanced Communications, a software development company based in Los Angeles, specializes in hosting automation billing and VoIP products. The firm's products include,,,, and the flagship product

Opera, which bills itself as "the only company that puts the Web on any device," has released the new beta of Opera Mini 4, what it calls "the world's most popular mobile Web browser."

The new beta version of Opera Mini 4 introduces several exclusive optimizations for BlackBerry devices, including a new user interface and menus for a more comfortable Opera Mini look and feel. For BlackBerry users worldwide, or anyone wanting a better, faster and free mobile Web browser, the new Opera Mini 4.0 beta is available from

For all users, the new beta adds what Opera officials say are "often-requested features" designed to improve usability and enjoyment. Opera Mini's new "Landscape mode" gives a wider view of the page, and a new multi-search Start Page is designed to make searching even easier while on the go.

There's also the ability to add a search engine to the Start Page, a feature pioneered in Opera's desktop browser, is now available in the latest beta of Opera Mini.

"We want to make Opera Mini available to even more users, so we've improved our support for BlackBerry," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera. "Now the world's most popular mobile Web browser and most popular handhelds can work together."

Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Business IT Professionals, Inc. (Biz IT Pro), a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products vendor, has announced they will develop a CRM product, based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, for QRPS, Inc., an administrative consulting firm.

Biz IT Pro will use Scribe Insight, an end-to-end integration tool for converting data from ACT! to Microsoft Dynamics, to improve productivity and client experiences for QRPS.

"We had reached our limit of usability with the ACT! database. Moving to CRM will allow us to redesign how we store our proprietary information, while substantially improving our productivity," stated Forrest Knowles, President, QRPS.

QRPS provides customer service by using technology to streamline administrative processes, company officials say. Biz IT Pro will conduct data integration for the firm, to aid in their ability to maintain their "high-touch service philosophy and personal support."

Internet-based call center and CRM vendor Promero has announced the deployment of its Disaster Recovery OnDemand software.

The product enables companies to maintain their local exchange numbers to the company's home office through public switch telephone network, receive calls, make, deliver the calls to remote employees at home or anywhere in the world over a voice over Internet protocol.

Calls can be sent via PSTN, DSL modems, IP phones, computers with soft phones or wireless.

Promero has architected the complete product with a number of hosted software applications. Disaster Recovery OnDemand includes the voice and data switching capability of Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere and Promero's preferred VoIP carriers that have worked together to create a simple, easy to use disaster recovery product for telecommunications.

The product provides for inbound and outbound call features with number portability.

"Disaster recovery, which was once complicated and expensive, is now simple and inexpensive," said Gregg Troyanowski, president of Promero. 'The Internet's ability to carry quality voice transmissions combined with hosted telephone products provides a viable, stable product for situations of catastrophic office failures."

Situations such as fire, wind, flood, earthquake, whether man-made or an act of God that cause global evacuation or destruction of an office, will not affect communications. Disaster Recovery OnDemand product provides communications almost instantaneously.

Kintera Inc. has announced that EZ Prints, a private-label digital photofinishing, fulfillment and technology products firm, has joined the Kintera Connect Partner Program as a merchant partner.

EZ Prints is the latest partner to join the Kintera Connect Partner Program, which is comprised of partners in both the nonprofit and enterprise sectors integrating with Kintera's open technology platform.

The firm will enable nonprofits to offer digital photo sharing and print fulfillment services directly from their event Web site, providing branding for fundraising participants. With a wide range of relevant operational, technical, photofinishing and digital expertise, EZ Prints is able to offer a broad selection of photo merchandise.

"Kintera Connect will enable us to reach thousands of nonprofits across the country," said Jeff Gross, vice president of sales for EZ Prints. "Additionally, nonprofits will be able to sell EZ Prints items to their constituents, giving nonprofits another way to raise money to support their cause."

Kintera Connect, an open application integration technology platform, was announced by Kintera last month. Enabling the integration and extensibility of applications, the open Kintera Connect platform will feature applications provided by Kintera and its partner network.

If you're looking for some music to fit the mood of an upbeat Friday, you could do a lot worse than Veggie Tales. Hang out with the yodeling veterinarian of the Alps, the pirates who don't do anything and Santa.

Just don't expect us to provide you with a water buffalo.

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