InvisibleCRM on Idea Exchange, Pervasic CRM, RightNow and Higher Ed, Contactual and Sylantro, Promero Telecom

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InvisibleCRM on Idea Exchange, Pervasic CRM, RightNow and Higher Ed, Contactual and Sylantro, Promero Telecom

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is the Poguey-style Irish rock band Brace Yourself Bridget!

InvisibleCRM has announced that it has used's IdeaExchange to "enhance" its product line for Salesforce with new features, according to company officials. In the effort to meet the growing number of Salesforce users' requests InvisibleCRM technical experts have "analyzed user ideas from the's IdeaExchange and added more than 50 new features to its products."

InvisibleCRM, an AppExchange-certified technology partner, has always been responsive to the latest on-demand innovation trends. InvisibleCRM entered into partnership with in 2005, joined AppExchange in 2006, and supported a Foundation program this spring.

Inspired by the success of's IdeaExchange and Salesforce user ideas, InvisibleCRM has extended its product offering to address customer requests.

Users can find initial ideas extracted from the's IdeaExchange and InvisibleCRM's technical expert's responses answering how to implement the required functionality with the help of InvisibleCRM products for Salesforce.

The suite for Salesforce includes 3 applications -- SalesDesktop, SalesFolder, and SalesAlerts, all available via the AppExchange. SalesDesktop unifies Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook creating a fully functional sales workplace. SalesFolder maps documents and attachments to a user's desktop, automating document sharing and delivery. SalesAlerts brings real-time notifications on important CRM changes -- opportunity status, customer birthday, whatever.

Vlad Voskresensky, CEO, InvisibleCRM, said when customers want a function, "the rest just doesn't matter. Hear the request, do the job, and win the deal immediately."

IdeaExchange, introduced in October of 2006, is described by Salesforce officials as "an online community where the community can create, comment on and promote new feature ideas."

Pervasic Ltd, a British vendor of mobilizing corporate applications, has announced MobileOne Accelerator Sales & CRM, a portable, hand-held data capture system for field-based sales order handling and prospect gathering.

Based on Pervasic's MobileOne Platform, MobileOne Accelerator Sales & CRM provides users with "major operational efficiencies, dependable management information and identification of new selling opportunities," according to company officials.

MobileOne Accelerator Sales & CRM is a sales force tool and sales management application designed with functionality for sales account management and order taking. It's marketed to sales forces as having "the ability to provide highly developed features with immediate returns. Users are able to improve margins and enhance customer contact by spending less time traveling, more time with customers."

The availability of portable, hand-held data capture systems is "transforming the process of both sales order handling and prospect information gathering across a wide range of industries," said John Salter, CEO of Pervasic Ltd.

Core features of Pervasic's MobileOne Accelerator Sales & CRM include an appointment calendar, customer dashboard with account history and status, customer account maintenance, visit reporting, e-mail, Internet/Intranet punch outs, customer-specific catalogue and pricing and others.

Other available modules are Tom-Tom navigation, invoice/credit note generation, dispute management, Chip and PIN payment processing, receipt printing and page printing.

FYI: This Tuesday CRM vendor RightNow Technologies is offering a complimentary higher education Webcast to "examine the importance of managing relationships across the entire student lifecycle," according to company officials.

Featured speakers include Nicole Engelbert, senior analyst with Datamonitor and Joe Matesich, Web administrator and developer at the University of Memphis. It's Tuesday, September 18, at 8:30 a.m. -- 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

RightNow officials say it's to help "understand the key factors driving adoption of CRM in higher education." Panelists will talk about the importance of supporting relationships across the student lifecycle, and how the University of Memphis uses RightNow.

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Contactual, a vendor of on-demand contact centers, and Sylantro Systems, which sells multiplay application feature servers, have announced their commitment to support the interoperability of their combined products, as well as Contactual's Silver Level sponsorship of the Sylantro Global Summit.

"By supporting the interoperability of our joint products we are expanding the addressable market of our partners," said Mansour Salame, CEO, Contactual, Inc. "We are delighted to be part of the Sylantro ecosystem and to be offering our product to the service providers that have committed added value strategies to the Sylantro platform." Mr. Salame will be a speaker at the Sylantro Global Summit on the panel "Synergy Ecosystem Solutions."

"We appreciate Contactual's participation in and commitment to the Sylantro Global Summit," said John Trobough, SVP of Solutions, Sylantro Systems. "The Contactual OnDemand Contact Center is a perfect extension to the Sylantro Hosted Voice offerings."

Contactual earned the Frost & Sullivan 2005 Global Excellence in Technology Award, TMC Labs' Customer Interaction Magazine 2005 Innovation Award, and a berth in the 2006 Red Herring 100 North America list of the top 100 privately held technology firms.

Promero has launched a Web site,, which describes its telecommunications disaster recovery on demand service. "Restoring telecommunications services, or providing contingency services is truly an essential first step to recovery," company officials noted.

Voice communications are more vital in managing a disaster than e-mail or other means of messaging, company officials contend: "Live conversations are immediate, delivered in real time, and accurately convey human emotion. When your phone system is working, so is your business."

The mission of Promero's Disaster Recovery OnDemand service is to recover telecommunication in an area affected by a disaster. "Telecommunications is vital for our business and government customers following a disaster, both for the impacted area and for the rest of the country," stated Gregg Troyanowski, president of Promero.

With Promero's Disaster Recovery OnDemand, Business Continuity Managers who are responsible for telecommunications have instant access to route calls according to their need. Situations such as fire, wind, flood or earthquake, or something man-made, "other that cause global evacuation or destruction of an office," company officials stipulate, "will not affect communications."

Mrs. First Coffee had a Turkish Moment here in Istanbul last week. She had picked out a mirror frame and glass from a shop here, and asked them to make her a mirror. Goes back to pick it up, and saw it still hadn't been assembled. She said she'd come back the next day, but the man said "Oh no, I'll do it now." Okay, why wasn't it done before? "I didn't do it because somebody might have bought it."

Think about all the positive and negative implications of that statement, which are about evenly split, think about what it says about people who would think that way, and you're beginning to understand Turks.

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