Pivotal CRM for Ohman, TargusInfo Lead Converter, NetSuite ERP, PacificNet iMobile in China, eGain for Pharmaceutical Firm

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Pivotal CRM for Ohman, TargusInfo Lead Converter, NetSuite ERP, PacificNet iMobile in China, eGain for Pharmaceutical Firm

The news as of the first cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Adam Carroll's album Far Away Blues:

CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation, has announced that The Ohman Group, an investment bank in Sweden, has chosen the Pivotal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite of software applications to "create a single view of client activities, streamline access to all client information, and improve cross-departmental communication and coordination," according to CDC officials.

Ohman chose Pivotal CRM for "its functionality specifically designed for the financial services-industries," CDC officials say. Ohman officials say they expect their employees now to be able to develop deeper insight into their clients' needs, preferences, and influencers, and have access to tools that will help them improve team collaboration and client service, as well as track performance.

"Previously at Ohman, information was stored in a variety of databases and systems resulting in different departments being unable to easily access or collaborate on client information," said Pontus Barrne, CFO, The Ohman Group. With Pivotal CRM, "we anticipate having a holistic view of all relationships and their mutual influence which will enable us to offer customized products and information when they are needed."

The Ohman Group is an investment bank that has been a part of the Swedish financial market since 1906 and a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1911. It offers a broad cross-section of financial services, including securities trading and asset management.

TargusInfo, a vendor of On-Demand Lead Verification services, has unveiled LeadConversion Advisor services for enterprises "intent on improving their bottom line through more effective marketing and sales," company officials say.

First Coffee is waiting for the day somebody names a lead conversion product Alchemist.

Available today, LeadConversion Advisor services gauge the potential value of a sales lead collected from online sources, which lets companies prioritize these leads.

The Vienna, Virginia-based firm unveiled its latest service on the first day of the company's two-day Online Lead Quality Summit at the Palms Hotel and Casino. One wonders how many misguided metallurgists showed up -- and stayed for the nice locale.

The product integrates with customers' existing CRM software and tools, company officials say.

"Too many companies are focused on lead quantity and merely filling the sales funnel," said Gartner Research Director Gareth Herschel. "As a result, they spend the same effort on each lead whether it results in a closed sale or not. Companies need insight into the quality of the leads so they can focus on the most promising ones first."

In an early trial, LeadConversion Advisor services showed a major automotive company that 75 percent of its conversions were coming from only 55 percent of its leads.

The idea behind LeadConversion Advisor is that agents work the best leads first, and can assign leads to specific salespeople or channels, for example routing the highest-value leads to the highest-performing agent.

It also lets companies rate offers based on prospect segments, perhaps making phone calls to "gold" prospects and sending direct mail to "bronze" ones. See? Name it Alchemist.

"If you don't prioritize your leads, you can lose five potential gold customers in the time it takes to talk to one prospect who, based on his or her profile, would probably never convert," said Paul McLenaghan, TargusInfo Director of Market Development, Interactive Markets.

NetSuite, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) vendor for SMBs, has announced that manufacturer Asahi Kasei Spandex America Inc (AKSA) has automated its key back-office operations with NetSuite ERP, replacing its SAP software.

Asahi Kasei Spandex America Inc is a subsidiary of Japan's Asahi Kasei Group. With U.S. headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina, AKSA develops and produces brand fibers for nearly all fields of applications of textile production. It sells the Roica and Dorlastan brands, which are woven into fabrics used around the world.

With NetSuite, AKSA officials say they have achieved "the detail and transparency in customer analysis and financial reporting" it desired to manage its business in a timely fashion. Company officials say NetSuite has helped the company reduce its IT costs, including consultant fees and infrastructure as well.

Key to the implementation was the customization technology found in NetSuite, according to NetSuite officials. The NetSuite-Asahi Kasei team used NetSuite's SuiteFlex functionality, and in particular the combination of NetSuite's SuiteScript and SuiteTalk "to address key requirements unique to the textile production industry."

David Stover, Chief Financial Officer of AKSA's operations in Charleston, said that while SAP requires specifically trained individuals to operate the system successfully, "I needed a system that emphasizes ease of use, intuitive processes and one that can be managed with minimal effort."

PacificNet, a vendor of gambling and mobile game technology, e-commerce, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in China, has announced that its subsidiary, iMobile, has signed a new agreement with Motorola (China) to become an authorized distributor of MOTO accessory products in the South Region of China -- Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi and Hainan, to be exact.

IMobile has allied with two major regional distributors, Guangzhou Sono Communication Technology and ShenZhen JianKun Technology and formed an alliance under the name "iPACT."

Early this month PacificNet iMobile and Motorola (China) jointly organized a strategic meeting for the South Region at the LiuHua Hotel Exhibition Centre in the city of Guangzhou, inviting over 100 mobile industry representatives and guests from major retail channels in the region to participate.

During the meeting, PacificNet officials say, senior officers of Motorola (China) communicated the new strategies of the MOTO accessories business to the participating guests as well as the new product releases of MOTO in the coming quarters. The highlight of the day featured the new MOTO Bluetooth H555 Headset, exclusively distributed by iPACT in China, and other new products showcased in a catwalk model show during the event.

iPACT also gave a presentation on MOTO after-service providers, MBS channels and new distributors for the South Region while promising to fully support and cooperate with MOTO in the implementation of the new strategies.

eGain Communications, vendor of customer service and contact center software for in-house or on-demand SaaS, has announced that a prescription management and pharmaceutical services firm has chosen eGain OnDemand, the hosted version of eGain Service suite, for customer service.

The company will implement an eGain-powered multichannel customer interaction hub, starting with eGain Notify for outbound 1-on-1 notifications through secure e-mail, SMS and voice.

Prescription and related services often involve multiple steps that are triggered by the passage of time as well as the progression of tasks relating a specific customer service transaction such as a drug refill and even the life stages of participating members. If participants are not notified proactively about the status of their transactions, they contact the customer service organization, sometimes repeatedly. This drives up customer frustration and service costs for the business.

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