First Milk's IFS Deal, Extentia and ConzultZone, Microsoft CRM Boot Camp, PacificNet and Advansys, Nexedi ERP

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First Milk's IFS Deal, Extentia and ConzultZone, Microsoft CRM Boot Camp, PacificNet and Advansys, Nexedi ERP

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Jimmy Buffett's Living and Dying in 3/4 Time, for First Coffee's money the best album he's done:

Famed mime Marcel Marceau died over the weekend, so let's observe a moment of silence. Rimshot, groan. First Coffee detests mimes as heartily as the next guy, miming is a classic case of an art form being perfected early by a genius or two who made it look so easy (cf. Marcel Duchamp or the Sex Pistols) that hit spawned a horde of distinctly less-talented imitators, 98 percent of whom are utterly worthless.

Here's a company who gets in First Coffee on name alone: IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has announced that First Milk, Britain's largest UK- farmer-owned business, has selected IFS Applications to provide "full integration of all critical business processes and optimize production across its cheese division sites nationwide."

In a deal worth $3 million, IFS Applications will be deployed in eight creameries and packing plants. IFS Applications will integrate First Milk's formerly disjointed business systems and processes, IFS officials say, including warehouse management, financials, forecasting and payroll, enabling centralized control of operations and providing a new level of visibility across the entire enterprise and supply chain.

Real-time reporting on cheese production, maturation, packaging and dispatch are expected to "enable First Milk to respond with much greater agility to inevitable variations in milk supply and customer demand," according to First Milk officials.

According to First Milk's Group Head of IT Alan Hutchison, IFS was chosen over SAP because IFS Applications is best able to handle the unique challenges of the cheese supply chain, especially product lifecycle management.

You scoff at the "unique challenges of the cheese supply chain," pilgrim? "The central challenge of cheese production is accurately forecasting demand 18 months out from actual delivery to customers, matching this with supply from farmers, and keeping track of the different maturation levels of thousands of tons of cheese," Hutchinson said. "In First Milk's case this challenge is even greater because most of our customers are major supermarkets, which only provide one day's notice for orders."

Officials from both firms say the partnership between ConzultZone and Extentia aims to provide "a broad range of outsourcing services" related to business consulting, ERP and CRM implementation and corporate training to software vendors and enterprises in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.

ConzultZone plans to expand its sales and marketing offices while its offshore development initiatives will be handled by Extentia. Extentia has "proven capability in offshore outsourcing services, including product engineering and migration, package implementation, customized applications and application and Web development," Extentia officials say.

The joint service offerings are designed to offer potential clients a value proposition of competitive pricing, domain expertise, and depth of package knowledge, combined with proven delivery capability and high quality management.

Extentia based in Pune, India, will help ConzultZone "deliver reliable SAP business consulting, and implementation and outstanding customer service to their clients worldwide," ConzultZone officials say. Anil Visal, Managing Director of ConzultZone, says ConzultZone has partnered with Extentia "for the implementation of SAP Business One and SAP All-in-One solutions primarily for the SME market segment."

Extentia offers its expertise on .NET implementations and interfacing with SQL Server and other database servers, and ConzultZone brings SAP business consulting experience. "This venture will be complementary to both companies' existing competencies and will prove to be a win-win situation for both of us and our customers," Visal says.

Today's birthday is F. Scott Fitzgerald, born in 1896. By 1940, the last year of his life, he had written four novels, and was working on a fifth (no gin jokes, please). That year his novels sold -- combined -- 72 copies. His royalties for the year totaled $13. Today The Great Gatsby, which didn't even sell out its first printing in 1925, sells 300,000 copies yearly and is one of the very, very few novels First Coffee reads regularly.

Awright maggots: Adventos, a technical consulting firm, has announced its 2007 - 2008 Microsoft certification boot camp, including .NET 3.5, SharePoint and CRM.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Partner for Learning Solutions, Adventos boot camps are designed to streamline the certification process and increase every student's skills and knowledge on leading Microsoft technologies. Delle Donne, Adventos' CEO, called the event a "high end certification boot camp."

The next boot camp is the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD): Web Developer Boot Camp. It will be held from December 1 - 9, 2007 in Denver. Highlights of the boot camps include its being led by a Microsoft Certified instructor, instruction and testing performed on site using the Adventos mobile computer lab, extensive course materials and labs provided to help students pass the tests, and a five-mile run with full field pack over black diamond terrain during a snowstorm while under heavy enemy fire to retrieve live ordnance.

PacificNet, a vendor Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile internet, e-commerce and gambling technology in China, has announced that its PacificNet Games subsidiary has signed an alliance partnership agreement with casino management system provider Advansys.

Through this partnership, PacificNet Games will deploy Advansys products in multiple Asian markets, customize existing products to meet local gambling requirements and co-develop new casino management systems for Asian casinos.

This summer, Advansys launched SlotScanner Ticketing, which is used for the management of Ticket-In, Ticket-Out slot operations in place of traditional coins. Ticketing is evidently popular with players who value the privacy of their play, simplicity of use and instant transfer of credits from one machine to another. It's also big among casino operators who want to increase the profitability of their slot floor by reducing or eliminating hopper fills and decreasing labor costs.

Nexedi, the creator of ERP5, and ERP5 International partners have announced that ERP5 Express, an open source ERP, has been released, called "ERP5 Express."

"With ERP5 Express, small organizations can have the power of ERP5 in less than 5 minutes for 15 € per month. It is an all-in-one, no-stress, no-thrill product which includes hosting, configuration, support and a knowledge database. It has been designed with simplicity in mind for organizations with standard requirements and configurations," says Yoshinori Okuji, CTO of Nexedi.

"Because ERP5 Express is fully based on the same source code as ERP5, ERP5 Express customers may later evolve towards the ERP5 Enterprise solution and meet growing business needs or complex requirements." adds Thierry Brettnacher, VP Consulting.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, says ERP5 "has been used by a central bank as well as in the aerospace industry, apparel industry, government agencies and hospitals to implement complex projects."

Kristian Rother, VP Marketing, said ERP5 Express is "ready for immediate use. As part of our debut campaign, Nexedi offers free training to the first 10 early adopters and extended support during 6 months to the next 10 adopters of ERP5 Express."

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