CRM Veteran at Fulcrum, WorkWise's ERP, FTS's Leap, AmeriCommerce Adds CRM, EGain Learns New Languages

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CRM Veteran at Fulcrum, WorkWise's ERP, FTS's Leap, AmeriCommerce Adds CRM, EGain Learns New Languages

The news as of the first cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Coleman Hawkins' great jazz compendium Body & Soul:

WorkWise, a vendor of enterprise-wide products that enable manufacturers to maximize profits through improved use of their information assets, announced the availability of Atlas, which company officials describe as "an affordable complete ERP offering centered around the Time Critical Manufacturing suite of applications."

The suite has Business Intelligence, CRM and other tools.

WorkWise has been selling ERP products and implementations for nearly 30 years. The Atlas program is an ERP offering that provides businesses with products for information management and decision making, "all for a fraction of the cost of competitive products -- and for one low price paid over a three year period with zero percent financing," company officials say.

Harry Mosesian, Director of Sales and Business Development, WorkWise, said the product is pitched at "manufacturers who need to invest in their plant, equipment, marketing and people to grow their business… these companies have neither the time nor the additional capital to expend on long, complicated and expensive ERP implementations that don't provide a return on investment."

Atlas is available in either a 30 or 60 user package. The Atlas/30 - 30 User Complete ERP System, including support and implementation, runs $4,995 per month for 36 months at zero percent interest. WorkWise will be debuting Atlas at the 2007 APICS Conference and Expo in Denver on October 21.

AmeriCommerce has introduced version 4.3 of their online shopping cart, which company officials say introduces CRM functionality, as well as Web design management, automatic drop shipping notifications to suppliers and performance enhancements.

There are "many new features" to their shopping cart software, company officials say, giving online storefront owners "more control over content, design, search engine optimization, product catalog management and order fulfillment."

The new version adds to AmeriCommerce's Multiple Storefronts offering, which allows online store owners the ability to manage several unique online storefronts from one Web-based administration console. It offers store-level shipping, pricing, payment methods and tax overrides along with store-level password protection.

AmeriCommerce say the new version continues to add more tools to improve "organic rankings" for search engines. Each product, category, brand, and content page automatically generates a search engine optimized static HTML link, but storefront owners can supply their own keyword-optimized static links.

Reducing shopping cart abandonment is an ongoing process for every online store owner. Using One Page Checkout, potential customers can complete their purchases as quickly as possible without moving through multiple pages "which can lead to shopping cart abandonment," company officials say: "Automated e-mails can be sent to every abandoned cart customer, increasing conversion rates on abandoned carts by up to 40 percent."

Product catalog management can become very complicated for some online storefronts. To counter that AmeriCommerce version 4.3 has introduced a new attribute-based search system that gives shoppers the ability to drill down into the catalog by several criteria, in addition to the classic category tree. Product kitting and grouping provides fine-grained control over packaged offerings and related items, company officials say.

Fulcrum, a vendor of analytics, technology and program products for manufacturers and retailers, has announced that industry veteran Michael Berry has joined the company as vice president of financial services products.

Berry has been senior manager, financial services in the CRM practice at Accenture, leading the development of customer insight products and integrating partner-provided marketing automation, business intelligence capabilities and Accenture's business process management skills.

Fulcrum officials say he will be responsible for sales, sales management, business development, marketing, and product development focused on the financial services industry. Most recently, Berry was senior vice president of financial services at Conclusive Marketing, formerly Synapse Technology.

Berry has also worked as vice president, banking sales at Harte-Hanks, where he managed a CRM technology sales team responsible for the top 100 banks in the US.

FTS , a vendor of business control, billing and CRM products for communications service providers, has announced the launch of Leap Business Control Engine (Leap BCE) Broadband Edition, which will, FTS officials say, "transform broadband access, creating higher revenue opportunities for providers and higher customer satisfaction for users."

Customers can use the product to monitor quotas and costs accruing on their account, as well as purchase extra quotas and switch bandwidth on demand.

Leap BCE Broadband Edition "allows service providers to improve and enhance services across their networks, in turn influencing the customer-provider relationship," officials say. The product enables real-time customer interaction as well, "capturing and responding to events in real-time based on a pre-configured set of business policies and dynamically adapting network or service behavior in response to customer interaction."

Leap BCE Broadband Edition is integrated with leading Deep Packet Inspection vendors such as Allot and Sandvine. By using the power and granularity of DPI, Leap BCE Broadband Edition can offer quota-management services such as usage-quota per application (e.g. quota for P2P traffic or for video), usage-quotas that ignore certain services (e.g. the operator-branded-gaming is not counted) and even peak/off-peak plans.

A Web Self-Care allows the customers to monitor their usage throughout the month, set alerts and notifications, like "At 80 percent send me an SMS," and decide, even in advance, how his account will behave when quota is depleted.

Leap BCE Broadband Edition is deployed alongside existing systems with interfaces into billing, CRM and other BSS & OSS systems.

EGain Communications, a vendor of customer service and contact center software for in-house or on-demand SaaS deployment, has announced the availability of eGain Service 7.6 software suite in Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

There are plans to include support for additional languages in 2008. EGain also plans to deploy local language versions of its Web site in the near future.

The new language capability is meant to let eGain's enterprise customers in EMEA provide customer service and support through a local language user interface within and across an array of interaction channels, including the phone, Web self-service, chat and co-browsing, as well as e-mails, faxes and post, and short message service (SMS).

Moreover, the product comes with out-of-the-box local language user interfaces and enables multi-lingual customer service from a single deployment, company officials say, "reducing the need for additional professional services and installations, and the total cost of ownership for its clients."

This announcement follows a number of recent eGain projects across Europe, including the opening of a Dutch office, the signing of many European reseller and SI partnerships and a global OEM agreement with Cisco.

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