SaaS Capital and Knowlagent, CRM for Real Estate from Sage, Datacap and A/P, SugarCRM for Social Networking, Cops Another One

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SaaS Capital and Knowlagent, CRM for Real Estate from Sage, Datacap and A/P, SugarCRM for Social Networking, Cops Another One

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is Van Morrison's greatest album, St. Dominic's Preview, which iTunes finally got, along with the rest of Van's catalogue, so First Coffee's iPod is much richer now with the likes of It's Too Late to Stop Now, Hymns To The Silence and Irish Heartbeat, while First Coffee's a bit poorer:

SaaS Capital, a finance company working the SaaS market, has  announced that it has advanced Knowlagent $830,000 under a committed $3 million facility.

Privately-held Knowlagent, which sells call center software, used their recurring revenue and the future contract value of their SaaS business to secure the facility, company officials said, adding that Knowlagent will use the cash to "drive growth and to continue its transition of the business from a perpetual license model to a SaaS model."

SaaS Capital provided the initial advance based on Knowlagent's contracted but unbilled future SaaS revenues. The facility is designed to automatically increase in availability as Knowlagent grows its SaaS customer base.

Knowlagent officials said they chose this SaaS-specific financing over traditional technology lenders because SaaS Capital was "able to advance 4 times more than their current A/R facility, did not require an equity infusion, and was non-dilutive."

Knowlagent VC investor Mark Koulogeorge of MK Capital said that while the SaaS business model has "many advantages," because the revenues and cash are spread out over time, "they tend to require more capital to grow.”

Sage Software has announced the new ACT! by Sage for Real Estate 2008 (10.0) and ACT! by Sage Premium for Real Estate 2008 (10.0) contact and customer management products during its Sage Summit customer conference in Chicago.

ACT! for Real Estate products are billed as helping residential real estate agents and brokers "organize their buyer, seller, and property information in one place, communicate through custom flyers and letter templates, and manage property showing, closing, and reporting activities."

The National Association of Realtors' 2007 Realtor Technology Survey found that 80 percent of sales agents and associate brokers rated the value of technology supplied by their broker as being "extremely valuable" or "somewhat valuable," and 65 percent responded "yes" when asked if they wanted their broker to expand the amount of technology offered.

The new product centralizes an agent's, broker's, or team's information, and users access contact information using an interface designed specifically for real estate, keep detailed notes and information on listed properties, track appointments and to-dos, and can attach critical documents like inspection reports, house photos, and MLS listings.

Its dashboards provide a graphical view of information including activities, property listings, and sales opportunities, and allow users to drill down into the information. There are options to display team information to help managers set company sales targets and gauge individual and group performance status.

The product is available for $299.99 per user. ACT! Premium for Real Estate, recommended for organizations with five or more users, is available for $469.99 per user.

Datacap, a vendor of capture and forms processing software products, has announced its sponsorship of an Aberdeen report on Accounts Payable automation: "E-Payables Solution Selection: Your 2007-2008 Guide to A/P Transformation."

In the recently-released report market researchers Aberdeen Group identify what they think are "the two key factors that support the move from paper invoice handling to an electronic product: time and money." However, despite the business benefits of cost- and time-savings, only thirty-three percent of the 500 accounts payable departments polled have automated products in place. Why? Enquiring minds want to know.

Processing invoices manually, according to the study, costs between 74 percent and 89 percent more than those that are automated. As they phase out paper systems, organizations are benefiting from lower cost while also reducing the cycle time of posting expenses, according to the report, which is rather designed as a buyer's guide to Best Practices in A/P automation.

For organizations seeking to automate their A/P processes, Aberdeen recommends that company leadership consider organization, process, knowledge, technology and performance measurement. The report outlines the ways in which an organization can best select a product based on its specific needs and goals.

Aberdeen surveyed finance and A/P leaders for the report, which provides a path of analysis as well as an outline for those in the evaluation process. One of the products, Datacap Taskmaster for Invoices, was evaluated -- hence the firm's interest in the report. Taskmaster for Invoices uses a rules-based engine to locate and extract data from invoices, which can vary dramatically in layout.

Datacap and Aberdeen will co-host a Webinar, featuring Aberdeen Research Director Andrew Bartolini on how to evaluate an A/P automation product. It's scheduled for November 15 at 2 p.m. -- East Coast time, presumably, but it wasn't specified to reporters. To register, visit To request a complimentary copy of the Aberdeen report, visit Datacap's website,, and click on the "Aberdeen" banner.

Q-Industries, a Web site and business application developer, has implemented a CRM system for Odell, Simms & Associates combining "the best of an open-source CRM platform with the insight provided by social network analysis," company officials say.

By consolidating several disparate contact systems into SugarCRM and applying principles of social network analysis, Odell, Simms & Associates, a fundraising and economic development firm, hopes to be able to map and identify webs of relationships and how they connect. This view of relationships "often goes unseen in conventional CRM systems," Q-Industries officials explain.

The firm uses its executive database to raise funds for various causes, and to attract businesses to development zones around the world. In an industry that relies on access and influence, the social network analysis tool allows Odell, Simms & Associates to graphically chart how individuals and organizations are connected based on shared or common characteristics, even several degrees removed from each other.

Network maps, using nodes and links, illustrate the type and strength of relationships based on contacts' activities, affiliations, board memberships, hobbies, schools, and other defined traits.

Using SugarCRM, Q-Industries mapped and migrated Odell, Simms & Associates' multiple databases into a single system, consolidating thousands of contacts residing in ACT, Goldmine, and two internally developed contact management databases.

Chalk up another one for Mark Benioff's crew: has been recognized as the "leading" CRM technology provider for capital markets by Securities Industry News and the research firm Financial Insights, an IDC company.

The annual listing of the top technology providers within capital markets identifies those companies with dominant market presence in the North American securities industry as determined by the investment community. was selected based on a survey of 17,000 executives in the investment banking, investment management, wealth management, brokerage and banking industries. The ranking identifies those companies with the most actual usage and market presence in the industry, not simply brand awareness, and survey participants were to rate the solutions in use at their firm regarding ease of use, reliability, needs met, value, and whether they would recommend it, company officials say.

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