CRM 6.1 from Oncontact, CRBM from CNP, Agresso CRM Available, Pharma CRM Selection Help, SugarCRM in Germany

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CRM 6.1 from Oncontact, CRBM from CNP, Agresso CRM Available, Pharma CRM Selection Help, SugarCRM in Germany

The news as of the third cup of coffee this morning, and since we're all pretty awake by the third cup, the music is Aimee Mann's Live at St. Ann's Warehouse. I know, but I think you can handle it:

Oncontact Software has released Oncontact CRM 6.1 Web, a customer relationship management (CRM) product that allows users to access data via the Web, network and synchronization.

The product gives customers "a consistent user experience feature set no matter how they wish to access their CRM system," Oncontact officials say.

"CRM users are constantly evolving with more people traveling and working remotely," said Jon Zimmerman, president, Oncontact Software. "Users can view their Oncontact CRM system through a Web browser, a traditional Windows network or on the road in a disconnected environment by easily syncing their database anytime, anywhere."

Oncontact CRM 6.1 Web is a Microsoft.NET, Vista-compatible product that only requires a Web browser to access. The Oncontact CRM system is built upon one consistent data model that allows an organization to utilize the system in any combination of environments.

Agresso, heretofore an ERP vendor, has announced the availability of Agresso CRM, a customer relationship management product aimed specifically at the mid-market services sector that Agresso's been working for more than 20 years.

Agresso CRM is being rolled out globally via either a standard, on-site license or software-as-a-service agreement.

The newest Agresso offering for sales and marketing staff is either standalone or integrated into the Agresso Business World enterprise resource planning suite in place at over 2,700 companies globally. 100 percent Web based, it can run on multiple databases, operating systems, and stationery or mobile devices, Agresso officials say.

Agresso CRM is part of a larger corporate strategy "intrinsic to the company's plans to grow to a $700 million company by 2010," Agresso officials say, adding that the company has been growing at 40 percent or more in 2007 on the strength of its flagship ERP product line, Agresso Business World, which was released in late 2005.

Agresso CRM is the first in a series of what the company calls "BLINC -- Businesses Living IN Change" plug-ins, and will provide integration to their ERP suite.

Agresso's parent, Unit4Agresso in the Netherlands, evaluated a wide scope of global CRM partnership strategies, including an alliance with Microsoft. Agresso had also acquired a European-based company with a strong CRM product, CCS of Spain, nearly a year ago that brought a base of 1,700 customers. Nearly 10 percent of those customers are in a SaaS model.

"We carefully reviewed the business requirements of our target market against all of our options to acquire the best possible CRM product," said Jose Sanchez, managing director of Agresso Spain and a member of the Unit4Agresso Board. "It was our original intention to partner with Microsoft, who we thought might come closest to meeting the CRM needs of mid-market, services organizations. However, neither the Microsoft CRM product line, nor any others we reviewed, were as robust as our acquired CCS technology."

The company has established a Spain-based CRM Service Hub of more than 100 full-time professional services employees, with "decades of years of CRM experience selling, implementing and supporting Siebel and Microsoft products, as well as the original product underpinning Agresso CRM," company officials say. has announced that a new market research report, "Decision Matrix: Selecting a CRM vendor in the pharmaceutical industry" is available in its catalogue.

This report provides "a comparative analysis of the leading CRM vendors in the pharmaceutical market in order to help companies select a CRM product based on its technology strength, reputation amongst end users and ability to influence the market," Reportlinker officials say.

According to Reportlinker, the report identifies which technology vendors pharmaceutical companies should shortlist when considering the purchase of a CRM product. It provides a comparative technology assessment of the CRM products offered by vendors in the pharmaceutical market, identifies which CRM providers have the most impact on the pharmaceutical market and "explores how end users perceive CRM vendors across eight categories, such as product quality and service capabilities."

The report finds that "by combining robust CRM technology with extensive market impact in the pharmaceutical sector, Oracle is positioned as the leader for CRM products in the life sciences."

It also notes that "with its recent acquisition of Dendrite, Cegedim has increased its market impact and has positioned itself as an important leader in the pharmaceutical CRM market," and that by offering new technology platforms, "StayinFront and have become players in the pharmaceutical CRM landscape.”

SugarCRM has announced that two SugarCRM customers – WeberHaus and Kassel Initiative -- won top honors for CRM deployments at the CRM-Expo in Nuremberg, Germany.

CRM-Expo, Europe's largest CRM event, was held in Nuremberg on November 7th and 8th. "These awards, which are the most prestigious CRM awards in Europe, demonstrate the impact of SugarCRM's commercial open source model globally," said Clint Oram, General Manager, Sugar Europe.

WeberHaus, a builder of high-end, energy efficient homes headquartered in Rheinau-Linx, Germany, secured the award for Best B2C implementation. Founded in 1960, WeberHaus employs over 900 employees and has built more than 28,000 houses in Germany, France, Switzerland and several other countries.

In an industry not known for repeat customers, WeberHaus focused its SugarCRM implementation on deploying a marketing and sales management system that offered its existing customers cross-sell and upsell offers to continue to grow the value of the relationship after a home was built. The award cited WeberHaus for its ability to use CRM to build lifelong relationships and create customer loyalty with buyers in the residential construction industry.

The Kassel Initiative is a non-profit focused on attracting tourists and industry to the Kassel region of central Germany. Kassel used Sugar to build an online platform where residents, businesses, and visitors could share information about the Kassel region. Kassel was praised for its modern and innovative implementation of CRM to build and sustain lasting relationships across the community.

CNP Integrations has announced a strategic partnership with Holdcom, a vendor in the audio marketing industry, to integrate its branded, online audio production service. This product offers audio marketing tools including Voice-over, message-On-Hold products and voice prompt production for telephone call processing and Web audio applications.

"CRBM, Customer Relationship Business Management, is the new watchword for competitive companies," said CPN officials. "The evolving science of engineering and implementing products in this category is moving at a lightning pace. CBRM is the inevitable and powerful combination of CRM and Social Networking technologies; it integrates any company's front and back office functions."

The alliance provides a resource for CNP, whose core business is consulting and implementation of Web-based CBRM products. The CNP portal now features the marketing functionality of the Holdcom offerings which fit into CNP's vision to provide a launching point for empowering clients' business systems.

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