CRM Vendor Satuit's New 10.6 Release, Etelos's New Execs, Datacorp Certifies Fujitsu Scanner, Gartner on Oracle, Monitise America

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CRM Vendor Satuit's New 10.6 Release, Etelos's New Execs, Datacorp Certifies Fujitsu Scanner, Gartner on Oracle, Monitise America

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The New Riders of the Purple Sage's obligatory Bob Dylan cover, "Farewell Angelina:"

Yes, First Coffee's back in the saddle after the yearly ironic practice of leaving Turkey for Thanksgiving to travel to America. But now we're back in Istanbul and… what's that? Oh, okay:

When Spanish explorers found the bird in North America in the 1600s they brought it back to Europe, where the English mistook it for the woodcock, a bird they called a "turkey," since it came to Europe via Turkey. So they called both the woodcock and the new North American bird a "turkey."

Turks themselves call the bird a "hindi," since they got it from India -- "Hindistan" in Turkish. Arabs call it the "Ethiopian bird," and Greeks call it after a French girl. The French call it "dinde," which means "from India."

Confused yet? Imagine the poor bird itself trying to figure out who to root for during the World Cup.

Etelos has announced that two executives have recently joined the company: Leon Drozdowski, who joins as the Vice President of Operations, and Don Campbell, their new Vice President, Strategic Development.

Jeffrey L. Garon, President and CEO of Etelos, said he was confident both men would "play key roles in driving Etelos" in the firm's mission to "use Web applications to achieve their goals."

Drozdowski will lead Etelos' global sales and service efforts. He has more than 30 years experience with software sales and services teams. Most recently, he was Vice President of Americas Professional Services for Mercury Interactive. Prior to MI, he held senior executive positions with Computer Sciences, Oracle, CATS Software and Compuware.

Campbell will lead Etelos' partner development and platform evangelism efforts. Most recently, he led the evangelism efforts for Office Live at Microsoft, building the partner ecosystem and driving grass-roots community engagement using and other similar vehicles.  Prior to Microsoft, he was Senior Director, Product Management at Infravio, which was acquired by WebMethods.

Etelos sells on-demand, customizable browser-based applications on the hosting environment chosen by clients.

Datacap, a vendor of flexible capture and forms processing software products, has announced that it has developed scanner certification for Fujitsu's fi-5900C scanner.

The Fujitsu 5900 offers best-of-breed technology and was designed for high volume applications, to "convert large volumes of paperwork to electronic data," Datacap officials say. The scanner offers a rated speed of 120 single-sided pages per minute and 240 double-sided images per minute.

Testing to certify the scanners involved setting up a system that models typical Datacap user configurations. For example, the scanner, a PC and Datacap's software are tested in such configurations as USB 2 with Kofax VRS, Adaptec SCSI connection with an ISIS driver and Firewire IEEE connection with a TWAIN driver.

"Our scanner testing program enables our users to select our certified scanners, knowing that Datacap's software applications will support a scanning device at its rated speed without any compromise to the system's speed and integrity," said Scott Blau, Datacap CEO. Now certified, the Fujitsu 5900 will run with Taskmaster at its fully rated speed.

Satuit Technologies, a vendor of sales force automation (SFA) and client relationship management (CRM) products for the professional investment market, has announced the general availability of SatuitCRM version 10.6.

The latest version of the company's CRM product provides support for the latest Microsoft platforms, and includes more than 30 enhancements "in direct response to user requests," company officials say, adding that SatuitCRM now supports MS SQL 2005, Internet Explorer 7.0, Windows Vista operating system and Longhorn Server.

As well as SatuitCRM version 10.6, the company has released version 2.0 of its Outlook Add-in, which allows users to add new contacts, activities, and notes directly from the Outlook interface.

Njal Larson, senior vice president, product strategy for Satuit Technologies, said the company is "focused solely on meeting the CRM demands of the financial services industry."

Among the highlights for SatuitCRM 10.6 are Embedded Application Integration, which allows client displays of third-party application data and functionality in the SatuitCRM user interface, and Support for Unicode character sets, such as Kanji.

There are also completely rebuilt internal calendaring functions with individual, team and company wide calendar views, high level functionality for recurring tasks and auto-notification when tasks are created for others.

Karen Maguire, CEO of Satuit Technologies, said the company is preparing enhancements to the SatuitCRM product with the pending release of version 10.7 in the first quarter of 2008. "As most of our customers are supported by our on-demand product, they automatically receive the latest updates to our software," she said.

Oracle has announced that its Configurator 11i.10, part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, has received a "Strong Positive" rating in Gartner's "MarketScope for Sales Configuration, Q307." Oracle was one of 13 vendors evaluated in the report.

According to Oracle officials, "Gartner considers companies receiving a strong positive rating to be solid providers of strategic products, services or solutions and recommends that existing customers continue investments while potential customers consider the vendor a strong strategic choice."

Oracle Vice President Product Strategy, Aaron Shidler, said Oracle believes Gartner's strong positive rating "is recognition of Oracle's success working with global customers across vertical industries to simplify the configuration of complex products and services."

As part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Configurator lets users specify, sell, manufacture and fulfill complex, customized products to customer requirements. The application supports configurations throughout the enterprise from a centrally managed configuration model, and integrates with Oracle Supply Chain Management and CRM applications.

Monitise Americas, a mobile banking and payments service provider, and Metavante, a vendor of banking and payments technology, has announced the launch of Monitise Americas mobile financial services in the United States.

The service, which is integrated into the NYCE Payments Network, allows financial institutions to offer mobile financial services to their customers without significant investment in new technology. NYCE Payments Network, LLC, is a leading U.S. debit card payments network and a subsidiary of Metavante Corporation.

Initial launch partners include Harvard Employees Credit Union, North Jersey Community Bank, Sutton Bank and Sutton Bank's Greenlink Payment division. Its initial launch partners will use their connections to the NYCE Payments Network in order to deliver the new service to their customers.

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