CRM's Clarity and EDGARfilings Announce Partnership, Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis, Bango and Payforit, Opera Mini 4 Hits One Million, Graham Ciboodle for Vodafone

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CRM's Clarity and EDGARfilings Announce Partnership, Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis, Bango and Payforit, Opera Mini 4 Hits One Million, Graham Ciboodle for Vodafone

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Willie Nelson's great gospel album, The Troublemaker:

Clarity Systems, a vendor of corporate performance management (CPM) products and EDGARfilings, which sells Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance software and services, have announced a partnership to offer an integrated financial reporting product.

This partnership lets public companies "create SEC reports using Clarity Financial Statement Reporting and electronically file these reports with the SEC using EDGARizer software," Clarity officials say.

Clarity FSR, a software product launched by Clarity Systems earlier this year, produces external financial documents, such as the 10K and 10Q, and other regulatory reports. EDGARizer software converts and transmits properly formatted and compliant documents to the SEC within filing deadlines.

Clarity sells a CPM product with the ability to automate the creation of external financial reports with a secure audit trail, automatic rounding, compliance checklists, workflow, and business rules, says Mark Nashman, President, Clarity Systems, who added that this deal "extends our product by providing our customers with the ability to electronically file their financial documents with the SEC, in an EDGAR-ready format."

Clarity FSR is a key component of Clarity 6, a Web-based, unified and open CPM product. Andrew Neblett, CEO, EDGARfilings, said with compliance and financial reporting requirements being top of mind for companies, "adopting software products to streamline the process is a high priority."

Happy birthday today to Christian writer and Oxford don C.S. Lewis, who would have been 109 today. Lewis, then a bachelor, took children from London into his country house during the World War II air raids on the city in World War II. One day a child asked him what was inside the big wardrobe in the house.

So Lewis made up a story about Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, staying at a country house during the World War II air raids, who find a magical world called Narnia, including a lion and a witch, in a large wardrobe in the house.

Bango has reported "strong key performance data for billing off-deck content and services," through a new UK industry standard called Payforit.

Based on an analysis of the last million transactions processed by the company in the UK mobile market, 92 percent were completed successfully with an error rate of less than 1 percent, Bango officials say: "And with refund levels at below 0.01 percent of payments processed, there was a significant reduction in the need for costly customer care."

Payforit is a WAP billing standard for mobile purchases, which provides a familiar, Web-like payment experience for consumers browsing and buying content from their mobile phones. It is the product of nearly two years of development between the UK mobile operators and technical service providers including Bango.

The product is meant to ensure that UK users see the same standardized payment screens across every operator network and when purchasing from third party content provider.

"This analysis is so compelling that I believe all other major mobile markets will choose to standardize on the WAP model," said Anil Malhotra, SVP Marketing at Bango and chair of the MMA mobile Web committee. "In the US this approach to off-portal content purchasing is increasingly adopted by mobile operators, content providers and though the work of the MMA."

WAP billing is now being promoted in the US through the Mobile Marketing Association's Best Consumer Practice Guidelines and is already supported by AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile for off-deck content purchases.

Bango's data derived from the
UK experience found that seven percent of transactions failed because users had insufficient funds to complete their purchase. Bear in mind that the British market has a comparatively high pre-paid user base -- of over 60 percent of all subscribers, compared to around 10 percent in the US. This means more people have insufficient funds available to pay for purchases.

As part of its research, Bango also calculated the average transaction speed. This is worked out as the time elapsed between the user clicking the "Buy" link and seeing the confirmation Web page. Across all five networks the average is five seconds and in the best cases an average of two seconds is achieved.

Bango created a global exchange for the mobile Web, where content providers see all users as a unified global community. Users then discover and access the range of content and mobile operator's partner with Bango for their subscribers. Billing providers, search engines and advertisers are automatically connected to content providers in Bango's global exchange.

Opera Software has announced that Opera Mini 4, the newest version of the company's mobile Web browser, was downloaded more than one million times in the 10 days following its worldwide debut on November 7. Opera Mini is free from

Overall, Opera Mini has "already been embraced by more than 26 million cumulative users who view more than one billion Web pages every month," company officials said.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera, said the reception for Opera Mini 4 is proof that "consumers want the freedom to choose the same experience, the same Web, regardless of what device they use."

According to Gartner, more than half of cellular subscribers in the U.S. and Western Europe will access the Web on a mobile device at least once a week by 2010. Opera officials see that as Opera Mini's market, since the product automatically reduces the size of the transferred pages, so Web sites load faster while reducing the cost of surfing.

In related news Opera has announced its initiative with Tata Teleservices to provide Opera Mini on its upcoming BREW-enabled handsets. The revolutionary browser will be made available first on the Huawei C2900i, a mass market BREW-enabled handset. Tata is an Indian telecom provider with a user base in excess of 20 million.

Research studies conducted by Gartner have confirmed that India's mobile phone market is set for a period of rapid growth, with revenue from cellular services expected to jump by more than 18 per cent year on year for the next five years, Opera officials say. Indian mobile data revenue is expected to outpace that of voice services and contribute to about a fifth of total revenues by 2011, doubling year on year.

A report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the Indian telecom industry watchdog, suggests that the number of Indian consumers connecting to the Internet via mobile handsets has more than doubled in just over a year-to 38 million from 16 million.

Opera Mini uses a remote proxy server to pre-process Web pages before sending them to mobile phones. Web content is compressed to reduce the size of data transfers, enabling faster browsing experience.

Graham Technology has announced that Vodafone Netherlands has deployed its ciboodle customer interaction platform. This is the largest deployment of ciboodle so far, Graham officials say, which "paves the way for a customer service revolution" at Vodafone.

Vodafone Libertel B.V. is part of the worldwide Vodafone Group. Vodafone Netherlands chose ciboodle to help improve the company's ability to deliver customer service. Vodafone Netherlands is now using ciboodle in handling calls 24/7 from an active customer base of 3.9 million customers.

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