CRM's Selltis Gets Funding, AccessDiscovery Offered, iMagicLab's CRM Social Networking, Customer Effective Picks Mills Agency, Epicor Names Hackworth

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CRM's Selltis Gets Funding, AccessDiscovery Offered, iMagicLab's CRM Social Networking, Customer Effective Picks Mills Agency, Epicor Names Hackworth

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Josh Ritter's The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter album:

Access Data, a vendor of what the Datalians call "omnibus account transparency and enterprise sales reporting," and Discovery, a vendor of financial intermediary market data, have announced a joint offering called AccessDiscovery, to provide mutual fund companies with "a clear, concise picture of its most profitable financial intermediary clients and ideal prospects."

AccessDiscovery provides information letting mutual fund sales managers develop a profile for Registered Representatives, Advisors, Trust Officers, and other sales people that have the highest likelihood of selling their fund products. Client demographic information is combined with net sales results and provides access to this information via a fund firm's CRM system or hand held device.

The idea is to give mutual fund sales teams a clearer target of who they should be spending time with to expand the firm's share of wallet, as well as those individuals that should be called because they represent the best new business opportunity.

"The combination of Access Data and Discovery information, enables mutual fund wholesalers to spend all of their time on their best clients and ideal prospects," said Nicholas Stuller, President of Discovery. "AccessDiscovery is taking a lot of the guess work out of sales to financial intermediaries."

AccessDiscovery is an on-demand service using Access Data's technologies, and Discovery's repository of market data about financial intermediaries.

A testament to the popularity of this new offering is the fact that Charles Schwab Investment Management has already signed up for the service.

Access Data sells enterprise reporting and data management services for mutual fund companies and financial intermediaries. Their flagship product, Access Data SalesVision, provides financial services firms with a storage, analysis, and enterprise reporting product for compliance, finance and sales management.

Call it Carfacebook: iMagicLab has announced the public launch of a new social networking site designed specifically for car dealers, auto sales people, Internet sales managers and independent dealer employees.

IMagicLab Connect is a free service allowing users to exchange ideas with their peers and participate in a discussion of issues affecting the automotive retailing industry. "From software and lead provider critique to talk of new trends in compensation or benefits, industry experts and layman alike will find iMagicLab Connect a great resource," according to the iMagicLabrats.

"It's about time we had an industry site that was not sponsored by advertisements or loaded with sales pitches," said Richard Keith Latman, iMagicLab's Chief Executive Officer. Well, maybe we don't want to call it anything to do with Facebook in that case, then.

Latman says iMagicLab is "committed to allowing any person from the automotive retailing community to participate and encouraging the inherent social networking dynamic to expand the horizons of all users."

From their Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM) to Internet Lead Management system, iMagicLab is "in business help dealers sell more cars. I believe iMagicLab Connect is the perfect way to use the power of social networking and help salespeople become better at what they do," Latman said.

IMagicLab sells customer relationship management software aimed at the expansive automobile retailing marketplace.

William Mills Agency, a public relations agency serving the financial services industry, has announced Customer Effective Inc., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and value-added reseller of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management), has chosen the agency to guide its public relations strategy and promote brand recognition.

"Customer Effective has been developing products on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform since 2002, and it is our goal to streamline and extend the capability of Microsoft Dynamics software for financial service sales environments," said Scott Millwood, president of Customer Effective.

Customer Effective's CRM expertise allows the company to provide functional knowledge and technical development capabilities to its partners and customers. Through its Capital Effective CRM suite, company officials say, the company "provides financial services businesses access to marketing, sales and customer service software."

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Independent Software Vendor and Solution Implementer, Customer Effective has completed more than 200 Microsoft CRM implementation and development projects.

"Our partnership with Customer Effective will enable us to build greater awareness and increase demand for the company's products," said William Mills III, chief executive officer of William Mills Agency. "They are an innovator in the Microsoft CRM market, and we appreciate their investment in this relationship."

Epicor Software Corporation, a vendor of enterprise business software products for the midmarket and divisions of Global 1000 companies, has announced the appointment of Michael L. Hackworth to the Company's Board of Directors, following its board meeting on November 29, 2007.

With the appointment, the Epicorians are increasing the size of the board to six directors.

Hackworth served from June 2002 to April 2007 as chairman and CEO of Tymphany Corporation, a private audio transducer manufacturing company he co-founded. He continues as chairman of Tymphany and also currently serves as "Advisor to Entrepreneurs," assisting early stage management teams with strategy and financing, a role he has played since 1999.

He chairs the board of Cirrus Logic and serves on the board of Virage Logic. Prior to becoming chairman of publicly traded Cirrus Logic in April 1999, Mr. Hackworth served as president and chief executive officer of the Company since its founding in January 1985. Before Cirrus he spent 18 years serving in positions with Signetics Corp., a subsidiary of N.V. Philips, Motorola and Fairchild Semiconductor.

Selltis, a vendor of on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software for end-to-end sales process automation, has announced that it has received venture funding from Advantage Capital Partners and Enhanced Capital Partners. The proceeds will be used to launch the next-generation version of the company's namesake CRM product, Selltis Sales 5.0, which is delivered via a SaaS, the Selltisites say.

Founded in 2000, Selltis sells a range of CRM software for technical and industrial sales organizations. The company's software is used by manufacturers and distributors in such vertical markets as electrical, power generation, process control.

Expanding on the company's "hyperrelational" -- that's a trademarked word, by the way -- technology that offers "many-to-many" data linking, the Selltis Sales 5.0, planned for general availability in early 2008, allows users to "manage all aspects of the customer and partner relationship lifecycle."

This "Link The Way You Think" -- another trademark, if were thinking of dropping it in casual cocktail conversation and taking the credit, well, think again, Buster -- approach provides the "capability to proactively manage complex, team sales environments," company officials say.

"We are not just bringing to market a new product but truly shaping a new mindset within SFA/CRM to empower customers to 'link the way you think' through a complete sales process automation tool," said David Erath, CEO, Selltis. Yes, he's allowed.

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