CRM in Dubai, Concentra Picks PipelineDeals, CDC Launches SaaS for Life Sciences, EGain Wins CIS Product of the Year, Open Solutions' CRM in Credit Union

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CRM in Dubai, Concentra Picks PipelineDeals, CDC Launches SaaS for Life Sciences, EGain Wins CIS Product of the Year, Open Solutions' CRM in Credit Union

The news as of the first coffee this morning, and the music is The Rolling Stones' Some Girls:

Algosaibi Information Systems, a vendor of end-to-end IT products, teamed up with Sage, a vendor of ERP, HRMS & CRM products to host a CRM seminar in Dubai featuring CRM veteran Michael Walters discussing the emerging trends and opportunities and best practices in the CRM industry.

The theme of the event was "CRM for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies." The half-day event offered a series of presentations and gave "the attendees the chance to gain insights into the CRM product Saleslogix from Sage" through demos and presentations, according to Algosaibi officials.

Michael Walters, Managing Director of True Integrated Marketing, spoke on customer-centricity, the need for 360 degree view of customers espoused by CRM and the business benefits expected to be delivered by CRM systems in terms of revenue, costs and competitive advantage.

"CRM delivers lifetime values and manufacturers and trading organizations can build lasting relationship their customers and maximize their profitability by implementing effectively the right CRM systems," Walters said, adding that with "a three-dimensional view of customer segments that you serve, the products that you sell and the channels through which you distribute will aid you better in the decision-making processes and in differentiating yourself from the competition."

The interactive session focused on the expectations of the manufacturing companies in migrating to CRM, and discussed the key challenges faced by them while going in for a CRM implementation. In support of the technology investments and ROI, the audience were taken through the success story of Sage and Algosaibi customer Sayga, a flour mill and distribution company belonging to the largest trading group in Sudan.

Ayad Algosaibi, Managing Director of Algosaibi Information Systems, called it "a delight" to sponsor such "informative seminars" and work collaboratively with Sage in building increased awareness on CRM: "We believe that these forums will help local businesses to learn how they can integrate CRM with their existing IT systems and make an intelligent decision in deciding on CRM systems."

PipelineDeals, which styles itself "the simple CRM software company," announced that it has been selected by Concentra Health Services to provide CRM and sales tracking software for its sales and account management personnel.

Concentra provides health services at their Concentra Medical Centers, on-site employer locations and via their mobile services. Concentra chose to go with PipelineDeals, a Web-based CRM software-as-a-service product, to manage their new business sales pipeline and existing account management across their entire enterprise.

"This multi-year, multi-hundred seat deal signals there is now a choice for enterprise products in the CRM arena," says Nick Bertolino, PipelineDeals' co-founder. "Simple CRM for big business can be achieved through a superior user interface that lets Concentra's sales reps focus on sales, not software."

PipelineDeals was founded 2006 and is used by sales teams in 16 countries around the world, according to company officials.

CRM vendor CDC Software, wholly-owned subsidiary of China's CDC Corporation, announced the launch of its Software as a Service suite of applications for life sciences companies. It uses the Ross Enterprise suite of applications, currently in use with many life sciences manufacturers and research organizations.

This industry-specific product "may be deployed in a matter of days with, in most instances, no customizations required," the CDCians promise. The firm sees it suited to "a broad array of emerging and mid-sized pharma and biopharma companies supporting GMP manufacturing, clinical supply operations, chargebacks for wholesaler distribution, and project/service-based organizations." Users can choose an off-site hosted or an on-site managed deployment, and a monthly subscription or software license fee.

CDC Software has partnered with Vantage Systems, a managed software service provider specializing in the life sciences industry which has deployed CDC Ross apps before. Vantage is expected to host and manage the applications and provide additional services including GMP assessments, validation, change control, outsource manufacturing collaboration, and chargeback processing.

"Midsize and emerging life science companies require a product focused on their unique business needs and one that offers reduced deployment costs and minimal IT maintenance costs over the life of the system," said Eric Musser, CEO and president of CDC Software.

"Many emerging pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturers and research organizations simply cannot afford license fees for a GMP validated system, long implementations or costly maintenance of typical enterprise software systems," said Bob Congiusti, CEO of Vantage Systems.

EGain Communications, which sells customer service and contact center software for in-house or on-demand SaaS deployment, has announced eGain Service 7.6 International Edition was named a Customer Int@raction Solutions 2007 Product of the Year.

The product, available on-premise or on-demand, is a customer interaction hub software suite that includes applications for call tracking and resolution, knowledge management, multimodal Web self-service, e-mail management, chat, Web collaboration, notifications, service fulfillment and more.

Available in multiple European languages, such as Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish in addition to English, eGain Service 7.6 International Edition lets enterprises provide unified customer experiences through out of the box local language user interfaces within and across an array of interaction channels.

Moreover, the product will enable multilingual customer service from a single deployment, reducing the need for additional professional services and installations, and helping curb the total cost of ownership.

"EGain has consistently proven over the years they are committed to quality and excellence in delivering products that enable businesses to provide a superior customer service experience while maximizing ROI," said Nadji Tehrani, Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Customer Inter@ction Solutions.

The 10th Annual Product of the Year Award winners will be featured in the January 2008 issue of Customer Int@raction Solutions magazine.


Central One Federal Credit Union has selected Open Solutions' The Complete Credit Union Solution, a relational core data processing platform for credit unions, to address its enterprise-wide data processing needs.

In addition to The Complete Credit Union Solution data processing platform, Central One Federal Credit Union is also implementing Open Solutions' integrated products including cView, a CRM and business intelligence product, as well as interactive voice response, financial accounting suite and the credit card module.

Based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Central One Federal Credit Union has approximately $250 million in assets, eight branches and serves more than 25,000 members.

"We were impressed with the underlying technology, the open architecture of the database and the .Net front end of the platform," said Tom Clancy, vice president of operations, Credit One Federal Credit Union. "The ability of the system to evolve along with the credit union's continued growth was the primary factor in our decision."

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