CRM Change for Finnair, ReachForce Awarded Profiling Patent, AdventNet's Desktop Central, Opera in China, Oracle's Foundation Pack

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CRM Change for Finnair, ReachForce Awarded Profiling Patent, AdventNet's Desktop Central, Opera in China, Oracle's Foundation Pack

The news as of the second cup of coffee this morning, and the music is Tom Lehrer's "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park:"

ITC Infotech, a global IT services company, has implemented a CRM based loyalty product for Finnair, Finland's largest airline. The Infotechers say Finnair is the first airline in the world to move away from a legacy based frequent flyer program to an analytical CRM product.

The new loyalty system for automating Finnair Plus, the loyalty program for Finnair customers, is expected to improve the effectiveness and usage of Finnair's loyalty program as well as reporting, analysis and decision support.

Tom Källström, Vice President, eBusiness Development, Commercial Division, Finnair said the loyalty program has gone live.

Sanjiv Puri, Managing Director, ITC Infotech, said delivery of the loyalty product to Finnair was part of a five-year multi-million dollar contract signed with Finnair in 2006. ITC Infotech is involved in implementing Finnair's frequent flyer loyalty program, e-ticketing and other operational application systems.

ReachForce, a vendor of on-demand software and data services for targeted lead generation, has announced it has been awarded a new technical and intellectual property patent for its Web-based lead generation system using data pre-emptive profiling.

The current patent awarded is Patent Number 7,275,083, and refers to a Web-based system that generates customer leads through the use of pre-emptive profiling. The system is based on an application service model, with its programming accessible to users of the system through web browsers and the Internet.

Suaad Sait, CEO of ReachForce, said by delivering predictive analytics software and custom leads data services, "we are continuing on our vision of eliminating the billions of dollars of waste in B2B marketing and selling caused by extreme inefficiencies in the availability and quality of data."

ReachForce's current U.S. patents include patent Numbers 7,275,083; 7,120,629; 7,096,220; 7,082,427; 7,043,531 and 7,003,517. This includes six lead generation-focused patents awarded.

Kelly-Moore Paints, an employee-owned paint company in the United States, has engaged the services of software evaluation firm Technology Evaluation Centers to help it select an enterprise resource planning system.

With over 2,000 employees, three major manufacturing facilities, and 164 retail stores, Kelly-Moore Paints decided that it was time to move from multiple, disparate software systems to one integrated ERP system. Kelly-Moore's project team settled on TEC for its "decision support engine and methodology," according to the TECcers.

Kelly-Moore began with TEC's request for information templates for mixed-mode (process and discrete) ERP to identify feature and function gaps that might have otherwise been missed, and created a custom RFI specifically designed for its environment.

Oracle has unveiled Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack, a component of Oracle Application Integration Architecture -- the open, standards-based platform for business process integration across Oracle, third-party and custom applications.

Oracle Application Integration Architecture, according to the Oraclians, delivers pre-built Service Oriented Architecture integrations across Oracle ERP, CRM and industry applications. Foundation Pack "takes this one step further," company officials say, by giving customers and partners "the tools to implement their own composite business processes across all applications."

The Foundation Pack is expected to be available in thirty days. It's developed specifically for Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite. It has reference architecture and reusable Web services, and is designed to help reduce the time, cost and risk associated with implementing Service Oriented Architecture projects.

At the heart of Foundation Pack are Oracle's standards based Enterprise Business Objects and Services, which offer a common model approach for application integration. These standards "provide the foundation for creating composite processes while also helping ensure integration durability and sustainability," Oracle officials say.

Also included is the Business Service Repository, which offers visibility into what services are used and how they relate, and the Composite Application Validation System, which allows customers to run complete tests of the integrations.

AdventNet, a vendor of network management software, has announced the release of Desktop Central, its Desktop Management software. The new release supports managing Windows Workgroup-based network in addition to Active Directory-based Domain setup and multiple Domains.

Features of Desktop Central include Windows Configuration, patch and service pack managements software deployment, inventory management, remote control and Windows tools, user logon reports and active directory reports.

"We have met patch management and secured controls required for Federal Compliance by implementing ManageEngine Desktop Central. Our workstations are now more organized, manageable, and secure than we could have ever imagined possible," says Steven Deines of Bank of Holden, a user of the product.

"Adding support for Windows workgroups is a significant enhancement as it has opened the door to many small and medium enterprises that do not have an Active Directory setup in their network," says Mathivanan, Director Product Development at AdventNet.

The latest release of Desktop Central can be downloaded directly from Desktop Central offers a 30-day evaluation license of the Professional Edition. A permanent Free Edition is also available for small businesses.

The annual subscription price for the Professional Edition starts at $545 for 50 systems.

Opera, creators of the Opera browser, has "continued its partnership" with KongZhong Corporation, a Chinese wireless content and media provider, by releasing the newest version of their combined mobile browser offering, "KongZhong Opera."

The new KongZhong Opera 2.0, based on Opera Mini 4, offers users access to KongZhong content, including the official NBA Chinese Web site. KongZhong Opera 2.0 is available free to millions of Chinese mobile users. By supporting cmnet and cmwap, KongZhong Opera 2.0 enables Chinese mobile users to order China Mobile's GPRS monthly package and get unlimited Web/WAP surfing.

Nick Yang, President, KongZhong, said by cooperating with Opera, "we will not only cultivate the Chinese mobile internet market together with Opera, expand the market's influence and penetration, but also further consolidate our market positions."

"Our goal was to enter a dynamic economy like China's with a strong partner," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. "We accomplished this with our first release of KongZhong Opera."

KongZhong Corporation is a vendor of wireless value-added services in China and a wireless media company providing news, content and mobile advertising services through its wireless Internet sites. The company delivers wireless services to consumers in China through multiple technology platforms.

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